Steelers 2014 Pre Draft Visit Tracker

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now started to schedule 2014 draft prospects for pre draft visits and as usual, we will keep track of them in one separate post for easy reference.

NFL teams are allowed to host 30 non local prospects prior to the 2014 NFL Draft and below is a running list of players that have either confirmed they have visits scheduled, or have already visited. The dates will be filled in as they happen.

Each listing includes a link to the report of each visit.

CB Shaquille Richardson – Arizona – 4/14/14

CB Darqueze Dennard – Michigan State – 4/2/14

RB Lache Seastrunk – Baylor – 4/1/14

LB Anthony Barr – UCLA – 4/21/14

DE Jackson Jeffcoat – Texas – 4/15/14

DT Aaron Donald – Pittsburgh – Happened

WR John Brown – Pitt State – 3/31/14

CB Bradley Roby – Ohio State – 4/11/14

WR Donte Moncrief – Mississippi – 4/1/14

LB Ryan Shazier – Ohio State – 4/10/14

DE Stephon Tuitt – Notre Dame – 4/2/14

CB Jason Verrett – TCU – 4/14/14

T Seantrel Henderson – Miami – Scheduled

S Brock Vereen – Minnesota – 4/4/14

WR Bruce Ellington – South Carolina – 4/4/14

WR Martavis Bryant – Clemson – 3/31/14

S Calvin Pryor – Louisville – 4/7/14

LB Jordan Zumwalt – UCLA – 4/10/4

S Deone Bucannon – Washington – 4/10/14

LB Kevin Pierre-Louis – Boston College – 4/11/14

LB Carl Bradford – Arizona State – 4/11/14

DE Scott Crichton – Oregon State – 4/14/14

DT Ra’Shede Hageman – Minnesota – 4/17/14

CB Phillip Gaines – Rice – 4/17/14

TE Rob Blanchflower – Massachusetts – 4/17/14

S Nick Williams – North Alabama – Reportedly Scheduled

G Lawrence Martin – South Florida – Reportedly Scheduled

OLB/DE Demarcus Lawrence – Boise State – 4/24/14

DT Beau Allen – Wisconsin – 4/21/14

CB Kyle Fuller – Virgina Tech – Reportedly Scheduled

CB Ross Cockrell – Duke – 4/22/14

RB Jerick McKinnon – Georgia Southern – 4/24/14

DB Jemea Thomas – Georgia Tech – Reportedly Visited

WR Quincy Enunwa – Nebraska – Confirmed

  • Matt Manzo

    What’s the number of guys drafted that we didn’t visit with? I thought there was a year, recently, when we had a few?

  • Addison

    Bell and I think Vince William came in last year. Bell had a private workout

  • CW

    Is there any good film on Shaquille Richardson? Trying to figure out why he seems to be someone the Steelers are looking at. On several scouting sites he seems to be rated around 7th round at best, more likely a rookie free agent if he even makes an offseason roster. Not a lot to go on as far as major highlight film that I can find. Almost every report keeps talking about the high number of inconsistent plays he logs per game in the passing game as well as weakness against the run. When he does well he really does well, but… do the Steelers need a maybe a two or three year project player right now?

  • steeltown

    Last year, we actually brought in quite a few guys that we eventually drafted or signed undrafted: Jarvis Jones, V.Williams, Shamarko Thomas, Justin Brown, Terry Hawthorne and Nik Embernate

    In 2012 we brought in Mike Adams, Kelvin Beachum, Paulson, Toney Clemons and Fangupo

    So you can calculate the number by subtraction

  • Matt Manzo

    Thanx for doin the work! I thought there was a year when we didn’t have a visit with our #1 pick, I’m probably wrong? I think everything is a smoke screen this time of year!

  • Biggie

    Dennard will very likely be one of the 1st round options, he very well could be there for us as Gilbert should be the 1st CB taken, if it reverses somehow then Gilbert could be the target. Richardson is very likely a 7th rounder or UDFA. He has decent size and ok speed but not likely much more than a nickle/ST for now. He probably could be a target for multiple cbs we bring in.

