Baltimore Area School Football Field No Longer In The Dark Thanks To A Steelers Player

Thanks to one of the Pittsburgh Steelers newest players, an area Baltimore school football field is no longer in the dark.

According to Ellen Good of Yahoo, Steelers wide receiver Darius Heyward-Bey is paying for lights to be installed at the football field of his alma mater, McDonogh School in Owings Mills, Maryland.

Up until now, the McDonogh football team has been forced to play their games on Saturdays instead of Friday nights because the field didn’t have lights. The private school was established near Baltimore, Maryland in 1873 and Heyward-Bey played football, basketball, and track when he attended there.

“I had the opportunity when I was 14 to go to school there, and it was the best thing to ever happen to me,” Heyward-Bey told the Good News blog.

Providing lights for his high school football field is something that has been on the mind of Heyward-Bey, the former first-round draft pick of the Oakland Raiders, ever since he was a senior there, according to the McDonogh website.

“We were on the sidelines, and Darrius asked me why we didn’t have lights in the stadium,” recalled McDonogh Athletic Director Mickey Deegan. “When I told him lights were expensive and it would take a very generous gift to make that happen, he put his arm around my shoulders and said, ‘Ms. Deegan, when I go pro I’m going to buy you some lights…because night games are what high school football is all about.'”

According to the reports, the lights should be installed by the start of McDonogh’s 2014 football season.

The Steelers signed Heyward-Bey to a one-year contract a few weeks ago after he spent the 2013 season with the Indianapolis Colts.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    I agree. Friday Night Lights is what it’s all about for high school football. Great job, Darrius!

  • Matt Manzo

    Another Steelers stamp on Baltimore! Gotta love it!

  • PA2AK

    I wonder why it took him till now to do it (I don’t mean that condescendingly either). Maybe part of him maturing as an individual? Pretty cool to hear about when these guys give back.

  • steeltown

    Very cool

  • srdan

    I like hearing stuff like this. It makes a big difference in many kids lives.

    I hope that there are programs within the NFL and the Steelers to support their players in such ventures.

  • mem359

    Maybe it is the influence of the Rooney family.
    Or someone showed him that video of Charlie Batch working in Homestead.

  • ApexSteel

    Cut em

  • Superdriller316

    Remember a year or so ago when Woodley paid for all the kids to play ball back in his hometown? It’s great to see these guys giving back and helping the next generation. Pay It Back.

  • Thank you sir, lol

  • OIF3gunner

    Awesome move. Most of the times this stuff is all a tax write off. This one looks to be from the heart! Good job, I still don’t want you on the team though! No offense

  • Lucus Rodriguez

    Hopefully this means there will be a few more young Steelers fans in Baltimore. Gotta love it.

  • greeny

    I live close to this school and almost went there. They have more than enough money to install lights. I was shocked when I heard this yesterday. Nonetheless, it is a nice story. I hope this guy does not go broke when his career is over but if he came from McDonough, he will probably have a good career after football.

  • Steve

    We hear so many negative stories about pro sports. It refreshing to hear positive stories about players and what they do. Thanks for writing this Dave, it may inspire an athlete to take time out and make a positive impact.