Bears CB Kyle Fuller Is First 2014 First-Round Draft Pick To Sign Contract

On Wednesday, the Chicago Bears became the first team to sign a 2014 first-round draft pick as cornerback Kyle Fuller was inked to a four-year, $9.687 deal, according to Joel Corry of CBS Sports.

Fuller, a Virginia Tech product, will have $1.761 million salary cap number in 2014, according to Corry and being as he was a firs-round selection, the Bears have a fifth-year option they can pick up prior to him entering the fourth year of his deal.

Even though the Pittsburgh Steelers currently only have $311,934.00 in available cap space, according to the NFLPA, they can still sign the five players they drafted in round five and beyond without using up additional cap space, as none of those five contracts will crack the top 51 of players already under contract.

In addition, should they choose to sign third-round pick Dri Archer and fourth-round pick Martavis Bryant prior to June 2nd, they could accommodate both of those contracts even though both would crack the top 51 list.

The Steelers will receive nearly another $8 million in cap space post top 51 displacement after June 1st when the release of linebacker LaMarr Woodley becomes official. At that point they will be able to sign their top two picks, Ryan Shazier and Stephon Tuitt.

Now that Fuller has signed, it looks like the estimates will be spot on for Shazier’s contract, which should total out at around $9.507 million.

Steelers 2014 Draft Picks Contract Estimates

RoundPickPlayer2014 BaseSigning Bonus2014 Cap ChargeContract Total
115Ryan Shazier$420,000$5,234,328$1,728,582$9,507,198
214Stephon Tuitt$420,000$1,672,324$838,081$4,609,444
333Dri Archer$420,000$506,016$546,504$2,726,016
418Martavis Bryant$420,000$439,220$529,805$2,659,220
517Shaquille Richardson$420,000$190,052$467,513$2,410,052
533Wesley Johnson$420,000$144,560$456,140$2,364,560
616Jordan Zumwalt$420,000$104,852$446,213$2,324,852
639Daniel McCullers$420,000$78,680$439,670$2,298,680
715Rob Blanchflower$420,000$59,400$434,850$2,279,400

  • WilliamSekinger

    Lots of good CBs may be on the market after roster cuts are made this year. Can’t wait to see if the Steelers add a FA CB with all that extra cap space.

  • shawn

    Id like the opinions and chances of us signing a FA CB after June 2 … do we have the money ? and is it a realistic possibility … or will they just wait til next years FA crop and/or 2015 Draft … since Ike is likely to start no matter what this year

  • blackandgoldBullion

    Definitely need to keep some extra cash around for potential injuries and adding players after the late cuts. If they’re smart they may pick up a much needed piece or at least some depth at CB.

  • joed32

    It would be one that has been cut so it would’t cost much and it would be for a backup corner.

  • cencalsteeler

    My thoughts exactly!!

  • dave

    The kind of CB that’s still on the market now, or hits the market when teams cut down to 53 isn’t exactly the cream of the crop – that ship sailed back in March – not to say you can’t get a ‘diamond in the rough’ – but yeah, more likely to get a Mike Mitchell or Alterraun Verner type FA signing in 2015 and/or the draft next year.