Steelers Rookie Dri Archer Knows Team Will Be ‘Creative’ With Him

It’s fun to speculate about how and how much the Pittsburgh Steelers will use rookie slash player Dri Archer in 2014. While the Kent State product probably doesnt know just how much he’ll be used on offense in 2014, he seems to have how part of it already down.

“Just move me around and use me at different positions like in the backfield, lining up in the slot, kick return, punt return,” Archer said in an interview this past week on DVE Radio.. “So a lot of different areas. I know they’re going to be creative with it.”

It will be up to offensive coordinator Todd Haley to maximize that creativity on offense with the speedy Archer, who said his fastest electronic time in the 40-yard dash is 4.21 seconds. Haley will only be able to take advantage of that speed as long as he can get Archer free releases off of the line of scrimmage and room out in open space.

The Steelers held their rookie minicamp last week and Archer was glad to get back to work with the draft now behind him.

“It felt pretty good coming out with the rookies,” he said. “The draftees and the non draftees. It felt pretty good to actually get back out on the football field and do what we love to do.”

Starting Tuesday, Archer will get to work with all of his new teammates as the Steelers first OTA session of the offseason will get underway after the holiday weekend. Archer humbly looks forward to that.

“I still have to earn my spot and I have to work at it and come to practice very day ready to play.”

  • dgh57

    Just have a impact on Special Teams and I’ll be happy! To me anything else would be a bonus.

  • shawn

    Probably the player I’m looking forward to most this year … i will say it OVER & OVER & OVER again … the guy does not need to be only put out in space to be effective … he arguably does some of his biggest damage BETWEEN the TACKLES … i hope that is not lost on the coaching staff … provided our improved Munchak coached line can open some holes bigger than a cracker jack box !

  • Jason White

    I’d get real creative with him. Put him in the slot and motion him behind the QB like you would on a reverse. You can come up with a ton of options with that. Reverses, fake reverses, reverse with the option to pass (Archer can throw it), you can continue the reverse motion from one slot to the other helping him get a free release on the snap. Endless possiblities on how to use him. If you are willing to spend a 3rd on him you might as well go balls to the wall with him. He can provide them with a couple splash plays on a weekly basis which can make a big difference in a close game.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    He’s also perfect for flea-flickers. Defenses HAVE to account for him on little pitches. That could leave Heath 15 yards open in the middle of the field.

    I remember one of my favorite plays from 2012 was against Washington at home. Ben faked the bubble screen to Brown, and the defense bit all over it, leaving Miller open 12 yards or so upfield for a catch and run. Imagine using Archer that way. Because you can’t leave the fastest guy on the field by himself…or in single coverage, for that matter.

  • Jason White

    I agree. One of the things I really like about Archer is his ability to pull away from defenders without having to change direction. I watched a lot of tape on him well before the Steelers drafted him. There were so many plays where he would run through the defense and multiple defenders would have a good angle on him but he just outran the angle and took it to the house with no defender within 15 yards of him. That is heart attack speed.

  • shawn

    While being creative is all well and good and Im all for it … I HONESTLY think that he will be most effective used as a traditional tail or 2 back set … for a handful of carries a game … !

  • Eric MacLaurin

    Not to nit pick but if Electric means, as I assume, electronic, that generally means about .05 seconds compared to a hand timed 40 and thus the hand times rumors makes sense.

    Using that adjustment I think that means 4.16/4.21 for Archer and 4.37/4.42 for Shazier in the 40.

    Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

  • shawn

    your on the money … !

