Five 2014 Pre NFL Draft Questions: Volume One

With the 2014 NFL Draft still a little more than a week away, I will be posting sets of five draft related questions for you to answer. Some of these will be related to the Pittsburgh Steelers while others will be generic or related to other teams.

Make sure to number your responses in the comments below.

1. If you were in need of a quarterback this year and draft in the Top 10, would you select Johnny Manziel? Why or why not?

2. Of the players you think the Steelers will strongly consider with their first round selection, which one scares you the most and why?

3. Name one player that you hope the Baltimore Ravens don’t draft and tell me why.

4. Trades are so very hard to predict, but if given a fair trade chart offer to move down in round one, do you hope the Steelers take it?

5. Of the major media draftniks, which one is your favorite and why?

  • Biggie

    1. Absolutely, but I’ve had the benefit of watching every one of his games at A&M. The kids a winner, a hard worker and great teammate.
    2. Eric Ebron. He is all over the board as to where he could go. He is a solid receiver at TE but poor blocker in my opinion. To one dimensional to be taking with 15th pick. There are a number of very good TEs in this draft who would compliment Miller that I’d not want to reach for Ebron.
    3. I am hoping the Ravens don’t get a shot at top LBs Barr or Mosley. Their LB position is weakened and either would go a long way to fixing their ills.
    4. As to trading unless all of (Barr, Mosley, Dennard and Gilbert) are gone I don’t want to move back.

  • Tullydew

    1) NO. Too much talent in this years draft to take a flyer on a QB that has a ton of question marks and red flags.

    2) Justin Gilbert. He has a phobia for tackling. He is a ballerina in shoulder pads.

    3) Odell Beckham. T. Smith, S. Smith and Beckham would be a nightmare to defend.

    4) Yes. Trade back 5-8 spots pick up an additional 3 and draft Kyle Fuller.

    5) Greg Cosell. He watches TONS of film and makes decisions on what he sees on tape not measurables from the combine & pro days. Not afraid to go against the grain and stand strong about players he truly believe in.

  • chris ward

    1) I would not take Manziel in the top 10, IMO I think it is a risky pick, but if a team is in need of a QB I could see why they might take a shot.
    2) Player that the Steelers strongly consider that scares me the most would be Roby, some character questions and I don’t think he is a top 3 CB, I like Fuller, Gilbert and Dennard better.
    3) I really hope the Ravens don’t draft Kelvin Benjamin or Odell Beckman Jr, especially Benjamin with that size and how versatile Beckman is.
    4) If the Steelers have a fair trade chart to move down and pick up additional picks, and have a guy in mind that they really want that they can get in the 20’s, I would say yes.
    5) Other than Mike Mayock, My favorite media draftnik is Charles Davis, he has incredible knowledge on players and is a really good analyst on Path to the Draft.

  • cencalsteeler

    1. I have a hunch Manziel is going to have a target on his back by opposing defenses. With his style of play, he leaves himself open for injury at this level. He’s a talented guy, but defensive players are going to love to hit this guy, shortening his career, IMO.

  • Jason

    1) No. I just don’t think this guys body will hold up given his playing style. And anyone who says he will change his style doesn’t know this guys personality.
    2) Bradley Roby. Plain and simple. Probably the 5th best corner in the draft.
    3) Kelvin Benjamin. Can’t give Jump Ball Joe another guy to lob it up to. We see what happened when Boldin left and he didn’t have that option.
    4) Yes I’d enertain a scenario where we move down to 20-25 for an additional late 2nd round pick.
    5) I like Mayock. I started watching him to avoid watching Kiper (Ratbird fan) and really like his analysis. I think he overrates players sometimes just to distinguish himself from Kiper/McShay but his analysis on Fuller has opened my eyes to him being a potential trade back guy in the late 1st.

  • David Corbett

    1. I would not draft Manzel in the top 10. I fear he will not be effective from the pocket.

    2. Mosley scares me due to his injury history.

    3. Lewan to the Ravens would upset me because they have problems on the
    OL and I think he is a franchise LT. (I’m aware they have Monroe and I
    don’t think he would get past the Steelers).

    4. A trade back far enough to land another 3rd round pick would work. Nix, Hageman Shazier and Robinson would be targets.