  • dkoy85

    If the above is accurate I’m sure they’d be looking at him as an UFA. Someone to work out the kinks and improve his strenghts with the hopes for him to contribute down the line. This wont be their only CB pick and actually probably 2 in the draft.

  • dkoy85

    If history proves anything, a top player will take a tumble and land in the 1.15 spot and tempt the Steelers with taking them. Any thoughts on who it could be?

    Maybe and crazily 4 QBs go before us and a run on Olineman and teams up front covet height in a WR and go Evans and dare I say Benjamin, while another WR needy team likes what Lee did in 2012 over Watkins peoduction in 2013 and takes him and Watkins somehow and HIGHLY unlikely falls to us. Fun to create the perfect storm no matter how unlikely.

  • steeltown

    I don’t think we met with DeCastro or Heyward… both were situations where they fell right into our laps, making the decision easy!

  • steeltown

    Most likely an undrafted candidate.. he has good size

  • Madi

    I wouldn’t say that about Heyward. He was projected to go right around where we took him and I’d seen him mocked to us. I believe we didn’t meet with Mendenhall, probably because like DeCastro, they weren’t expecting him to be there.

  • Madi

    I think it’s more likely that a top player falls because his position is overlooked, not because 4 inferior players at the same position are taken ahead of him. Barring something like an arrest, I’d bet everything I have against Watkins being there at #15.

  • dave

    They don’t only look at first rounder prospects. If you look historically they bring in everyone from 1st rounders to undrafted free agent types.

  • CW

    Fully expect him to be a late round pick or UFA for the Steelers if they take him. I just want some more film to see what he is really capable of.

    Only really great positive is that tipped ball against Mariota last year and a lot of his high school film which is about useless for Pro football comparisons.

  • moderatelysane

    I think it’s possible that Anthony Barr could be that guy that falls unexpectedly to 1.15. Another guy that would put us in a real decision pickle would be Taylor Lewan. It’s not inconceivable that Watkins, Evans, Gilbert, Dennard, Robinson, Matthews, and Mosley could all be off the board in the top 14 (the other 7 picks would be 3 QB, Clowney, Safety…). Wouldn’t that be a pickle? Should we then pick Lewan? And don’t say trade back, b/c that’s not something you can often plan for.

  • eric

    Then we would take Ebron the TE from NC.

  • moderatelysane

    Perhaps not a bad idea.

  • treeher

    What conclusions do you draw? Players with X are no longer with the team.

    Timmons, X Woodley, Spaeth, Gay

    X (Mendenhall, Sweed, B Davis, T Hills, Dixon, Humpal, Munday)

    X Hood, X Wallace, X Lewis

    Pouncey, Worilds, X Sanders, Sylvester, X Dwyer, A Brown

    Heyward, Gilbert, C Allen, X C Brown

    DeCastro, Adams, Paulson, Beachum, (Spence)

    JJ, Wheaton, Thomas, V Williams

  • SFIC

    I agree, Barr and Lewan are the two who could fall. I watched a lot of Bruins games and I think Barr is overrated. Lewan’s stock is rising since the Combine, but he could still fall.

  • Cody Younkin

    I played with him in high school and kept in touch with him in college, hes a good kid when hes not around bad influences like WR Paul Richardson (both from Los Alamitos HS) that got him kicked out of UCLA for stealing laptops. He has speed and hands, but he isn’t consistent in coverage, hes a raw mold of talent that needs a good amount of coaching.

  • CW

    I completely understand the reason for bringing in a number of rookies from across the spectrum. However I’m asking if there is something more out there, film or otherwise, on this one rookie than a few stellar plays and a lot of question marks.

  • CW

    That’s pretty much what I saw on film from college. Someone who could develop, but not someone to address the immediate needs of the secondary.

