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Former Steelers QB Charlie Batch Wants Contract Of Ben Roethlisberger Extended Right Now

Former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Charlie Batch has now moved on with his life’s work and that includes him making various appearances on the major sports media networks as an NFL analyst. In addition, Batch is not afraid to express his opinions about the state of his former team on social media and on Thursday, he weighed in with his thoughts on quarterback Ben Roethlisberger as it relates to a possible contract extension getting done.

Batch posted on Twitter:

Coach Tomlin, Extend Big Ben now & this assures us he’ll retire a @steelers like Troy. Plus it’ll give us #CapSpace.

Roethlisberger currently has two years remaining on his current contract and in the past, this is the time of year when the Steelers have done extensions with him. Batch is right when he says such an extension would potentially clear salary cap space for the Steelers, but does it really matter if that extension is done now as opposed to later this summer?

The always trolling Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk decided that Wednesday evening was the perfect time to stoke the flames of Steelers fans by attempting to pit Roethlisberger against the Steelers once again. He continues to insinuate that all of the media driven drama related to Roethlisberger this past season was induced by the Steelers themselves in an attempt to get their quarterback to profess his love for the city of Pittsburgh and the organization that drafted him.

“If no new contract is negotiated, the Steelers won’t have to worry about Roethlisberger clamoring for a raise, thanks to his strong reaction to rumors from last year that he wants out,” wrote Florio. “By already giving up his primary leverage, it’ll be hard for him to make a power play now.”

Despite Florio’s conspiracy theorist attitude, the Steelers have done right by Roethlisberger before and thus there’s no reason to believe they won’t do right by him again. As far as Roethlisberger trying to make a power play and him professing his want to retire a Steeler, and not end his career elsewhere, this is not new, as he did the same exact thing just a little over six years ago.

“I told them I didn’t want to go anywhere the day I walked in (as a rookie in 2004),” Roethlisberger said after signing an eight-year, $102 million extension in early March of 2008. “I love Pittsburgh, I love the fans. Got probably the best organization and fans in all of sport. I don’t want to go anywhere.”

As far as Roethlisberger wanting extraordinary money this time around, what his agent Ryan Tollner said following that 2008 extension speaks volumes.

“Ben never said, ‘I need a record-breaking contract.’ He never said, ‘I need the most money in the history of anything,”‘ Tollner said after the previous extensions was done. “He said, ‘I need a fair deal.’ ”

At some point, Roethlisberger will indeed get another fair deal and it doesn’t matter when that fair deal gets done. Team president Art Rooney II said earlier in the offseason that an extension might have to wait until next season and should that be the case, Roethlisberger should be fine with it. Odds are it won’t take that long, but you can’t blame Rooney for not wanting to paint himself into a corner. In addition, the Steelers probable wanted to wait and see where the 2014 official cap number came in at before really seriously talking about an extension with Roethlisberger.

With the salary cap expected to continue to rise by $7 million or more in 2015, it would probably be wise to get Roethlisberger’s extension done between now and the start of the 2014 regular season, because while it would not only potentially lower his cap hit this year, his second year cap charge should be very easily absorbed when you look at what will potentially be on the books in 2015. In addition, what’s considered a fair deal this year might not be considered one next year at this same time.

In closing, the two sides have done absolutely nothing wrong thus far and with all due respect to both Batch and Florio, it really doesn’t matter when an extension gets done. What matters the most is that both sides are happy when it finally does get done and rest assured that it will indeed get done at some point.

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About Dave Bryan

I am, I'm me. 40 something, retired and a life long Steelers fan.
  • steeltown

    I love Charlie Batch as a Steeler, but really?…Duh.. way to chime in with the obvious, yes it will ensure he’s a Steeler for life and yes will help with the cap but like Bryan mentioned, it doesn’t have to happen “now”

  • RMSteeler

    Wasn’t Charlie the NFLPA Rep for the Steelers? That may explain him wanting to get things done asap, or maybe even for injury risk. But why address it to Tomlin? He knows Colbert is HR and Rooney writes the checks!
    Florio is an idiot. His picture is one of the many under the definition in the dictionary.

  • DannyZucco43

    Oh how I hate Florio – what a worthless piece of garbage

  • Brendon Glad

    I think it should be done now too…just because I see the salary cap skyrocketing because of the new TV deal revenue finally entering the picture, (as I’ve publicly wondered about when that would happen…looks like it’s finally happening)…At that point, I’d want Ben locked up, for sure. There is a respectable argument that perhaps Romo or Flacco would have great years (and thus make Ben’s agent not have THAT easy argument when talking numbers)…..but I don’t see that happening. I say you try to get Ben signed for a little more than them…and consider yourself lucky if you get it done. As of now, you still have an easy ceiling of manning/Brees/Rodgers….(I don’t include Brady because he deliberately took less)…but if the cap number explodes, then those contracts become irrelevant. Do it now. Please.

