Ravens RB Ray Rice Can Now Deal With Having His Legacy Questioned

After former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward was arrested in July of 2011 for driving under the influence, Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice publicly scolded him for his actions. Now, following a Saturday morning arrest for an incident that took place at a New Jersey casino, Rice must sit back and watch the rocks being thrown at his glass house.

Rice and his fiancée were arrested and charged Saturday morning with simple assault before ultimately being released with a summons to appear in municipal court. Since the arrest, however, a copy of Rice’s summons has surfaced and it states that the Ravens running back struck his fiancée with his hand, rendering her unconscious. The website TMZ has also since posted the aftermath of the incident which supports the summons and you can see it below.

“Well it looks like Hines Ward will miss week 1 when the lockout ends DUI charge not a good look,” Rice wrote on Twitter following Ward’s 2011 arrest.

Rice didn’t stop there and further chided Ward a week later.

“People look up to you, Hines,” said Rice, according to story by the Baltimore Sun. “You just were on TV with Dancing with the Stars. Ravens fans were upset that you won Dancing with the Stars but they still watched you. That shows your charisma and character. You’ve got a legacy in the NFL that no one can take away from you. But if you hurt somebody drunk driving, that takes away a lot.”

Ward’s DUI charge was later dropped as part of a plea deal and the league decided not take action against him. Will Rice, who hasn’t had any off-field incidents up until now stay clear of a suspension? It’s hard to say, but the league has already acknowledged that the incident will at some point be reviewed under the personal-conduct policy.

A player can be punished by the league if he hasn’t been convicted of a crime and Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is a prime example of that.

As far as we can tell, Ward hasn’t taken the opportunity to tell Rice about what he has now done to his legacy. He doesn’t have to, however, as several others certainly will. Hopefully one these many rocks being thrown at him doesn’t render him unconscious like his fiancée was, as I would hate for him to miss out on getting back what he dished out.

  • Nolrog

    Ray Rice has a legacy?

  • Jason

    Man I’m dying to hear Reverend Ray Lewis’s take on this.

  • Rosco

    The Curse has STRUCK!!

  • Richie

    I expect Rice to be released.

  • Aric Brown

    My thoughts exactly…. its a little early to be usin the L word with little rayray

  • Steelers12328882

    Disgusting. In that video, he treats his fiancee like she’s not even human.

  • steeltown

    Pathetic.. if the arrest report is correct, pathetic and sad… I used to like Rice too

  • James Kling

    Rice isn’t the player he used to be. His yards per carry is way down…

  • PA2AK

    Think he’ll get 4 weeks? Na…he hasn’t been as dominant as he used to be…probably just get a fine and hug from Goodell.

  • PA2AK

    He pleads the fifth

  • Jason White

    I guess now when a Ravens fan wants to twist the word “rape” into Roethlisberger maybe they can sweep the trash off their porch first. There was never any evidence against Ben. Little Whack a Mole Ray Rice has video evidence that implicates him.

  • PA2AK

    You think? I would appreciate the stance if the Ravens did that, but the NFL as a whole doesn’t really have a problem with guys that beat on women now and then.

  • PA2AK

    I thought the same thing…terrible.

  • 20Stoney

    It depends on how much they value him as a player. From our own experience, Cedric Wilson=outta here. James Harrison= “Jimmy was trying to do a good thing, he was trying to get his baby baptized.”

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Actions speak. I did not see him actually hit her, but if the witnesses corroborate this story, then it does not look good. I do not need any more evidence than what I see in the video. If he was truly concerned about someone, he would obviously be down on his knees, trying to comfort her, revive her, cradle her, hugging, calling for help with his phone.

    Instead, he looks like he’s messaging his lawyer, “Dude, I’m in trouble.”

    Pathetic, disgraceful, cowardly, etc.

  • cencalsteeler

    I’d say that looks a LOT worse than stepping on the field during a game!

  • Maureen A Gomes

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dave, for writing this post. His comments towards Ward were immediately brought to my mind when I found out about this incident. Ward’s too classy to let Ray Rice have it. I know I wouldn’t be.

  • Dwayne Ferguson

    Hey Ray, in the immortal words of Bob Dylan… “how does it feel?”

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    T PRay “Boom Boom” Rice…I don’t condone the behavior but feel bad as I don’t partake in Schoddenfreuden even if it is the Ravens. Let’s face it, the best games in the NFL are when you have 2 great teams going head to head. The rivalry has now become Seattle and SF…but Pit and Balt is still fun to watch