Steelers Rookie CB Shaquille Richardson Told To Stay Low, Work On His Eyes

With his first set of practices now behind him, Pittsburgh Steelers rookie cornerback Shaquille Richardson has finally gotten the chance to be coached on a field by CarnellLake, who initially recruited him to go to UCLA. As a result, the Arizona product already knows several things that he needs to work on in order to get better.

“I need to work on my eyes, getting back to my receiver at the appropriate time,” Richardson said. “Sometimes, I hang on the quarterback too long. I need to work on staying low. He’s [Lake] given me a lot of pointers so far.”

Richardson is the second fifth-round cornerback that Lake will work with in as many seasons. Last year, Terry Hawthorne was selected in the fifth-round of the 2013 NFL Draft, but after a knee injury caused him to miss most off the offseason practices and training camp, he was gone as quick as he arrived.

With veteran Ike Taylor now likely entering his final year in the league, the Steelers hope that Richardson will be his successor in 2015 and it’s up to Lake to make sure that happens.

“He’s honest and he’s smart at what he does,” Richardson said of Lake after a practice. “He knows so much about me. He was real good (as a player) and he coaches, and I want to coach after I’m done playing, too, so I look up to him a lot.”

Being as the Steelers only selected one cornerback in the draft this year, Richardson knows that he has a golden opportunity to excel. In addition, he also knows that there’s some pressure that comes with that distinction.

“Sure, but I think I do best under pressure, so I’m excited to come in here and fill any void that they need me to fill,” he said.

With the rookie camp now behind him, Richardson might have to wait a while before showing more as head coach Mike Tomlin listed him as one of two draft picks that could miss OTA practices because of college graduation rules. Arizona is on the semester system, however, so we’ll have to wait and see if this gets straightened out in Richardson’s favor.

Either way, Richardson believes in himself and his abilities.

“I have a great attitude, a great work ethic. I’m confident in myself and confident in the direction this team is going.”

  • Aric Brown

    He’s saying all the right things.. now lets translate that to the field

  • chris ward

    Hope Richardson pans out under Lake, Steelers need depth at CB behind Ike and Cortez. Really hope it’s not a Hawthorne situation like last year, hope Richardson can be a depth guy and help out on special teams in his first year.

  • Matt Manzo

    The more I hear about this guy the sadder I get that we didn’t take a CB earlier!
    Shaqs not supposed to have this pressure on him. He was supposed to be paired with an early round CB and the two of them, along with Cortez, were gonna be the future! One badass starter and a low round scrapper!
    I realize our new found pass pressure will take some heat off the secondary, but are we really expecting Ike to jump back into form? The only guy I feel confident in what to expect is WGay!

  • pittsburghjoe

    They really needed Hawthone to pan out. He did not necessarily have to be a starter or all-pro, just solid depth. Instead, they are left with nothing.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I believe in Cortez and I think the Steelers like what they saw towards the end of the season from him.

    Still, I agree with you Matt. I liked our draft except for not snatching a CB in the third.

  • treeher

    Watch for the team to land a significant free agent CB in 2015.

  • Matt Manzo

    I’m hoping we find a gen in the cuts this year, too!


    Dave- In a more ‘normal’ draft, would he be considered to have 3rd or 4th round talent instead of 5th?

  • Dewayne Braxton

    I agree we needed a corner. But many scouts believed Dennard was not a top 15 pick. The Steelers obviously agreed. I heard rumors that they wanted to trade down but that did not happen. So what options did we really have? Take Robey or the 5″9 Verret? The top three corners were gone. What corner available in the second round would you have taken over Tuitt?

  • Milliken Steeler

    I didnt want to take Denard. I wanted to take someone like Desir in the third who was available. There was still very good quality in the third round,

    We reached in the fifth in a position of need. Again, that is my only complaint about our draft.

  • KenNYSteelerFan

    Good question. This draft was definitely skewed because of the underclassmen

  • Dewayne Braxton

    I see your point. I guess the Steelers must have really loved Archer, or they rated all the 3rd to 5th round corners basically equal. I think Lake’s connection with Richardson factored into them passing on Desir and other corners. Regardless, Richardson needs to pan out.

  • GoSteelerz

    From the video of him at Western Michigan, before he transferred to Rutgers and got injured, Lewis Toler may be that guy. It’s 13 minutes of footage from 3 yrs or less of play. It’s better than any I’ve seen from the prospects this year IMO. Playing at Western Michigan and then getting injured (a broken arm) led to him being overlooked… We may have lightning in a bottle… I hope our coaches see that in him… 😀

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Who’s out there or do you anticipate someone getting cut?

  • Dewayne Braxton

    Honestly, I am starting to believe the that the Steelers actually like their corners. Lake seems to think he mold the young guys. And if we have faith in Munchak’s abilities to improve the line, which by the numbers is one of the worst in the league, why not put faith in Lake? The offensive and DB’s alike ranked near the bottom. The secondary added a proven starter in Mike MItchell. Cortez Allen is our best corner. Troy is at least solid to good. Taylor is a concern but Mcbain, the kid from so is left and right tackle. We drafted a corner and offfensive lineman late. Looks like they are taking the same position with both units.

