Steelers Rookie CB Shaquille Richardson Wants To Play Against The Best

It will be a while before we know whether or not rookie cornerback Shaquille Richardson can play at the NFL level, but so far, most all of the reports have been positive on the Arizona product.

Richardson has already had the chance to cover teammate Antonio Brown during OTA practices and he enjoyed the challenge.

“I want to play against the best,” said Richardson. “I am playing against Antonio out here. I am trying to work against him. He is a great receiver. I just try to go against the best players here and make plays.

“I talk to some of the other corners and some say they have been to other teams and Antonio is the most complete receiver that they have seen, speed, routes, intelligence, everything that you need. The first day that I tried to cover him I was like he is slick. He got away from me, but I am doing better.”

One of the other challenges that Richardson will have during his rookie season will be picking up the defense, but he believes he’s handling all of the information being thrown at him already.

“We put in a lot of plays but you start grouping plays together, where this play is like this play, so I have been picking it up pretty well,” he said.

When veteran cornerback Ike Taylor showed up this week, he was asked to give his thoughts on Richardson.

“He got the attitude and I think that’s the first thing you need to have as a corner,” Taylor said. “He’s definitely got the attitude so everything else will fall (into place).”

Taylor should already know a little bit about Richardson being as the two trained together in Florida. Fellow cornerback William Gay also trained with Taylor during the offseason and Richardson named him as one of the many players that are helping him out in practice so far.

“When I come off the field I talk to them about plays I’ve done, plays that they do or why they did something. Will Gay has been helping me out a lot, Robert Golden ,Will Allen.”

Richardson and the rest of the Steelers players will wrap up their second week of OTA practices on Thursday.

  • steeltown

    I’m rooting for this kid

  • I know there were those questions about “character,” unfairly or not, given what happened to him at UCLA, but it seems like he’s got a great attitude. Given the concerns of so many of us that the team didn’t draft a CB earlier, imagine if this actually works out.

  • Rod Hedrick

    They have hit on these type of kids before.

  • srdan

    AB reminds me of a young iverson.

    I like this kids attitude so far. I think the biggest adjustment to the NFL for corners is trying to forget the last play. You can’t expect to stop calvin johnson all game. In college you don’t face calivin johnsons.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Hope he works out but I’m not buying into these comments. Everyone looks good at OTAs. Brown is one of the best but he better be careful for what he ask for since AJ Green, Josh Gordon, Steve Smith, etc. are just a few. Not to mention, it the QBs that he should be worried about.

  • nicolaisim

    Well if you do face Calvin Johnson or Demaryius Thomas in college, you’re just concerned about stopping the option. It’s off-topic but it’s really fun how these two superstars have come out of Paul Johnsons offense. I completely agree with you, short-term memory is a big thing for the rookies – heck it’s a big deal for veterans also.

  • srdan

    And missed. But I agree with you. Draft athletic corners from the fourth round on every year and see which ones stick