  • Nolrog

    I’m all for another guy in the secondary. I’m hoping for a corner over a safety though, at least early. Maybe corner, WR/TE, Safety in that order. But we’ll see what the first days of free agency brings us.

  • steeltown

    I don’t think anyones arguing that it shouldn’t happen before the ’14 regular season starts… just doesn’t necessarily have to happen “now”

    Cam Newton and eventually Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers are due for new deals, would be nice to get it done before those happen as well

  • Brendon Glad

    It’s that 2nd paragraph you wrote that is why I’m all about the “now” part. God forbid Eli and Rivers get their new deals before Ben. Because I have a bad feeling Steelers Nation will NOT enjoy those deals. Just like we didn’t the Romo/Flacco deals, with regards to Ben. On a side note…I DID enjoy the Flacco deal once I saw how many guys they had to dump to make it happen…but that’s a side note.

  • Paddy

    Never heard of this Floorio dude, guess I wasn’t missing much. Just shut up Charlie it’s non of your business. Maybe ole Chucky can figure out how to run his business

  • pat

    Brady deal may of been less money but he got more guarantee money which is something im hoping Ben will do lower his cap hit but get more guarantee money

  • Sven_Hunkstrom

    Ah, Mike Florio. The guy whose site argued toward the end of last season that the Steelers had given up on Roethlisberger as a “franchise” quarterback because they ran five plays out of the Wildcat over the span of two games. A bit too worried about making sure the world knows how socially enlightened he is to worry about things like rational thought.

    Upcoming Florio column ideas:

    “If Steelers don’t trade Roethlisberger & Brown & picks for the #1 overall selection and take Michael Sam, Dan Rooney is a homophobe.”

    “Anyone notice the Steelers didn’t have a single black player start a game at quarterback last year? Very suspicious.”

    “The last time the Steelers played the football team from Washington, not a single Steelers player lit himself on fire to protest the genocidal insensitivity that is the Washington team’s nickname.”

    “In no single game last year did the Steelers allow Ben Roethlisberger to attempt more than 75 passes. They’re clearly souring on him, time to trade for Michael Sam and put him at quarterback.”

  • Brendon Glad

    Yeah, but his cap charge was 13.8…then 14.8 in 2014…then 13, 14, 15. That’s what I was talking about. That’s a “discount” in my opinion. I have no delusions of accomplishing that with regards to the Steelers. I’m expecting the cap hit to average about 18-22 mil. Brady has a rich wife, comes from money, was older when the contract was negotiated…and is as “team-first” as it gets. Ben is very “team-first”…but I would only marvel and greatly appreciate if he took a deal like Brady’s…not expect it.

  • Brendon Glad

    In other words, Brady (as an older player), made it virtually idiotic to ever cut him. Because in the end it’s still 5/71.6. Just happens that a ton of it is guaranteed $.

  • Brendon Glad

    Someone is DEFINITELY highly interested in creating “drama” out of Ben/Steelers…that’s for sure. Possibly Florio, or more. Gonna be rough sledding if/when Ben signs the extension. If I were Ben, I’d come out at my press conference and say, “NOW HOW much do I want out of here, or Haley out of here…?What’s gonna be your story for the next 5 years?”

  • Brendon Glad

    I have a question for the writers/owners of this blog (who are more in-touch, with the journalism world than us fans)….: HOW DO “SOURCES” WORK? Like say, an Adam Schefter or a Chris mortenson, Clayton, etc…all the way down to Florio…Because my logic says that $ has to be going to the “sources”. Otherwise, WHY would a person within an organization risk losing his/her job as a “rat”…It just makes no sense that these reporters get first dibs on info for free. Thus, they probably don’t….but then, if $ is changing hands (something we NEVER hear about publicly)….then of COURSE…if a “rat” in Steeler-land has nothing, but wants some $…why can’t he make something up? Obviously if he does it over-and-over, and makes the reporter look bad repeatedly, then he risks his status with them…but my question to repeat is: HOW DO SOURCES WORK?

  • Shannon Stephenson

    Steelers usually like to see what others are getting before they begin their offer. Lets see what the going rate is first then we will not over or under pay.