  • CW

    Woodley Pro Bowler who developed injury issues…
    Mendenhall good running back who was a head case and imploded… (head case)
    Sweed head case…
    Davis turned out to be a head case
    Hills got hurt in college and couldn’t recover
    Dixon didn’t want to be a backup quarterback on a team with a starting quarterback already (head case)
    Humpal ate himself out of a contract (head case)
    Mundy late round mediocre safety (found an upgrade over him)
    Hood a 4-3 DT who couldn’t learn to set the edge against the run as a 3-4 DE (bit of a head case)
    Wallace wanted all the money (head case)
    Lewis took too long to develop and couldn’t be kept due to cap concerns
    Sanders wanted too much money for his production
    Dwyer mediocre running back

    A lot of mistakes on college players who turned out to be head cases. Probably should have spent more time doing mental heath evaluations before setting the draft board.

  • treeher

    My thoughts exactly

  • Kyle Owens

    Mendenhall and DeCastro were the two guys I remember the team not meeting with.

  • Hard Row

    It speaks volumes that the Steelers are about to pay Worilds big money and Jarvis Jones is a first rounder, yet they still see OLB as a need. They should be set at OLB for years with 2 young guys, instead they have 2 question marks that they hope pan out and they are still looking for somebody else.

    This situation sums up the steelers recent struggles. Their young players are not producing enough and by the time their contract is up, it’s unclear whether they are worth big money. Worilds is a great example. So was Timmons. They gave Timmons big money on a second contract when he still hadn’t proven himself fully on the first. It was a leap of faith.

    Keenan Lewis didn’t develop until his last year. If the steelers were confident he was good before that then maybe they would have resigned him earlier like they did with Antonio Brown.

    All these young guys taking so long to develop is forcing some tough decisions.

  • Louis Goetz

    I’m reading a lot of opinions regarding who the Steelers should select with the 15th overall pick. The general consensus is that either Darqueze Dennard, Justin Gilbert or Mike Evans will become the newest Steeler come Draft Day. I’m relatively certain the Steelers would be happy to get either of them. When I look a little deeper, however, I start to think that neither of them will be available at 15, and begin to wonder what the Steelers do with the pick. A highly touted offensive lineman will certainly be available if all three are gone. Do the Steelers look for a LT like Zach Martin? Or do they take the projected #1 TE in Eric Ebron? Personally, if the top three names above are all gone when it comes time for the Steelers to pick, I’d rather see them drop back to the 22 — 25 range, if possible, and take someone like Louis Nix, Kelvin Benjamin or Stephon Tuitt, while adding another day two or day three pick in the process. I also wouldn’t mind seeing them trade out of the 1st round completely if it means adding both a 2nd and 3rd round pick to their war chest.

  • Louis Goetz

    I agree with a lot of what you wrote, but there are some absolutely staggering statistics concerning the Steelers’ drafting since 2007 that really show us what happened to the franchise.
    In ’07, the Steelers drafted 8 players, only 3 remain, and only 1 starts.
    In ’08, the Steelers drafted 7 players, none remain.
    In ’09, the Steelers drafted 9 players, only 1 non-starter remains.
    In ’10, the Steelers drafted 10 players, only 3 remain, but they all start.
    In ’11, the Steelers drafted 7 players, only 4 are left, 3 of them are starters.
    In ’12, the Steelers drafted 9 players, only 5 remain, only 2 of them start.
    In ’13, the Steelers drafted 9 players, 8 are left and 4 of them start.
    The Steelers simply drafted too many McBeans, Bakers, Sweeds, Humpals, Urbiks, Shipleys, Gibsons, Worthingtons and Ta’amus over the past 5 – 6 years, and especially between 07 & 10. 2011 has shown to be a relatively decent draft class, 2012 is kinda iffy although the class produced DeCastro & Beachum. And thus far 2013 looks like it’s good. Hopefully the Steelers get back to building great rosters through the draft instead of being forced to improve through free agency, even if this year does look good, as well.

  • DoctorNoah

    Hi SteelersDepot guys, any chance you could do a head-to-head comparison of the available CB’s in the draft, given their game tape? Taking a look at Dennard and Gilbert as well as 2-5th round prospects? The same would be awesome for TE and WR too!

  • Button Guy 3

    What about Josh Mauro? Pretty solid DE choice that I haven’t heard too many people talking about.

