Ben Roethlisberger Thinks Steelers Should Bring Back Brett Keisel

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger was never spotted wearing a No. 99 jersey during any of the OTA and minicamp practices this offseason, but that doesn’t mean that he’s given up hope that the team will re-sign defensive end Brett Keisel prior to the start of the 2014 season.

During his Roethlisberger Foundation Invitational golf tournament on Monday, Roethlisberger took time out to talk to 93.7 The Fan about Keisel, who just so happened to be playing in the event.

“I think he looks good,” Roethlisberger said of Keisel. “I think if he has to miss training camp, I don’t think he’ll be too upset with that. I think we should bring him in right as training camp is over, even though he’s my roommate in training camp. I’d like for him to be there. We always have a good time, but I think that he should come back and another year of leadership would be great.”

While Roethlisberger didn’t let on like he knew what the future holds with Keisel, he did say that the 35-year-old defensive end wouldn’t suffer if he were to miss any of training camp.

“When your a veteran guy that’s been in the same defense for such a long time, you’re going to wear your body down,” he said. “So why not rest it and be healthy and ready to go for the season. I think it would be great that they bring him back and just kind of help these young guys with another year of leadership and a veteran.”

The Steelers have yet to give any indication as to whether or not Keisel will be re-signed, but head coach Mike Tomlin did say last Thursday that the team is keeping their options open as far as adding veteran players to their roster.

“I’m not opposed to anything that will increase our chances of winning. We’re open to all possibilities,” Tomlin said at the conclusion of the final mandatory minicamp practice.

There have been a few reports this offseason stating that Keisel has yet to clear out his locker at the Steelers facility, so perhaps there’s still a chance that Roethlisberger will have his normal roommate again this year when the team reports to Latrobe for training camp later next month. If not, we might just see him wearing that No. 99 jersey during a few of the early practices as a sign of respect.

  • srdan

    what else do we expect him to say?

  • joed32

    He even wanted a a broke down Max Starks back. These guys are friends, like srdan said.

  • Chris Maxwell

    It doesn’t surprise me that he said that, and it don’t surprise me that you made it an article. Your love for Kiesel is really getting out of control. It’s weeks after the free money from Woodley contract, OTA and mini camp is over. Kiesel is not coming back unless an injury happen and then they may look elsewhere. Please let it go……..

  • srdan


    I agree, if htey were going to bring him back to “teach the young guys”, that should have been done before mincamp

  • James Kling

    Fishin’ buddies.

  • I’d love to see Keisel back. I get the whole youth movement thing on D, and I’m fully on board with it, but it’s also helpful to have links to past success and vets who can lead by example. And in limited use I do think he has a lot more to give.

  • steelster

    It’s sad to say but time to move on from the beard.

  • Donte Williams

    Kiesel does not want the vet minimum and to be honest i dont blame the Steel for not signing him for more than that. everyone talking about Cam how much he sucks but we cant judge him until he comes into our system.

  • Madi

    We’ll have all of training camp to evaluate Cam Thomas and Stephon Tuitt. Let’s see how they look, and then decide.

  • I’d like to have Keisel back. I’d like to have Harrison back for one more season even more though.

  • Donte Williams

    i agree Madi. yes carrington would have been the better fit but for some reason The Steel gets the best out of F/A when they come here i think tuitt and thomas is going to shut alot of people up just like McClenddon and i hope i get to see Ton DMC out there during the season i cant wait for preseason to see these rooks in action

  • Steeler Fanatic

    That is why Ben is a qb and not in the front office. He is Keisel’s bud, of course he would say that. Worry about the offense and staying healthy. I love the guy as our franchise QB, but he talks to the media too much.

  • Craig

    It’s always better to have a couple extra bullets instead of running short at the wrong moment, sometimes it’s the difference between success and having to just go away- and then it’s always then that you realize the cost was so little.