  • SteelersDepot

    Nobody keeps secrets. Someone always knows something about something. While I certainly don’t have many sources, I do have a few and of course they expect anonymity. That’s all I am going to say because I don’t want to offend my few sources should they read this. ;)

  • Johnny Loose

    Easy Chuck..

  • shawn

    Ya I agree, I dont see what the fuss is about … why wait at all … makes no sense, its not a big deal but it’s clear that both sides want BB to retire a Steeler so i see no benefit in prolonging the inevitable … get’er done !

  • shawn

    ya the sooner the better … what u think he would sign for ??? U think we could get him for 16-18mil avg/yr … he’s 32 (played 10 seasons) and I think its safe to say barring injury he will be good for another 5 years … would like to say more, but looking at his conditioning, genetic make up and style .. can’t count on it, but surely possible.

  • shawn

    That is a dumb move !!!

  • Brendon Glad

    The anonymity part is common knowledge. What I was wondering was if they get paid for the info. I know for TmZ-ish reporting, they do…but it’s less clear on sports. But I respect if you don’t want to answer that. It’s very interesting though. The questions that go thru my head are: “Does Schefty have a ‘budget’ from ESPN for ‘source money’?” And “about how much per nugget does a source get?” And “If the sources aren’t paid, why the heck do they risk their “paying job” to reveal “secret info”. All a fun mystery, I guess. :-)

  • Virdin Barzey

    I’m sure the Steelers probably more than Ben and his agent are the ones that want to get it done now. Seems to me Charlie and company may have this backwards.

    It would make more sense that Ben and his agent would want to wait to see what the other QBs get. No one really know why its not getting done now so to assume its the Steelers is kinda silly… may not be them. Just saying.

    BTW can we stop talking about those media clowns that make up stories to get paid. The more you mention their names the more hits and popular they get and they give us more crap stories. Just ignore them.

  • Aric Brown

    I thought Brady’s entire contract was guaranteed and thats why he took so much less money than everyone else

  • SumnerYoung

    Bringing up Eli and Rivers made me think …. isn’t it great that San Diego and the NY Giants passed on Big Ben? Oh yeah, Cleveland did too!! Cleveland’s idiocy always makes me chuckle.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    So rushing into something is smart….where is Ben going?

  • shawn

    EVERYONE knows what the going rate is on franchise QBs …. one word “EXPENSIVE” … why wait to see what some of these ludicrous owners are going to pay their QB’s especially in a year that has added significant cap room …

    Better to be ahead of the crowd and offer him a fair deal that he already has said he is prone to take!

  • Shannon Stephenson

    I just disagree…no need to rush…that to me is one problem with the world today…we want it now. There is no reason to rush…Ben is here and does not plan to leave…there are more pressing things I would rather have the FO worrying about.

  • shawn

    he isn’t going anywhere …you are correct, but it is likely going to cost us MORE if we extend him after other QBs get big paydays … all I’m saying is financially it is more likely to benefit us if we sign him up before other QBs get insane deals … even if he would take just a “fair” deal … he isn’t going to want to get slighted and thats what would happen if we offered him lesser money after the big contracts come out

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Brendon, I’ll be glad to quote your own words: “I don’t include Brady because he deliberately took less”. Everyone should remember this when you look back at the consistency of the Pats. Yeah, I hate ‘em, but they’re consistent.

    I think Ben should take a little less. I mean give or take $20-30 million. It’s not like his ancestors are going to be hurting.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Okay, Brendon. After reading further along and finding out that Brady’s money is guaranteed, I am considering retracting my statement. Imagine being on the hook for loads of money and you’re QB being out with a career-ending injury. Wow! We’d be whining for years.

    I still want Ben to give them a big discount and prove that he wants to win a championship. I know some players would hate him for it. But I bet 99% of everyone else would love him for it.

  • Jason White

    Personally I think Ben should receive an extension that pays him a yearly average greater than what Joe Flacco’s undeserving contract pays him but if he takes less then I take my hat off to him. Ben is 10 times the quarterback Flacco is.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I agree Boldin and some shoddy defending made him look good.