  • Weiss Chad

    I’d compare him to ace sanders snd Tavon Austin w Bo Jackson speed Barry sanders vision. .He is always a threat to offense when he is on the field,at the very least a decoy.Let him run his routes from backfield . Who’s gonna guard him a lb? lol .. Have him and bell in backfield at same time running screens which one do u stop?Special teams just got so much better !!It will be nice to get job out of browns hands !Dod a great job gotta keep him safe

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I think he’s gonna be explosive barring injuries mark my words if used the way im hoping they use him he’s gonna have a four td game two on st and two in offense one running and the other rec you heard it here first i know that sounds far fetched but think about it on st shazier and co. The blocks may look better than the return and if munch can get the ol to improve from what they were doing in the second half of the season who can possibly stop archer and if they do that only means that they left someone open for a td one way or the other he will be responsible for multiple tds IF USED CORRECTLY of course

  • Mike Frantz

    Seems like you and I are on the same page here. Chris Johnson was special because of his speed and his vision about how to use that speed. He became less effective when he lost a bit of that speed and his decisiveness was compromised by injuries and a desire to always break a big one. Archer is a very good football player with good vision who happens to be incredibly fast and has wonderful ability to recognize how to use that speed without simply outrunning people to the corner.

    The coaches have to see this, don’t they?

  • Hard Row

    My concern is that since they took Archer instead of a CB that Lebeau will have to be “creative” to cover up for a secondary that has been near last in INT for 3 straight years.

  • Dewayne Braxton

    If the sacks increase the INT’s will follow. We needed a corner but I think Archer is worth the 3rd pick. Coverting more third downs will ease our defensive woes. Sure, the defense must play better but everyone knows that running the ball and sustaning drives keeps the defense fresh. At least in theory, rested defenses should make more big plays-especially late in games. Hopefully, Archer will help keep IKe Taylor and company on the bench a lot longer.

  • Matt Manzo

    “Bo Jackson speed and Barry Sanders vision”, just made me weak in the knees! That’s what I’m hoping for! I think he’s got some of Bo’s strength too!

  • Joel Nye

    I certainly hope the stuff about him playing as some form of true receiver is not lip service. A 4th round pick is not the place for a pure punt and kick returner and primarily running all 170 lbs. of him from the backfield in scrimmage plays says his career could be severely shortened. Wingback, motioned out in a stack formation or even motion him out as a wide out seems like his greatest chance to make difference- be it what he can do or how his presence can help the other skill players.

  • Jesse Murray

    If lad adds 5 to 10 yards of field position per drive PS will win at least 2 more games. I get all the sexy hopes he is a Darren Sproles type, but to me the bottom line here is one of the biggest things few pundits discuss about PS is field position. As DB has noted it has killed this team, time and again. I’ll put it this way if PS had managed to tie or come close to being on equal footing in field position with just the Ravens in past 2 seasons, NFL history would be very different.

  • Weiss Chad

    Lol I agree.. The defenders wasn’t even in the picture ..

  • shawn

    any CB that we picked at the end of the 3rd round instead of archer would not have even seen the field let alone start … so it will make no difference in our CB play this year … we are set at CB this year … and hopefully next year we upgrade Ike’s position !

  • steelster

    Hope they use him for 20-30 snaps in the first game and he has a couple of splash plays. It will make the ravens prepare more for him and maybe the steelers can win that road game in Baltimore. To me that second game against the ravens is the biggest game of the year and if they win it they will make the playoffs. If not who knows.

  • shawn

    Actually you got it backwards .. his best position is RB … and should be used there the most if they want to get the most out of him … i dont object to him being split out some and used in the slot …. BUT if they want to really use him wisely they will use him in the backfield the most !

  • tristan

    i think they do. they wouldn’t spend a third on a guy that only excels when everything in front of him falls into place. they spent a third on a legit playmaker who makes things happen

  • charles

    They drafted him didn’t they?!

  • Mike Frantz

    You’re right…teams never misevaluate or misuse players.

  • charles

    He is pretty small. Injured he is of no use to anybody. Steelers gaven’t had any luck w scatback, Logan, Howling, Rainey. Third round choice is definitely a gamble. I love Colbert’s courage.

  • charles

    And neither the fans.

  • shawn

    lol so many doubters …. its going to be awesome this season when they are transformed to believers … i see you are one of those that doubts his durability because of his size …. tisk tisk !

  • charles

    You put words in my mouth. Not a doubter, just hopeful, at least aware.

  • HiVul

    I don’t see any reason why they would use him solely as a RB or solely as a piece in gadget plays. Seems like a tremendous waste

  • wdhammer

    this kid will change field Po in a hiccup . can’t wait…