Steelers Video: Shamarko Thomas – Destined For Greatness

By now, you all should know the tremendous back story of Pittsburgh Steelers safety Shamarko Thomas as it really is an inspirational one. Thomas has overcome so much tragedy early on in his life and yet he is still standing strong.

If these two videos below don’t fire you up on a Friday, I’m not sure anything will. The first one was released just a few days and it promotes the site:

In the second video, Thomas shares his story detailing his triumph over tragedy with apparel entrepreneur and motivator Giavanni Ruffin.

  • Chad H


  • Deuce22

    Shamarko is in beast mode… Cant wait to see what he has to offer this season with a year behind Polamalu and Clark!

  • chris ward

    Big fan of Shamarko Thomas. His work ethic and determination is incredible. These videos definitely fired me up, Shamarko is a great human being.

  • dgh57

    With a full off season program and a year of learning under his belt combined with his work ethic hopefully translates into a very solid year for Shark Thomas!

  • steeltown

    Loved this pick last year, heart, character and determination, this kid is a beast

  • Thomas Rancy

    looks like a safety to me.

  • srdan

    check that

  • srdan

    Life works out for people like him. I’m excited to see him in our uni.

  • srdan

    Looks like a linebacker standing in one of those mirrors at the carnival that make you look shorter.

    I agree w you

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    A good reminder that the Steelers front office knows a lot more about these prospects than we do. We fans get excited over forty times and splash plays. The Steelers front office get excited over good people, the total package, etc.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Agreed. He just need to put it together and let the game slow down for him.

  • Steve

    Great stoy of Sharks life, makes you think your lives not that hard compared to his. See Great things coming from him.