Not A Lot Of Negatives Associated With Steelers RB LeGarrette Blount

In addition to penalties, negative plays can absolutely kill drives for an offense. Just so you know, last season, the Pittsburgh Steelers had a total of 35 rushing plays that went for negative yards.

During the offseason, the Steelers signed free agent running back LeGarrette Blount to compliment starter Le’Veon Bell. We’ve already looked quite a bit at Blount so far, but I was interested to see what his negative run percentage is through the first four years of his career.

The sortable table below shows running backs that have carried the football at least 400 times over the course of the last four seasons. As you can see, Blount’s negative run percentage of 9.33% is very respectable.

As for the other stats I included, while Blount’s first down per carry percentage rate of 19.69% doesn’t look all that great, it’s important to point out that only 27 of his career caries have come on either third or fourth down.

One the most surprising things about Blount is that he has shown the ability to break off the big run at the NFL level. So far during his career, 11.92% of Blount’s carries have gone for 10 or more yards. For a 250 pound running back, that’s quite impressive.

There’s just not many negatives associated with Blount and he should compliment Bell very well in Pittsburgh.

Shonn Greene79131784.0220465.82%15920.10%587.33%
BenJarvus Green-Ellis90835253.8837576.28%21123.24%717.82%
Michael Bush56321323.7922386.75%12321.85%468.17%
Peyton Hillis58923203.9417406.79%12320.88%457.64%
Ray Rice106643864.1130757.04%18717.54%928.63%
Ryan Mathews84036724.3720637.50%16419.52%9110.83%
Felix Jones47119614.165377.86%10221.66%5010.62%
Maurice Jones-Drew96341474.3119778.00%21722.53%10410.80%
Knowshon Moreno60025254.2119488.00%12821.33%6510.83%
Jamaal Charles78443505.5521658.29%20826.53%12415.82%
Fred Jackson71431944.4723618.54%16022.41%7410.36%
Willis McGahee65426874.1115568.56%14522.17%649.79%
Ben Tate42119924.7311389.03%10825.65%6014.25%
Stevan Ridley55524774.4620519.19%14125.41%6211.17%
Ahmad Bradshaw70630784.3625659.21%16323.09%8912.61%
Pierre Thomas44518534.1610419.21%9721.80%439.66%
LeGarrette Blount57927114.6820549.33%11419.69%6911.92%
Chris Ivory43821404.8911419.36%10724.43%5011.42%
Rashard Mendenhall81930663.7431809.77%16119.66%657.94%
DeMarco Murray54226814.9515539.78%14626.94%6411.81%
Beanie Wells44916783.7417449.80%7717.15%306.68%
Arian Foster107747934.45421069.84%25723.86%13112.16%
Alfred Morris61128814.72206210.15%14724.06%8313.58%
Trent Richardson45115093.35134610.20%6514.41%235.10%
Cedric Benson66524263.65146910.38%12318.50%517.67%
Marshawn Lynch110247874.344111710.62%24922.60%12311.16%
Donald Brown47320964.43145110.78%9720.51%4810.15%
Steven Jackson100239683.962110810.78%18618.56%1009.98%
Matt Forte95344084.632310410.91%20221.20%12112.70%
Jonathan Stewart46120474.4475111.06%10021.69%6213.45%
Frank Gore100043204.322511111.10%21221.20%12212.20%
Darren McFadden66128264.28187411.20%12218.46%629.38%
Reggie Bush70232284.6167911.25%13919.80%9713.82%
Doug Martin44619104.28125211.66%8218.39%4910.99%
C.J. Spiller58730015.11126911.75%11719.93%7612.95%
DeAngelo Williams61527514.47167512.20%11418.54%6811.06%
Adrian Peterson111856315.044614012.52%26823.97%15513.86%
LeSean McCoy99448364.873512512.58%25525.65%14714.79%
Michael Turner85835144.13310912.70%17820.75%8610.02%
Chris Johnson113247314.182714712.99%20718.29%11510.16%
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