    5. Mike Mayock Greg Cosell and Charles Davis. Mayock is the only guy who
    will mention if they have off-field issues. As a Steelers fan I know
    off-field issues affect if the Steelers will pick them (Adams and Rainey
    were aberrations) The NFL Network is the best. ESPN obsesses on roundtable discussions about QB’s and play puff pieces nearly the entire 3rd day!

  • JohnB

    1. Eh…I’d rather take another QB. Theres too much risk involved. Having said that, I think if you built a team/system around him he’d be effective.
    2. I Fear they’ll pick a selection most of us are thinking they wont. But playing along, Ebron because of drops and mostly blocking concerns.
    3. Any WR would be a match up problem with our questionable (atm) secondary.
    4. No I hope we stay where we are cause hopefully we wont be picking this high again for a few years (hope hope)
    5. Mayock is the popular answer but I also like Pat Kirwin and Dave Bryan.

  • Steelers12328882

    1.) NO. Because I’d want the Browns to draft him, so the Steelers can beat up on him twice a year.
    2.) TAYLOR LEWAN. Because the O line scares the crap out of me every year, and adding a high pick to the fold would seem to increase expectations and having another high pick not meet those expectations would be devastating.
    3.) KELVIN BENJAMIN. Because, I want him to fall to the Steelers in Rd. 2.
    4.) YES. I don’t like having to wait from our pick in rd. 2 all the way to the comp pick in rd. 3, so adding something in between there would be awesome.
    5.) MIKE MAYOCK for knowledge, but on draft day I love seeing Mel Kiper and his ridiculous hair. It’s history and nostalgia. I can’t stand Todd McShay.

  • joeyp

    1. Without a doubt. Manziel has that compete factor that allows him to will his team to victory. With a player like him you never feel as though you are out of a game.
    2. The player that worries me the most is Dennard. He is physical and has amazing talents looks like a sure fire corner I am just slightly concerned with his grabby clutching nature especially with Gordon, Green, and T. Smith in our division.
    3. I hope they don’t get Shazier out of OSU. He seems like another stud MLB that can stuff the run and kill the over the middle passing attack for years to come. Seems super intelligent and a sure fire leader in the NFL. I don’t need to watch that 2-3 times a year for 10 or so years.
    4. Yes I would love to see us move back and get Fuller or Shazier then follow that up with maybe Tuitt or the best WR available in the second. With extra picks obtained from trade I would look at the opposite acquired from the second (best DL or WR left) and use comp pick in 3rd to then go for a solid corner.
    5. Mike Mayock or Greg Cosell. I feel Mayock generally doesn’t just drink the Kool-Aid of the media and truly researches players and film and character. I feel Cosell does the best job out their of breaking down film without letting guys in gym shorts or media reports sway his opinion.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    1. When it comes to the draft class of QBs this year, I am personally unimpressed. I wouldn’t take Manziel with a top 10 pick. There is just too much other talent out there. It would depend on where I was picking, but I think there are about 8 guys that I wouldn’t pass on.
    2. I don’t think there really is anyone that scares me. There are guys with question marks, but there have talent as well. If we don’t develop them, then yeah, all of them scare me.

    3. Clowney and Mack. That is it. They are the guys I fear in this draft. I don’t want to play them regularly in any way shape or form.

    4. A trade down, fair or otherwise, for me comes down to how far down we move and who is it we end up with. In other words, if we are going to take Fuller at 15, but we can move down to 26, add additional picks, and STILL get him….yeah, I move down.

    5. Personally, I am not a huge fan of any of them. I read them all, but they are talking heads, nothing more….nothing less.

  • SteelersDepot

    I’m not major media. I’m a blahger.

  • Mike Frantz

    1) Yes. I acknowledge there is risk, and I think you need to make sure your Off Coord is on board with how to make this work (highly structured offense is not a good fit), but the playmaking is undeniable. I would also make myself write “Patience” 15 times every day when I wake up, and 50 times every Sunday.
    2) Benjamin and Nix. Benjamin because I don’t think he really wants to compete. Competitive is the one quality I am unwilling to overlook. Nix because I just don’t think he will make any difference. His position isn’t important and when I watch him I don’t see him doing much different than our current players or other players you can get much later.
    3) Ebron. We can’t cover TE’s. While Ebron might be inconsistent, he’s going to be a matchup nightmare. Especially for the slow as molasses Steelers.
    4)Yes. I’m waffling on how far down I’m willing to go, simply because I see a pretty big dropoff on CB talent. The top 5 guys could be gone by 25. If the Steelers feel quality can be found in rounds 3 or 4 I would be ok with it.
    5)Daniel Jeremiah. he gets it. He doesn’t always talk in absolutes, acknowledges the uncertainty, seems genuine in his evaluations. Articulate. Great analyst. Mayock is good as well. The NFL network guys are really kicking ESPN’s but at this point.

