Vic So’oto Is Reportedly Pushing Chris Carter During Steelers OTA Practices

Who is Vic So’oto and should we should start paying more attention to him?

According to Mark Kaboly of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, So’oto, who was signed to a futures contract by the Pittsburgh Steelers back in January, appears to be putting the heat on fellow outside linebacker Chris Carter through five OTA practices.

So’oto was originally signed by the Green Bay Packers back in 2011 as an undrafted free agent out of BYU. He made the Packers 53 man roster out of training camp and wound up dressing for seven games as a rookie. He only played 88 snaps on defense that season, however, and registered one sack.

Since then, So’oto has bounced around the league and he ended the 2013 season on the New Orleans Saints practice squad.

The big news here is not so much the prospects of So’oto, but instead, the fact that he’s able to reportedly push Carter. Yikes, if true.

On Wednesday, it was reported that new Steelers linebacker Arthur Moats was still getting the first-team reps at left outside linebacker instead of Carter with starter Jason Worilds still nursing a calf injury.

Carter’s biggest asset to the team right now is the fact that he’s a decent special teams player. That’s certainly not what you want to hear just five practices into the OTA sessions.

So’oto, just so you know, is already 26-years-old, while Carter turned 25 back in April.


    I already had this kid making my mock 53-man roster, as I think Coach Porter can work with his upside (smarts and violence) more than Carter’s at this stage. We are not looking for a starter this year here so what does their age matter (especially as it is only one years diff.). I think age might make a difference in our punting and long snapping battles though… we’ll all see soon enough.

    As I have stated here previously, I really love what the FO has finally done by upping the ante this off season as far as much, much better camp competition with one-year vet “prove-it” deals and young upside-talented draft picks. Go Steelers!

  • Kurt Williams

    After consecutive 8-8 seasons, some players will indeed be pushed and some pushed off the roster.

  • walter mason

    It just shows how sad of shape we are in at OLB and Im sure they realized this after the draft. Its as if the Steelers only plan all along is to sign Harrison.

  • Steelers12328882


  • blue

    Carter is a true bum

  • afrazier9

    Sign debo theirs no downside to that

  • ApexSteel

    We’re going to need him to pull through. Harrison is a good option, but we need long term depth. But So’oto much like Moats isn’t much of a pass rusher.

  • Chad H

    This is not a shocking surprise.

  • steeltown

    Ha! So Vic So’oto has more career sacks (1) than Carter does.. may the best man Win!!!

  • Paddy

    This guy Soto has been with 7 teams, if he makes the team I’ll go crazy

  • steeltown

    I don’t pay much attention to that. It’s all about schemes and finding the right fit. Guys like Cotchery, Blount, Al Woods even James Harrison have moved around a few times.

  • Biggie

    Harrison bounced around for 3 years off and on the PS and with ravens and in NFL Europe before hitting it. It’s all about where you finally make it.

  • Douglas Andrews

    Good to see some good competition at OLB. I’d still like to see Harrison brought back for one year. Carter might want to step up his play guys are passing him on the depth chart like he’s standing still.

  • Jeff Anoble

    Pee Wee Herman could push Chris Carter for a roster spot.

  • PA2AK

    I don’t know, but is Moats really THAT bad of a pass rusher, or has he been in a team that needed to put him inside after they lost their ILB leader to the Jags?

  • dgh57

    I consider Carter as the Curtis Brown of the LB group and should never see the field while we’re on defense. Good to hear So’oto is doing his part in making that happen! So BRING ON the competition at OLB!!

  • BigSnack

    id say we have prob the best LB coaching staff in the league. lets not jump too quickly on these players. Moats will make a great backup swing LB. what i like of So’oto is he has that nasty factor. the dude has already had a couple of fights in OTAs.

  • joed32

    Zumwalt may be able to play outside too. I would guess that Carter will be left out.

  • ApexSteel

    He hasn’t had a sack in two years…

  • PA2AK

    Right…and I get that. All I’m saying is there is more to the story. He’s been under 4 different DC’s or whatever and played inside in an all together different defense. The comparison isn’t black and white is all i’m saying.

  • ApexSteel

    And that’s a good excuse, but if you haven’t gotten to the QB in two years (and even before that he only had 5) pass rushing clearly isn’t your strong suit. Different DCs or not.

  • PA2AK

    lol…not making excuses for the guy. I’m just trying to be hopeful and also realistic as to why he doesn’t have a ton of sacks. Looked it up. I see he had 5 total sacks in his first (2) years in the league where I beleive he played OLB for a bad Bills team. Not good for an OLB…but still could be an improvement. Different DC’s are one thing…ILB in a softer blitzing scheme than the Steelers vs. OLB in the steelers defense should produce different results, IMO..even if it was Kion Wilson or Carter.

  • walter mason

    Well Harrison was always a brute. He was just considered uncoachable. As far as Moats, Carter, So’oto, Pee Wee Herman whatever, may the best bum win.

  • walter mason

    Maybe they already know what Carter can do and they want to look at whats left.

  • ApexSteel

    He’s been an ILB his entire career. Just watching parts of the game they played against us I see they played him as a two down ILB or against running formations. Never on third though so if there is some sort of hidden pass rushing potential Buffalo certainly didn’t see it.

  • PA2AK

    I see…Was shooting in the dark on the OLB/ILB situation with him early on. Let’s hope Buffalo is still consistent with their judgment of character. I’m not ready to say he is going to be miserable in pass rush situations. New team, new D, new coaches, new position…we’ll see. His 4 year circus job in Buffalo isn’t likely a good example.

  • ApexSteel

    I just can’t see it especially after what I watched. I mean there were plays where Mike Adams absolutely had his way with him. He just wouldn’t stand a chance against AFC North tackles. I’m all for him learning versatility, but we’re gonna need to add a true pass rusher soon.

  • PA2AK

    I don’t debate the need for that!