  • Brendon Glad

    blackandgoldbullion…I agree 3 times and disagree (kind of) on the back-end-tone. I think the Pats did very well with the Brady negotiation. I think Brady is “calculatingly selfless” by taking less $ than the average bloke like Jay Cutler. I DO think that once you have millions…then less millions is a far more worthwhile option to a player, if he trusts the organization to use his “discount” well. (and btw…I think the Pats BROKE that trust with Brady last summer…as a note)… BUT, the one thing many fans forget when saying (regarding Ben) “It’s not like his ancestors are going to be hurting.” If you flip that, and say “It’s not like the ROONEY’S ancestors are going to be hurting, EITHER…” then t sort of brings it all back to whether it’s wiser to make Ben a “fair offer” now (in my opinion it would = 5/95-110 mil…with 50-65 guaranteed….) or whether they should wait another year, or 2 years and “tag him”. It’s not an easy call, but I have a feeling the “we’ll just tag-him” thing is going to get in the 25-30m range if we wait 2 years. And I’m scared of what far lesser qb’s like manning and Rivers might garner in the interim.

  • Steve

    5 Years,, be relistic now. If Ben see’s his 35th birthday and is still playing he did pretty well. With you on this Shannon, Steelers need to play their cards and take care of other business right now. Who does Batch think he is? Mr Steeler GM or sumpim?

  • Steve

    Cleveland has given or traded away more good players. No wonder why they are so far under the Cap.

  • Steve

    Flacco had a pretty good year in 2012. They didn’t win the Superbowl with him throwing many interceptions. Am saying this as a true football fan that calls it as he sees it.

  • Jason White

    Yeah but without Boldin to yank those poorly thrown balls out of the air Flacco got exposed. He couldn’t produce without a run game, a dependable receiver and a defense that could bail him out. He played so poorly this year and don’t be surprised if he tanks again in 2014. If he does Baltimore’s decision to pay him so much money will come into question even more than now. Ben will always consistently earn his payday.

  • Steve

    With two 8-8 seasons receintly, Ben has nothing to be proud about. Ravens decimated their Defence.

  • Jason White

    Ben is the least of the reasons for their 8-8 seasons outside of his shaky start last year. He is the reason they aren’t below .500 An aging defense that gives up explosive play after explosive play is the main reason. When Ben gets paid he will deserve every dollar of it.

  • Steve

    Geting $13-15 mil per season is being paid very well for Bens services . IMO – With Ben being 32, don’t think he should be signed to another contract, cause don’t think he can last through the current signed one.

  • Jason White

    Well he lasted through 2013. The O-line continues to improve and Todd Haley’s system is built to protect him. Market value suggests he will make at least 20 million

  • CrazyTerry

    Flacco gambled and won with the timing of his free agency. When Ben throws 10plus TDs and no INTs in a postseason, he too can demand 20M plus. Flacco is vastly overpaid. Doesn’t mean we should overpay Ben.

  • CrazyTerry

    As lucky as Flacco got with the timing of his contract, you can’t deny the fact that his numbers of not a single INT in the entire postseason is something Ben may nnot ever have. Flacco lucked out with the timing, but he did play damn well or that one postseason , Boldin or not.

  • Jason White

    Flacco is just one example. Ben is one of the best in the league and should be paid as such. Guys like Eli and Rivers will both probably be making 20 millions or so a season. Guys like Brees and Peyton Manning already do. Its market value for franchise quarterbacks. Compared to market value 13-15 million per season would be vastly underpaying Ben and would be unrealistic to expect him to take so little compared to market value. I’m just being realistic with what to expect from his contract.

  • Steve

    So your saying Break the bank and give Ben 20 mil cause other are getting that? Thats crazy! Brees, Brady and Peyton Manning are tops of the QB’s in the league.

  • Steve

    Exactly what I was saying above. With the Superbowl win and contract up it was a banner year for Flacco.

  • steelster

    yes, lets get big ben’s extension done before the chargers extend rivers. I think rivers and big ben are on about equal playing ability. They are both at the top of the second tier of qb’s and not elite but should be paid accordingly. The steelers just extended troy and heath without concerns for their health why not do the same with big ben.

  • Jason White

    Brees is inconsistent as hell and Peyton is just regular season god but a bum in the playoffs. The Broncos paid a ton to a guy with a very questionable neck issue. As for Ben I’m saying pay the man what he’s worth. Are you a Ravens fan or something? You sure seem intent on talking down Ben’s true value. He’s a franchise quarterback, franchise quarterbacks have a market value and one of his level deserves to get paid in the area of his market value.

  • Jason White

    Expecting to pay him 5-7 million below market value per season is just stupid and its a slap in his face. I could see him taking a deal making 18-19 per season but 13-15 is plain dumb to expect. He is worth more to the team and any Steelers fan or hell any fan with some intelligence can see what he means to the team and knows his value or at least can get in the neighborhood of it.