  • Tullydew

    Hey Mr. Blahger,

    Are you planning on having a Steeler draft contest like you did last year? That was a lot of fun.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    2. Ebron, only because I don’t know what to make of him anymore. And to a lesser extent, any first-round CB. (By the time they are handed the job, will they perform that much better than a second-rounder?)

    3. Any major offensive weapon like Beckham or Benjamin. The Ravens offense is floundering a bit right now. They’ve already added Smith and Daniels. Beckham or Benjamin could make their offense a headache we don’t need.

    4. With the Browns, maybe. But I’m not as thrilled as I once was with trading back too far, because it means passing on quite a few immediate impact players that could help the Steelers right away.

  • cp72

    1. There is no way Manziel lasts 16 games with his style. He’s to damn small. Breed and Russell are exceptions not the rule, and by the way neither was a first round pick.

    2. Benjamin scares me the most, and ironically he’s who I want them to pick. He has some bust traits, but he could be the last piece of what could be juggernaut offense. It’s a swing for the fences pick and when you do that you can strike out or hit a tape measure homerun.

    3. Lewan. Flacco needs a solid cast to be effective. If they struggle up front it ripples through the entire offense. Flacco is no Roethlisberger.

    4. I can see the Dolphins being a potential partner fearing Zach Martin won’t get to them. I say dropping 5 spots and picking up an extra draft choice makes to much sense.

    5. I like Daniel Jeremiah. He’s actually been in war rooms. He can give insight to what teams are actually thinking. As a former scout he’s got talent evaluation skills. He is going to be the next Mayock.

  • blackandgoldBullion

    1. No.
    2. Those with character flaws, but I didn’t get a chance to interview them, so I don’t know.
    3. Benjamin, Barr, Shazier, Ebron. In that order.

    4. ALL DAY LONG! I would even take a trade similar to what San Fran did last year that is less than fair value. Why? Because the Steelers are not 1 great player away from competing for a Super Bowl. They require several quality players. The type of players that can be had this, the year of the deep draft, between rounds 2 and about 4. Get as many picks as possible in those rounds.
    5. Bucky Brooks. Most others change their minds all the time, and although all picks have risks, I feel like he has a clue.

  • grw1960

    1 -At # one , # two or # three No. Browns at # four or lower I would. Because the Browns don’t have one and if Manziel is coachable , put in the right system. He might just be successful
    2 – Benjamin, Seems like he should be a TE , Not a WR.
    3 – Evens , enough said.
    I’ll Be back

  • moderatelysane

    1. Definitely no on Manziel. Too much head case and injury risk, not enough pocket presence. Too much dependence on a receiver that can pull down desperation throws.
    2. Roby. Although the FO seems interested, he’s got head case bust written all over him. Only reason to get him is if Mike Adams needs a late night south side drinking buddy.
    3. I sincerely hope the Ratbirds don’t pick Calvin Pryor. I think he’s a rare talent that will wreak havoc for whatever team picks him; I’m talking multiple pro-bowl seasons and game-changing plays. He’s still on my wish list with Barr, Evans, Dennard. Any of the four would be outstanding 1st round picks, regardless of our current needs.
    4. Would love to trade down if Barr and Evans are off the board. I think if we went down a few spots we could still get Fuller or Pryor.
    5. Dave’te is my favorite!!

  • Hard Row

    1. No way. He is not an elite physical talent and he is terrible at reading defenses. You’d have to teach him from scratch. You could get just as good a prospect later. I’m hoping he goes to the Browns.

    2. Hageman. He has all the talent but he’s lazy. He could be a star or he Might be another Haynesworth once he gets paid.

    I would hate Ebron but I don’t think the steelers are really considering him.