  • D.j. Hoy

    I really hope they don’t draft Barr or Kelvin Benjamin. Barr for 2 reasons- first, you just drafted Jones with your first round pick last year and Worilds just turned 26 in March. It is not Worilds’ fault that LeBeau’s defense is ‘so complex’ that they never play young players on defense and sit them behind older/less capable players and when they finally do get a chance it is their contract year (IE Worilds/ Keenan Lewis/Steve McClendon). Secondly, Barr seems like he had his success just by being a great athlete, not by being technically sound. That is a player who would need to sit on the bench for a year or two in the NFL because everyone is a great athlete at that level and he won’t be able to pull off what he did in college.
    To me Benjamin has bust written all over him. How can you be a receiver and drop wide open passes? He’s like a slower giant-sized Nate Washington. No thank you.
    In my opinion, Steelers should try for Gilbert/Dennard at 15. If neither of them are available, trade back to 25-30 range and pick up Roby. With the second pick pick up either Jordan Matthews or Allen Robinson.

  • grw1960

    With all the free agent signings. The Steelers seem to be trying to plug enough holes. To get them in a position to select strickly BPA as much as possible in the up coming draft.

  • Austin Jackson

    Or his biblical name: Droppsy McDropsalot

  • Brendon Glad

    2 Questions: 1) Does local include both the college attended and the hometown…and 2) On the ones that don’t count towards the 30, do they have to report those? If the answer to 2 is “no they don’t”, then that may answer questions about Heyward that some people had earlier…they may have met with him and never told anyone.

  • Kyle Owens

    “Just trade back” It’s not going to be that simple.

  • dave

    “local” does include hometown HS – The Steelers visit with Rob Gronkowski was a local visit because he went to Woodland Hills HS. As for #2, not sure.

  • Jeff Anoble

    Mendenhall probably would have been a good idea.

  • D.j. Hoy

    I said, “trade back”, not “Just trade back”, there is a difference. I never said it would be simple. I’m sure other teams want to as well if their dream scenario doesn’t work out. My point is that there is great depth at the positions of need for the Steelers (WR, CB, DL). Not necessarily for other team’s needs though. C.J. Mosely is in a class by himself as far as MLB go. If there is a team who picks later in the round that really wants him and he is still there at 15, it would be a perfect scenario for the Steelers to offer a trade.

  • Shannon Stephenson

    seems like we are looking at guys who are in the first few rounds of the draft. Looks like we may do some draft moving early this year

  • Steve

    Heath Miller was never brought in for a visit or interviewed

  • Steve

    The more I look into John Brown, the more I like the kid. Wouldn’t that be something taking him in the 6th, like AB, from a small school, like AB, and actually pan out , like AB. Wishful thinking, but hey it could happen

  • Jeff Anoble

    I would Like to see Jordan Mathews name on that list.

  • James Kling

    Cancel the Henderson visit. He might just get up halfway through and quit.

  • D.j. Hoy

    I would be so happy if they drafted him.

  • Hairy

    Don’t forget Marcus Wheaton 2012. 2013 was his rookie year.

  • Hairy

    I don’t know if Marcus Wheaton was ever brought in for a predraft interview but he impressed me last year in his preseason playing. This year he has to produce!

  • steeltown

    Wheaton was drafted in 2013, hence his rookie season 2013… im not sure they brought him in for a pre draft visit or not

  • Toddy Bravo

    Here’s a recent tweet from Gil Brandt for all of you in love with Kelvin Benjamin.

    “Kelvin Benjamin 30th in my new rankings. Was told KB recently blew off workout w NFL coach who had made special trip, said he was too tired.”


    I’m hoping we trade next years picks to get more picks this year. Similar to what we did with Shamarko. This draft is talented and next year we have a lot of cap space to use for free agency. I wouldn’t mind trading down for more picks as well. This draft class is important seeing as roster had a lot of turnover, and the bottom half of the top 51 is looking bleak.

  • steelster

    I hope the steelers take a look at cody latimer, wr from Indiana. He had a nice pro day. He is 6′ 3″, ran a 4.4, 40. 25 reps at 225 and a 39inch vertical. Has a basketball background.

