Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger ‘Awfully Instructive’ During OTA Practice

So far, so good for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethliberger, who is having to deal with breaking in a few new wide receivers during the 2014 OTA practices.

Due to the offseason losses of wide receivers Emmanuel Sanders and Jerricho Cotchery, Roethlisberger is currently saddled with trying to get new editions Lance Moore and Darrius Heyward-Bey on the same page with him as quickly as possible. Judging by his comments on Thursday, that process is going well with at least Moore.

According to Aditi Kinkhabwala of the NFL Network, Roethlisberger said Thursday that the chemistry he’s already developed with Moore is like it would be if they had already played together for a few years.

Kinkhabwala also reports that the Steelers quarterback was “awfully instructive” during the Thursday practice as he was not only explaining to his wide receivers what he wants from them, but also demonstrating to them how he’d like them to run their routes.

During a recent interview with Moore, he also talked about the great leadership presence that Roethlisberger is showing during and after practice.

“He’s made it a point to come to me to talk about things day in and day out, said Moore. “I’m making sure that if I have any questions that I’m going right to him. Like I said, he’s an extension of a coach out there. So it’s easy for me to get answers from him.”

As for what Roethlisberger thinks so far about being more engaged this year during the OTA practices, it sounds like he’s just having fun.

“I love being out here. I love the game. I feel younger than ever.”

  • steeltown

    I have heard nothing but good reports regarding L.Moore, might end up being a really solid acquisition. Fans and players in New Orleans were not happy to see him go.

  • shawn

    He’s a very solid WR … extremely athletic … i think he could do very well with Ben … although completely different receivers i’d say he’s a slight upgrade from Cotch … only thing that even remotely concerns me is there really doesnt seem to be enough balls to go around

    AB, Wheaton, Heath, Bell, Moore, Dri & even Bryant …. thats a lot of balls !!!!

    I’ll do my best to prognosticate

    AB 90/1200 yds
    Wheaton 65/800 yds
    Heath 70/700 yds
    Bell 50/500 yds
    Moore 40/500 yds
    Bryant 25/400 yds
    Dri 30/400 yds
    Misc 25/150 yds

    Totals 395/4650 yds

  • dkoy85

    That’d be a nice year. The only thing that worries me is chemistry and it sounds like Ben is putting in the overtime to work on it with his receivers.

  • steeltown

    I think the only thing Moore lacks, when discussing Cotchery, is blocking ability. Cotch was one of the best.

  • Kurt Williams

    L. Moore is a true pro, he should easily fill the role of Jerricho Cotchery. He put up good numbers with the Saints and has been very consistent.

  • Deuce22

    You can teach blocking. The talents he possesses on the field cant . I’m sure Mann is trying to build Moore into a better blocker.

  • srdan

    You have miller way too high. He has gotten 70 catches twice in his career.

    ab 105 1500
    wheaton 50 650
    heath 45 500
    bell 50 500
    moore 50 550

  • Douglas Andrews

    I rank Lance Moore right up near the top offseason pickups with the exception of Coach Munchak and L Blount. I remember watching a couple of Saints vs Falcons games and Moore was a game changer. Also he’s a pretty good PR too so if Dri Archer doesn’t work out as a PR Moore is a nice option to take that job.

  • shawn

    yup !

  • shawn

    Really now … he had 58 last year … missing 2 games I might add (thats a prorated 66 if you are counting) .. plus i definitely think he will be improved over last year as he is stronger and in better shape coming off that injury and my theory is that all these outside weapons are going to open up that middle bigtime … wouldnt be surprised if he had double digit TDs !!!

    You have AB way way too high i think … I would agree normally but because we have so many weapons now … AB is going to lose a few chances in my opinion … last year he had a record breaking year because there were so few other options …

  • SfSteeler

    Those numbrs imply 600 pass atempts…will we throw/fastbreak that much or will we ground n pound?

    I guess it depends if were ahead or behind…

  • shawn

    Well we had about 600 last year & im hoping we do a little bit of both maybe …. last year we were 60-40 in favor of passing … I hope that levels out a bit more towards 55-45 … but at the same time i hope we dont lose too many pass attempts & actually gain off plays as we only avg’d a little over 60 off plays a game & had a lower time of possession than usual.

    So if we can sustain and finish more drives i think we could do a little bit of both … lots of balls in the air with some nice ground n pound as well !!!

  • Rufus Benard

    Big Ben IS the Pittsburgh Steelers. He will end up in the Hall of Fame.

  • Rufus Benard

    Cotchery is a great man, But his best years are behind him. 2012 season Ben never threw him the ball. Which I think is why he ended up with the amount of TD’s he had in 2013. They break down all those stats in a computer and game plan against tendency’s