    3. Allen Robinson. He is great with jump balls and run after catch and might make jump ball Flacco effective again. It would be painful to watch a PSU guy make plays vs the Steelers.

    4. Yes. Unless an unexpected guy falls. This draft is real deep and the steelers could likely still get one of their first round targets a few picks later while getting back that 3rd rounder they wasted last year on Landry Jones.

    5. Mayock. I feel like he’s giving his own opinion in his rankings where other seem like they are just trying to rank the players based on where they think they will get drafted so they can be right. Mayock ranks on how good he thinks they are, not on where they get drafted.

    Charles Davis is good too.

  • Larry Sarver

    (1) No to Manziel; will sustain many injuries in NFL.
    (2) Justin Gilbert will never adapt to Steeler cb methods.
    (3) Assuming the Ravens biggest need is a WR to complement Torrey Smith I’d hate to see them sign Odell Beckham because this would be a major boost to their Offense!
    (4) Of course. The absence of pick in the mid third Round seems so painful in view of the depth available in many of their areas of need .
    (5) Charlie Campbell seems to continue his research throughout the pre draft period and makes what appear to me to be informed changes as he uncovers new information. Not saying this is unique t him, but some other predictions seem quite uninformed.

  • Johnny Loose

    (1) I’d pass on Manziel. Had some great moments in college. I’m thinking strictly from steelers point of view or AFC North even. In order to succeed in this division at QB, you gotta be able to get dirty. I think Manziel would get broke playing AFC North opponents twice a year.
    (2) Kelvin Benjamin. Perfect example of boom or bust potential. Even though he scares me at 1-15, if the Steelers take him, I’ll be excited. No choice really.
    (3) Kelvin Benjamin. Perfect example of boom or bust potential. Seriously though, I believe this kid is the definition of high risk/high reward.
    (4) Yes, if the deal is square like you said, I trade back in hopes of providing much needed depth at multiple positions
    (5) Not thrilled about any of them. I like watching Kiper on draft day though, lol.

  • Brian Miller

    1. Really depends on team needs and if I truly believe my Offensive Coordinator could adapt the offense to fit Manziel’s gifts…so YES with a caveat.
    2. Roby – I just think taking him with our #15 pick would be a major reach, and really hope we pick another player. Eric Ebron is a close 2nd!
    3. Odell Beckam Jr. – with the speed at WR that they already have with Jones and Steve/Torrey Smith, that would be scary…especially our lack of starting CB material at this moment!
    4. Yes, yes and YES!!
    5. Mayock is my favorite, mainly because more of his statements have come to fruition I have noticed, and he doesn’t irritate me like helmet hair Kiper.

  • dave

    1. Not a big fan of Manziel as an NFL prospect, I don’t think his game translates well to the Pros. I hope he goes to the Browns.
    2. Not a fan of Roby at 15 but I think with his recent “issues” he’s not going at 15 anymore.. I’ll also say Ebron.
    3. Benjamin- I know he’s boom or bust, but I’d hate to see him boom for the Ravens.
    4. Depends on who is still on the board. I’d rather have at top WR or CB. Don’t want the Troy Polamalu deal in reverse. If we do trade down, I’m happier going down maybe to 20 than all the way to 30.
    5. Mayock or Daniel Jeremiah.

  • Cheddaman

    1. Most definitely. Seen majority of his games and the kid got heart. Pure football player with intangibles
    2. Bradley Roby or Taylor Lewan, seen Roby get beat like a drum and I don’t think we need a tackle that bad to take Lewan
    3. Calvin Pryor. I think if they take him they will have a solid safety tandem for years
    4. No because I hope we draft Darqueze Dennard. A true football player
    5. Don’t have a favorite

  • Cheddaman

    Hahaha at mike Adams drinking buddy LOL!! Sad thing it’s probably true

  • Andrew

    1.) No, I feel there are others in this class more suited to the NFL style of play.

    2.) Kelvin Benjamin; something about him scares me in terms of overall play.

    3.) Dee Ford; he looks like he could transition to an OLB in a 3-4 and they don’t need to get any better in their pass-rush.

    4.) I would like to see them trade back in the first round and in return gain at least a third round pick, as they traded away this years in the 2013 draft.

    5.) Mike Mayock because he approaches the draft as if he were the GM’s of each team when processing his mock selections.