Peter King Sees Short Suspension For Ravens RB Ray Rice

While sources have told NFL insider Mike Freeman that Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice faces a ‘significant’ suspension as a result of his actions in an Atlantic City casino elevator this past February, Peter King of Sports Illustrated wrote Monday in his “Monday Morning Quarterback” post that he expects leniency.

Rice likely faces a short (maybe two games) suspension from the commissioner for being a first-time offender in the personal-conduct policy. He’s got a strong résumé and is greatly admired for his work in the community. He shouldn’t be thrown out with the trash. But he’s got to realize that the performance the other day was tone-deaf.

Personally, I don’t understand King’s “first-time offender” reasoning. It’s the nature of the crime that really should be more important. If a player were to test positive for banned substances or illegal drugs, they’re only hurting themselves. In the case of Rice, he physically hurt another human being and a female human being at that.

That fact that Rice was a do-gooder before allegedly knocking out cold his now-wife should not make a difference.

Now that the Rice has had his ill-advised press conference and the investigation of the incident appears to be over, commissioner Roger Goodell will likely summons the Ravens running back to the league offices in the coming weeks before handing down a punishment. At that time, we shall see if King’s first-time offender reasoning winds up being correct.

  • Steelers12328882

    Where’s the video inside the elevator where he knocked her out? That’s what I want to see.

  • shawn

    I agree it is a hard reason to swallow & doesnt make a whole lot of sense … but ill go with King … he’s definitely one of the more reliable sports guys out there !

  • Pete Johnson

    First time offenders usually get 1-2 games if that, and that is what Rice will get. Don’t see what the issue is. Suspensions don’t usually come in unless it is multiple incidents or there is some type of negative history with the player.

  • letownia

    The point is that the punishment doesn’t correspond to the action at
    all. Is beating your wife unconscious as bad as being caught smoking
    weed a few times in a row?

    You may be right that
    similar incidents have involved short punishments, but it just doesn’t
    make sense docking Josh Gordon a year, or Big Ben 4 weeks for things
    that are way less harmful (or didn’t even happen)

  • Jacque Strappe

    It’s hard to even guess what the league will do. Has there ever been a pattern you could deduce from Goodell? Um, no. It wouldn’t surprise me if he gets fined and no suspension, or gets 6 games, reduced down to 4 eventually.

  • mem359

    It seems like these punishments are for how much bad press the incidents generate, rather than the act itself.

    In which case, Rice probably gets a 1 game suspension for the assault, which is increased to 4 games for that press conference.

  • Tullydew

    A guy smoke some herb (that is legal in two states), he gets suspended for the year. Another guy cold clocks a woman, which is illegal in all states and he might get 2 games?

    What is wrong w/ this picture?

  • CW

    I am betting it’s a two to four game suspension. Ray Rice screwed up and embarrassed himself, the Ravens, and the League over the course of this incident and all the followup including that press conference.

    I believe Goodell will hammer him a bit simply because he is probably seeking a way out of suspending Josh Gordon for the whole year. Hammering a first time offender hard gives him a little cover to hand out a lesser suspension to the repeat offender especially if they are in the same division.

  • Doug Sawyer

    so Roethlisberger get’s accused of something and get’s suspended for 4 games..never arrested never charged…not enough evidence to do either but get’s full blown shake down by Goodell.Yet Rice knocked his GF the F out on video
    and he will get 2 games?

  • joed32

    Goodell has seen the rest of the film and he has to know that it will surface publicly. Depends on what it shows. Chris Mortensen implied that it was 2 punches and she hit her head on the handrail falling down and that knocked her unconscious. He didn’t give a source. I guess 2 games minimum, could be 4.

  • The reports I’ve heard are that it will be “significant”.

  • steelster

    This is really between Rice and his now wife. I guess she has forgiven him. IMO she is a fool because he is likely to strike again.

  • Axe Skot

    If you don’t see what the issue is, I suggest you borrow someone else’s eyes. Try your mother’s. History has to start somewhere.

  • Axe Skot

    You are spot on. It has everything to do with press and perception and nothing to do with honor or integrity.

