Steelers WR Justin Brown Getting Work At All Three Spots Without Many Mistakes

After spending his entire rookie season on the Pittsburgh Steelers practice squad, second-year wide receiver Justin Brown is expected to make a run at a spot on the final 53 man roster this offseason.

The more that Brown can do on offense this year over the course of the summer, the harder it will be to release him and according to quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, he’s not only doing a lot, he’s doing well at doing a lot.

“Justin’s been getting a lot of reps and I’m really proud of the way that Justin’s been playing,” said Roethlisberger of the second-year Oklahoma product. “He’s been playing three spots at receiver and not making many mistakes at all, and as a matter of fact, actually making quite a few plays.”

Brown joined fellow young wide receivers Markus Wheaton and Derek Moye out in California during the offseason in order to get some early work in with Roethlisberger and by the sound of things, all three players are better for having made that trip.

Last season, it was Moye who got the nod over Brown out of training camp and the two appear to be headed for a great battle in training camp this year.

Just because Brown got the primary nod of approval from Roethlisberger on Thursday, however, doesn’t mean that he’s forgotten about Moye.

“I think both of those guys have done a great job,” said Roethlisberger of Moye and Brown. “They put in a lot of work this offseason. We went out to California and threw a little bit, so excited for his (Moye’s) growth as well.”

  • Jason White

    Being Justin Brown’s biggest cheerleader this is great news.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Good news for Brown but honestly IMO if DHB shows anything in training camp/pre season I think he makes the final 53.

  • dgh57

    I don’t know I may rival you with being his biggest fan!

  • shawn

    will be interesting … But Brown has a much brighter future than DHB who would be a ones season fill in at most !

  • pittsburghjoe

    If they keep 5 WR’s, this last spot will be one of the best battles in camp.

  • Matt Manzo

    Do we know if JBrown practiced any punt returning this week?

  • Kenneth Wilt

    There are a few positions that I really don’t see a lot of battles at, but right now WR is going to be a really good one. Brown, DHB, and Moye are going to have a knock down drag out to win the spot. I honestly think the special units are going to be made up or more D players than in the past. We really have some guys who can do it. Think about just punt coverage….3 Lbs, 2 CBs, 2 Safeties, that is 7 of the 9 guys on coverage unit.

  • SfSteeler

    And if DHB makes the team then brown and moye get piked up by other teams…ouch!

  • shawn

    Moye is done … dont really see him having any realistic chance of making this team .. Brown i have no idea if he would last on the PS another year … but that is a risk … I hope he beats out DHB !

  • Douglas Andrews

    The thing that works against J Brown is speed. DHB while no superstar has a rare speed/size combo dimension that could add to what should be an explosive scoring offense. If DHB contributes on ST’s during the pre season i see no reason why he doesn’t make the 53 over Brown and Moye.

  • shawn

    I have to disagree with you there … we already have more than enough speed on offense … what we need is Size & Sure Hands for those 3rd downs … and that is exactly what JBrown does … he’s a good Possession WR … not to mention he is young … so i have to think he has the inside track over DHB … unless DHB has a really good pre season !

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Kenneth, I 100% agree. It’s going to be knock down drag out.

    Also, it’s an interesting point you make about special teams. Tomlin usually gives the last CB spot or the last WR spot or even the last LB spot to Danny Smith to decide.

    That last wide spot HAS TO be able to play special teams. Hopefully Brown can prevail.

  • Douglas Andrews

    I think it’s a little unfair to call J Brown sure hands. We don’t have any tape on this guy at the professional level as he was on the practice squad all of last year. IMO It’s going to boil down to a couple of things here and both work against J Brown 1) If DHB shows he can make some explosive plays at WR he’s in and 2) If DHB plays well on special teams as a possible gunner then I think J Brown is done. Bottom line speed kills if the Steelers were that high on Moye or J Brown they wouldn’t have even signed DHB they would’ve let those two battle it out for the fifth WR spot.

  • shawn

    Unfair ?? … I guess u didnt watch him at Oklahoma …and by the way he was on STs their as well … so not sure what you are thinking … DHB has been a colossal disappointment since he’s come into the league … both at Oakland and in Indy …so not sure why u think it would be any different with us … on the other hand nothing but good things are coming out of camp about Brown … so i’ll stick to my opinion that he has the inside track on the 5th WR position !

  • Douglas Andrews

    Your comparing DHB professional career with J Brown’s college career? I don’t know if you meant to but you just restated what I did earlier. J Brown has ZERO stat’s as a Steeler. I’ve watched his college tape but honestly he looks really slow as evidenced by his slow 40 time as slow as 4.7 depending on which site you check. As far as the OTA’s I wouldn’t put too much stock into whats being said it’s only practice in Helmets and shorts. Should we really be excited about a guy that knows all the checks and where to line up at all 3 WR spots. I mean he’s had a redshirt year to watch and learn on the practice squad. There was a reason he didn’t make the final 53 man roster last year. I’m all for competition so it’s going to make for an interesting battle. I just think it’s going to be uphill for both Moye and J Brown

  • shawn

    Your not making a very good case … but like u said it will be interesting … from what i see and a lot of others too, there is a lot to like about J BRown and very little to like about DHB other than his speed …. so i guess time will tell, but after all we are just talking about a 5th WR position ….

    BTW … alot of things dont transfer from college to the NFL but one thing that usually does is Good Hands ..!!

  • Joeybaggadonuts

    Some amazing posts of who wants this guy and what this guy can do….these judgements are so premature I feel sorry for your gal pals, wives, etc. It doesn’t matter what you want or who think right now, it’s about who is playing the best and who remains healthiest when camp breaks. in other words fellas it all remains to seen but keep an eye on who separates themselves from the competition. Questions to be answered….Can DHB catch the ball? If so he has got speed. Moye is a hustler and plays smart ball…never unspder estimate the scrappy mentality. Brown has the tools to make the team, can he learn to use them? Time will tell have a good summer!

  • Nathaniel Sullivan

    Mind me if this is old news: but wasn’t landry jones and justin brown teammates? Do you think the front office is transitioning from Ben to landry, if this is true?

  • Rufus Benard

    DHB Drops the ball in games, Consistently, He got benched by the Raiders AND the COLTS. It’s why he was available to us. Brown has soft hands according to Big Ben. I hope Moye and Brown make the team. They are future NFL Starters.

  • Rufus Benard

    If they are they are complete Idiots. They passed on Bridgewater and Manzel. If they were wanting to replace Ben that would have been the way to go. I still have NO IDEA why they wasted a draft pick on Jones. He’s in accurate.