911 Caller Claims Ohio State CB Bradley Roby “Almost Hit A Bunch Of Kids”

While the recent OVI charges against Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby are expected to be dropped soon, a 911 call made prior to him being found by police passed out in his vehicle will likely ensure that several NFL teams will doing some last minute homework on his character.

According to a Monday evening report by WNBS-TV, the person who called 911 back in April and reported erratic driving by a vehicle matching the description of the one Roby was later found in, said the driver almost hit pedestrians.

“Hi, I’m just leaving BBR on Vine and some black Dodge Charger just almost hit a bunch of kids on the sidewalk.  And now, the driver is passed out drunk on the side of BBR in black Charger with Georgia plates,” the caller stated.

Roby took to Twitter recently to state he was not driving that night, did not get arrested and was not drunk. He also posted a picture of his breathalyzer test that was administered to him and it showed his sample as being .008, which is well below the legal limit in the state of Ohio.

Roby has a court date scheduled for Tuesday and while he reportedly failed a field sobriety test at the scene, there’s probably not going to be enough evidence for the OVI charge to stick. (note: I am only an internet lawyer)

The Pittsburgh Steelers reportedly had Roby in for a pre draft visit just prior to this incident taking place.

  • Matt Manzo

    A lot of investigating to do!

  • MC

    From what i’ve seen, he’s not talented enough to risk using a draft pick on..

  • Iron Cadet

    i watch cops so im pretty much an expert on this stuff…. there have been a few episodes where people have been pulled and fail their sobriety test but blow a .000. So they could have been messing up because they were nervous. And Robey, just woken up by a cop, probably beyond scared with every scenario running through his head as well as thoughts of his draft stock and millions of dollars disappearing if he didnt do this perfectly.

  • nicolaisim

    He’s talented enough for #46, that’s for sure.

  • Jason

    Or there’s always the very real possibility he was “impaired” by another substance.

  • cp72

    To much garbage with this kid…..pass. I also can’t forget watching Jared Abberderris abuse him for an entire game. Lots of talent, but to much of a knuckle head.

  • Jacque Strappe

    Weed. Or at least that Ryan Clark’s guess.

  • Jacque Strappe


  • Jason

    Boy did he ever. Wish more people would have watched that game so the Roby talk could cease.

  • Iron Cadet

    Yeah but i didn’t see that episode