  • absteelers

    Dies anyone think Shazier is a dark horse pick at 1:15 or Mosely?

  • Donny Simmons

    They meet Heath at his pro day

  • Donny Simmons

    Donte Moncrief or Cody Latimer in the 2-3 range would be great.

  • Aric Brown

    I was listening all the way til “Steve Mclendon”

  • Josh Knepshield

    Why not just take Kyle Fuller at 15? He is rising quickly up draft boards, and there is no way he makes it past the Bengals at 24, or the Chargers at 25. He is the epitome of a Steelers CB.

  • Brian Tollini

    I think Mosely could be and as much as I like Dennard I would still like that pick.

  • Brendon Glad

    Thanks Dave.

  • Ernest

    I wonder who else are they going to bring in? only 10 spots left for 30 non local list. Mosely, HaHa, Gilbert, BColeman, Fuller, Jordan Matthews, Amaro are names I haven’t seen they met with yet even at pro days.

  • Hard Row

    I can see Shazier but not Mosely. Shazier is more athletic and he’s the smarter player. That’s why foote has lasted so long. They need a smart players to wear the green dot and call the defense.

    They gave the green dot to rookie Vince Williams over Timmons.

  • Ernest

    make that 7 spots left

  • steelster

    Wish they would bring in cody latimer

  • D.j. Hoy

    I have been wondering why they have brought in a few safeties. They would have seemed to be set at both FS and SS with the players on the current roster. I’m guessing they are planning on employing their sub package with an extra safety on a much more regular basis. Even most of the LBs they have brought in are super athletic and move well in space. If this is the case, one would have to figure that Ryan Shazier is very high on their board given his freakish athletic abilities. While I admire what Vince Williams was able to do as a rookie and have been waiting for Sean Spence to take the field since he was hurt, I would be an immediate supporter of Shazier if the Steelers somehow managed to trade back and pick him up. Anyone else have similar thoughts?

  • dave
  • Toddy Bravo

    I can’t thank you guys enough for keeping an accurate list of prospect visits and for all of the pre-draft analysis. My two primary sources leading up to the Draft are Steelers Depot and a popular prospect rankings site, so please know that the information you provide here is invaluable for us draft enthusiasts.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.

  • Toddy Bravo

    I would agree that our starting safeties are set. However, our depth behind them is far from settled. Behind Troy and Mitchell, we have Shamarko, Will Allen and Robert Golden. Of those 3, the only lock IMO is Shamarko, but he’s a hybrid safety/CB, not a true safety. If they think they can upgrade Allen and/or Golden with a young guy to groom, I don’t think they would hesitate to do so under the right circumstances.

  • Kyle Owens

    I’m shocked to see only 4 guys that can play on the 3-4 defensive line on this list. One of which is Aaron Donald but The Steelers don’t have a shot at him.

  • Kyle Owens

    Hey Dave, Jim Wexel just tweeted me. He said Penn State DT DaQuan Jones visited the South Side. Should he be on this list?

  • shawn

    would be good pick up in the 6th or later !

  • Brian Miller

    You are welcome.

  • Brian Miller

    Yep, there is the proof…plus, IMO, we have given up too early on a few as well…i.e. Urbik and Ta’amu for starters…

  • grw1960

    Dave,……. Anyone ever hear if Fuller actually made a visit to the Steelers or not?

  • Hard Row

    DaQuan would be a good 3-4 DE. He was mainly a 4-3 DT but PSU used some 3-4 this year and he played some NT and some DE. Check out his game vs Minnesota on YouTube where he had a great game and looked good as a 3-4 DE. He’d be a great second round pick.

  • Travis Gunn

    I have had Josh Mauro on ALL my mocks as a 3rd or 4th Round candidate. He is almost perfect when it comes to being a Steeler.

  • Travis Gunn

    Why is no one talking about Kyle Fuller? I think he is the CB that we should be considering. Dude tackles, is a great cover man, he’s physical, doesn’t get in trouble and is insanely humble. All the check marks are there. Why not trade back and take him later in the first round? It’d be a win win! We get an extra pick or two and then get a great corner and then be able to take other great prospects. That’s just me.