Report: Steelers LB Jason Worilds Still Slowed By Calf Problem

The Pittsburgh Steelers have now wrapped up their Tuesday OTA practice at Heinz Field and once again, outside linebacker Jason Worilds was limited to working on the side.

Scott Brown of reports that Worilds did some running Tuesday, but did not practice. The fifth-year linebacker is reportedly still trying to overcome a calf injury that he suffered during the very first OTA practice several weeks ago.

Being as Worilds wasn’t ready to go on Tuesday, I suspect he won’t be able to practice the rest of this week. There’s no reason to rush him along, so hopefully he will be able to take part in the mandatory minicamp next week.

With Worilds still sidelined, Arthur Moats is likely still receiving most of the first-team reps at left outside linebacker.

  • steeltown

    Having this calf issue is somewhat concerning, but really only because we’ve suffered through this endlessly with Woodley in the past. In retrospect it really could be much worse then this calf issue during early OTAs. It might actually be a blessing having Worilds work on the side, in turn giving Moats more 1st Team reps.

  • steeltown

    That’s one thing im interested in, how is Moats looking running with 1’s

  • shawn

    This Worilds situation looks to be turning into a fiasco … i know its early but all the signs point to an ominous beginning … the way i see it … if he does great this year then he prices himself out of the reach of the steelers … and if he under performs we could afford him but probably instead will be looking for a new OLB in next years draft … i just dont see any positive coming out of this !

  • 20Stoney

    I’m not a big fan of bringing back the elderly, but it might not be a bad idea to bring back Harrison for 1 more season for depth.

  • Jacob Dixon

    At least Moats is getting time

  • treeher

    Let’s face it, last season was an aberration in the life of Jason Worilds. Everyone knows that if he was a proven commodity, Steelers would have locked him up. I will be surprised if he performs at the same level this year. I hope I’m wrong.

  • sean mcmartin

    Not bringing back Harrison is pure stupidity. He is in shape knows the defense and will not be on the sidelines watching like worthliss

  • joed32

    Would he be willing to sign cheap and be a backup? That doesn’t sound like him.

  • ApexSteel

    18 sacks in 4 years is pretty decent when it comes to backups. I believe in him.

  • Madi

    The aberration was that he got more playing time. He’s always done well, especially on the left. Once he settled in, he played outstanding football, and that was for real. He didn’t luck into those sacks and hurries and hits. He earned them.

  • stellarsfan

    If the Steelers believed last year was an aberration, they wouldn’t have tagged him this year. And I’m quite sure the steelers organization has a better grasp of his worth than any of us fans.

  • stellarsfan

    There’s still time to bring Harrison back. Most probably aren’t opposed to the idea. But why not see what these young guys have to offer throughout camp before committing to the Harrison revival tour? Also, why such strong hate towards Worilds? I don’t think a starting OLB on any team is, as your lazy pun states, “worthliss”.

  • sean mcmartin

    Its part frustration with the Lb’s and the calf injuries and lack of OLB depth. Every team saw the recent Harrison posting of his push-ups with AB sitting on his back. JW is already showing he might just be an injury report type of player. he has proven nothing. jarvis jones is not any bigger this year. and you have a guy who knows the system and is able to get on the field saying he wants to come back. just his presence with porter coaching could be the fire this defense has been lacking

  • walter mason

    Bringing back Harrison IMO is a no-brainer and It makes no sense to ignore the OLB predicament we are in. And Moats is not the answer.

  • stellarsfan

    Look, i’m a proponent of bringing Harrison back. I agree that at minimum his locker room presence alone could be a great influence on the team. But I think saying worilds has proven nothing isnt unwarranted. He played damn good football for us on the left side down the stretch last season. There’s absolutely potential there and I think this season will better dictate his true value.
    Also, Im pretty sure i read on this site that while Jarvis hadnt gotten bigger, he had gotten stronger. Let’s give him more than a rookie season to cast him aside as well.

  • Rufus Benard

    Some what concerning? Going in to his SIXTH season with the Steelers. He is ALWAYS unable to practice, He is a terrible OLB, he had a couple of good games, good not great games and he had those few games because he was playing in front of Cam Hayword who is the real deal. For the Steelers to pay him 9.75 Million dollars this year. That is theft. He gets hurt on the first day of OTA’s. I mean come on. This is the largest hole in our defense, They need to sign either Harrison or another former defensive MVP that’s available to fill that position. Harrison would immediately be our best OLB at the very least.. Moats got benched in almost every game he played for the Buffalo defense. Now If he can’t stay on the field with Buffalo’s defense why in heavens would they think he will do well in Pittsburgh? Please cut Jason Worlds or trade him.

  • joed32

    Right, Harrison is just sitting there waiting for the call. It’s not like any other NFL team is going to make him an offer. He would only be of perceived value to the Steelers. They can wait and see how the young guys play before they make that call.

  • Steve

    Harrison is our Ace in the hole. If either OLB gets hurt or we need help, James is ready and able. If any time is ok to be hurt, it is now. But once the bell rings better be ready to play else James is ready to take your job.