Report: Pittsburgh Power Want To Honor Chuck Noll With Jersey Patch

According to Jerry DiPaola of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, the Pittsburgh Power are hoping to receive permission from the AFL to wear a decal on their jerseys honoring former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Chuck Noll, who passed away Friday evening at the age of 82.

DiPaola reports that Power co-owner Matt Shaner is behind the move. This is an interesting gesture being made by Shaner being as Noll never had links to the AFL or the Power.

Thanks to their win 57-56 win Saturday night over the Philadelphia Soul, the Power are now 10-3 on the season. A win this coming Friday at home against the Iowa Barnstormers will put the Power in the playoffs for first time in franchise history.

There is no word yet as to whether or not the Steelers will honor the passing of Noll with some sort of helmet sticker or jersey patch in 2014. However, when Art Rooney passed in 1988, the team wore a patch on the left shoulder of their uniforms with Rooney’s initials AJR for the entire season. One would think something will be done to commemorate Noll’s passing.


    The AFL and the Pittsburgh Power could best honor Chuck Noll by not attempting to tie themselves to him in any way.

  • AzheDraven

    Isnt Lynn Swann an owner of that team? I am surprised he isnt behing that move. Steelers should also wear a patch.

  • steelster

    I expect the steelers to honor him with something on their uniforms. This man deserves that respect for what he did for the organization.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    I believe you’re correct about Lynn’s ownership of the Power. I distinctly remember his involvement with them when Pittsburgh was awarded the AFL franchise.

  • Madi

    Why? What’s wrong with honoring him? Who cares if the arena team from Arizona or the soccer team from Seattle want to honor him? It’s nice.


    As he had nothing to do with either organization and eschewed endorsements like the plague, the Motivation Meter tilts more towards “Capitalize On” and “Exploit” than it does “Honor.”

  • Marc

    The Montreal Expos honored Rocket Richard with a memorial number on their jerseys-those were two different sports. A situation like this is interesting-is the Pittsburgh Power looking at media attention or showing respect for a Pittsburgh football legend? You decide.

  • Madi

    That’s pretty cynical, and you don’t know that. If you’re worried they’re just out for press, then perhaps your bigger issue should be with SteelersDepot for peddling it. It’s not exactly news, after all.
    And you have no idea how much he had to do with the Pittsburgh Power, or any of the organizations I listed. He could have had a profound impact on one or more people there. Maybe it’s partly because of Chuck Noll that the owner of the Power became a Steelers fan or football fan. You don’t have to work somewhere to have had an impact. How many message board posters have done a little honoring, despite their lack of connection to Noll? How many of us would put a CN patch on our work clothes, if we weren’t afraid of looking like lunatics? He had something to do with me, in fact a pretty major influence on my life, and he retired before I even became a fan. So stop presuming you know everyone’s feelings.


    He retired before you became a fan? I was a fan before he became a coach. You think I’m being cynical… I think you’re being naive. Maybe if they made a sizable donation to one of the valid Alzheimer’s charities in his honor I would feel more sympathetic to your opinion.

  • Madi

    Lynn Swann is an owner of the Power. I’d say he has reason to honor Chuck Noll. But yeah, he’s probably just psyched Chuck died so he might make an extra buck.


    I suggest you re-read the paragraph immediately after the Twitter feed.

  • Madi

    That paragraph has two things. An incorrect statement (Noll DOES have a link to the Power, named Lynn Swann), and a twitter suspicion. But I give. You’ve got all the assumptions you need.


    Okay. At least now we both agree that I’m right and you’re wrong. lol. I learned that from my wife………