  • treeher

    Richard Sherman, Seahawks (HE WAS A 5TH ROUNDER), Darrelle Revis, Patriots, Joe Haden, Cleveland, others I’m sure

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I hope your right

  • Milliken Steeler

    I have my fingers and my toes crossed. lol We would be starting all over via the draft or an FA next year if him or someone else doesn’t step up.

  • shawn

    ditto … like what he’s saying so far !

  • shawn

    at the least … i hope he turns into a very solid back up … that would be great value in my eyes !

  • shawn

    there is always next year !

  • shawn

    very possible !

  • shawn

    who is this guy … did we get him as a UDFA ?

  • shawn

    wow .. u really show your ignorance … some pretty off the mark comments … word of advice do a tad of research or at least open your eyes before you make snap judgements !

  • GoSteelerz

    Yes, he was one of the 20 guys who came in for tryouts.

  • joed32

    Maybe the corners available at their pick in round 3 didn’t look good to them? We’ll have to wait and see how Desir and some of the others turn out. I was hoping for Dennard in the 1st, I think he’s going to be a player, but they saw more value at ILB.

    On Archer, even big guys get sprained ankles.


    That’s a reasonable question…I’ve seen it asked on other Steeler boards…the short answer…BPA picks.

    CB pool, overall not bad, but several character issue players…I think they would’ve taken Gilbert @ 15, but obviously were not going to invest a mid teen on another CB

    #3…Jaylen Watkins, and Breeland were the 2 CBs on the board taken early in the 4th…you can make an argument for either of them with the comp pick.

    Barring injury…the top 3 CB slots are set in PIT, and S. Thomas is likely to get dime duty again with Troy staying…A rookie CB is not going to see much time on DEF next season…it would’ve been nice to get the #1 talent off the board and groom him for Ike’s spot next year.

    Apparently they saw Gilbert in a different light and the rest all needing to be coached up.

    I think Archer is a needed skillset and will have more impact than a CB this season.

  • shawn

    looked at some tape … and although his 40 time is slow 4.6 … he reacts really quickly and decisively to the ball … actually looked very comfortable in both press and off coverage and diagnosed plays extremely fast … both running and passing

    was actually very surprised at his tape … looked pretty good … maybe the kid has a shot … hope he can make the practise squad … who knows maybe he can be a future slot or nickel back !

  • steeltown

    I don’t feel as if ShaqR will be asked to replace Taylor after this year. Heading into next offseason, if all goes to plan they’ll still have C.Allen and WillieG and Richardson entering his 2nd season. They’ll address CB again in the draft, probably earlier this time around.

    Of course if Richardson surprises and excels this year, even better, but I look for C.Allen to make a huge jump and put some fears to rest

  • GoSteelerz

    I thought his 40 time was better, but even still, I think 40 times are a bit overrated. Film doesn’t lie, it’s different running with pads on and having people chasing you or you chasing them. A prime example is Jerry Rice who ran the 40 in 4.69, and I don’t recall seeing anyone run him down. (It probably happened once or twice, but I never saw it!!!! LOL) In this case he looks to have speed and great acceleration. His closing speed is very impressive on film, both against the pass and in getting off or around blocks and making tackles against the run. I hope he turns some heads in camp and gets a shot… He could be the guy we’ve been looking for… Time will tell.

  • MC

    Is he really going to be the successor to Ike Taylor like it says in the 4th paragraph though?
    Isn’t Cortez Allen a safer bet to take over at this point?
    Man i really do hope this kid pans out. I’m still suspiciously perplexed with what happened to Terry Hawthorne. I just don’t think someone with that much alledged talent gets booted so quickly because of an injury…

  • MC

    Good points. I’d imagine (and i hope they feel the same) that if with the new additions to the front 7 and the pressure they should create this year, if DB play is still lacking this season that they should buck the trend and draft a CB high maybe in round one next draft. Dri Archer definitely was a puzzling pick in my mind, maybe they have confidence in Shamarko filling in some nickel and dime work as a stop gap until we Troy goes and he takes over SS? i just sure hope they know what they’re doing.

  • Steelers@2010

    And you sir should have been blocked from the website; we are all fans voicing our opinions about Steeler Football. Don’t take things personal, if you don’t agree with my comments, no problem at all. Keep the name calling to yourself, show some professionalism.

  • Steelers@2010

    How many times in the past have the Steelers selected a CB in the 5th that made the team? William Gay would be the exception, can’t think of many others.

  • shawn

    honestly u really dont even deserve a response … as i take it you have problems reading and comprehending … name calling ??? you must have gotten me confused with somebody else … as far as we are fans giving our opinions i agree 100% that is why i wrote my opinion and advised that you not make snap judgements …

    you obviously didnt research or weren’t aware that there were NO QUALITY DBs that were left for our 3rd round pick … not too mention your comment on Dri as being injured often was off as well … he was injured ONCE … and it was an Ankle Sprain …

    You shouldn’t get upset for being called out on ignorant or wrong statements … take it for what its worth and move on is the correct answer !

  • joed32

    You could say the same thing about the 3rd round. Lewis developed into a player but Brown didn’t and then you have to go all the way back to Hank Poteat. They have only drafted 3 CBs in the 5th round in the last 15 years and you’re right, none of them panned out.