  • Dan Kadunce

    Bwahaaahaaa . . . this guy reads Mike Florio’s tripe! EPIC! The only thing more comical would have been if the OA had referenced Freeman or Prisco. There’s three azz-hats with as much football insight as your average neighborhood squirrel.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    I agree that they should not wait until next year, as it could just get more expensive when you start comparing others. But I still think Ben can give the Steelers a discount easily. He would not be saving the Steelers any money. The Rooneys will always put that money to good use. They have a proven history of spending almost every penny of the cap, often attempting to overspend. Please keep in mind the following:

    The Steelers have 20 FA’s this year, and they need to sign about half of them at least. Then, the big ticket items will come beginning next year when they will want to lock up Heyward, Allen, and maybe more players.

    If Ben takes a little less he would be sending a message to others. Troy and Heath are taking less with no guarantees, so perhaps others would do the same.

    Imagine saving just a paltry $1-2 million a year on each of these high priced contracts. You would end up with an extra $10 million each year. That could easily get you a couple more players, pieces of the puzzle for the next championship run.

    Hey, even Michael Jordan took less so that his sidekicks could stick around and win championships for years.

    Bottom line: Whether you make $50 or $200 million in your career, you and your family will be fine. Winning Super Bowls gives you something special, like rings and potential endorsements, glory, etc., etc.

  • Steve

    Romo is the inconsistant one. Always been a Steeler fan. Calling the game and players as I see them. Ben is going to have problems making it till 35 and that is when the current contract expires. Also think Troy has a year left in the tank and don’t know why they signed him to more.

  • Steve

    Agree that Ben and Rivers are about equal and and in the 2nd tier of QB’s,

  • shawn

    you think he only has 3 yrs left ??? thats unrealistic in my opinion … i say 5 on the short side … possibly 6-7, but anything less than 4 would be shocking for me !

  • Steve

    Ben is 32 right now. You say he can last 6-7 more years. Don’t think he will be playing at 38-39 years old, come on now. He will hang it up at 35 IMO and that will be if he last that long.

  • Steve

    Charlie needs to get on with his life’s work.

  • Jason White

    So you are saying Rivers and Ben are equal? Can you guess how much Rivers is probably gonna make on his new extension? Surely isn’t gonna be 13-15 million per season. The Charger front office isn’t gonna say well I don’t think we should given a new contract. For you to say that Ben shouldn’t be given another contract is f**king laughable and you clearly are trolling.

  • RedCarpetDefense

    Haha..!! Tip of the iceberg my friend.

  • Steve

    Ben is 32. How many years does he have left? Relistically about 3 years, if he makes it that far. That is how many years he has left in the current contract.

  • Jason White

    How old is Peyton Manning? Look at his injury history with his neck. I guess the Broncos overpaid for him. Ben is 32 and he actually has 2 years left on his current deal. There is no reason to think they couldn’t add another 3 years to it and maybe with a 4th year option. If they let him walk after the 2014 season and trust me they will not some other team would pay him market value and make them instantly a better team. What do you propose? Trade Ben and call Dennis Dixon up and offer him big bucks to become the face of the franchise?

  • Bruce Hake

    I think Charlie should shut his mouth! He comes off as someone that used to be influential in the steeler organization.

  • steelster

    steve, I think ben has at least 5 years left in him. With the no huddle offense he took a lot less hits last year and stayed healthy. I say give him a 5 year extension. The steelers defense should be a lot better in 3 years providing they draft 3 or 4 good players. If that happens they may be super bowl contenders and the last thing you want is to be in a salary dispute with your starting qb that has a proven track record in big games. One thing that won’t change is big ben’s arm strength, he will still have a strong arm even if he has to play on one leg.

  • shawn

    No chance he retires at 35 … NO CHANCE … like i said … i would be shocked if he played anything less than 4-5 years … 6-7 is stretching it … but if he wanted to and was still healthy and playing decent could happen … look at brady and manning … but i would be very happy with 5 years … cuz thats what i think he has left in the tank before his skills sharply diminish … he’s in his prime had a great season and expect even better play the next couple of years !

  • Steve

    Ben Bomb’s are not as far as they once were. He has been beat up and is going to have legg trouble. It does not seem like Ben is 32.

  • shawn

    I agree his style will not lead down the same path as Brady and Manning … but i still think he looks good and has zip on the ball when he needs to … I’m optimistic with him as long as we keep him upright and healthy … wish he was a little more into off season conditioning though !

  • bonairsfavoriteson

    and they are still losing guys.

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