  • Paddy

    King is just plain wrong it will be 8 games, beating up women is something the NFL is trying to avoid. He needs to pay for his sin.

  • Paddy

    Not when you play in the NFL

  • steelster

    I don’t care what profession you are in, abuse to a women is wrong. His wife is who he has to answer to. The nfl suspension whether it’s 1 game or 1 year is a short term punishment. In the eyes of the public he will always be a women beater for the rest of his life.

  • Lizard72

    Yup, “It’s never okay to hit a Woman.”

  • IckyD

    With all the Patriots* Spygate videos…

  • IckyD

    Are you re-todd-did?

  • IckyD

    “First-time offender”??

    You mean “first-time wife-knocker-outter”?

  • IckyD

    Ben got 4 games b/c of media mouthing off and faux fan outrage and w/o ANY physical evidence, arrest or prosecution, yet Rice will get 2 games for knocking his fiance unconscious on camera?

    How did the cRavens suddenly become such media darlings?

    The NFL is such a farce.

  • steelster

    How do you know he will get 2 games. The rumor is significant games. The fact that he is a raven has nothing to do with it, it could be any team and what he did was wrong and he will be punished.

  • mjdjags

    If he woulda had security in the elevator like jay-z did, this wouldnt have happened

  • mjdjags

    Knocking out your wife is not illegal in alabama

  • shawn

    no … I’m a daw-amm geee-neuw-uss


    Personally, I think the NFL needs to come up with a schedule of crimes vs. punishment – I mean, it happens often enough that by now they should have a pretty good catalog of crimes and NFL suspensions corresponding to them.
    And I am NOT joking…….and I think it should be part of the rookie onboarding process to review it with them so they understand the consequences of bad acting AHEAD OF time.
    Letting Roger God-dell sit on his throne and determine people’s fates is like the Roman emperors doing the old thumbs up/down routine!!!
    He just makes me sick he’s so f***ing pompous….

  • Jeff

    If Rice really only ends up getting 2 games, it’s a really bad look for the NFL

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    What you just wrote makes complete and total sense to any rational human being. Why would you NOT have a organized list of crimes and punishments? (Even if there is some variance for circumstance)

    Why would you NOT have a rookie course where they learn understand the rules and consequences BEFORE they get to the NFL to help deter future incidents? And deter complaints about punishments?

    It’s baffling that Goodell and the NFL cannot recognize this.

  • Richard Edlin

    I’m not sure that the parallels are as strong for those who aren’t Steeler fans.

    Both are violence against women … but I suspect raping someone’s seen as worse than a punch. (I’m not making any judgement myself here about that.) I suspect though that if you asked most women, they’d consider the sexual violation a bigger deal – and that in 12 months time Ben’s still thought of as the more predatory of Ray and he.

    As far as I recall, Ben also wasn’t suspended the first time. It was when it became a serial almost-charged-as-rapist that the league acted. I don’t think the league was wrong to act then, don’t think they’re wrong to go after Rice this time, and I don’t think they’ll give Rice the same length of suspension. Whilst that’s not going to make a lot of us fans happy because of the parallels we naturally draw, I think that’s probably understandable.

    I’d bet on 2-4 games, and probably 2 + 2 suspended.

  • Louis Goetz

    There is no video from inside the elevator, although there are tons of people who wish there was. The only video available shows her falling out the door of the elevator and Rice walking out of it. If it really wasn’t showing a woman who had just been punched it would have been comical.

  • Steelers12328882

    Well maybe there isn’t a video since it hasn’t been leaked, but when the story first came out it was reported that the police did have another video inside the elevator that showed the altercation.

  • Richard Edlin

    It means that in the judicial system, nothing happened *to* him other than that. It does not mean that he didn’t *do* anything. That’s conflating very different issues and is pretty disingenuous.

    There’s enough out in the public domain that it’s understandable that people see smoke/smell fire on this one. That’s enough that the NFL had to respond/be seen to respond – just like in the Rice case. However, the scale of the suspected felony was much larger in Ben’s case.