Richard Mann On Derek Moye: ‘He Is A Guy Who Has To Play His Way On’

Wide receiver Derek Moye surprised a lot of people last year when he made the Pittsburgh Steelers 53 man roster out of training camp, but just because he was able to stick last season, doesn’t mean anything when it comes to 2014.

“I think Derek has to play his way onto the team again,” said Steelers wide receivers coach Richard Mann in an interview published Thursday on “That’s the way it is. He knows that. He’s a guy who has made steady improvement from the time I came here to the present. I think he has gotten better each practice. Each time he’s on the field I think he gets better. He is a guy who has to play his way on, but he has a chance.”

Why Moye might indeed have a chance, he’ll also have plenty of competition this year. Second-year wide receiver Justin Brown has received quite a few accolades thus far during the offseason, so his development along with the addition of veteran Darrius Heyward-Bey during the offseason will make it even tougher for Moye to crack the final 53 man roster for a second year in a row.

With Moye, Brown and Heyward-Bey all seemingly battling for one roster spot, it could come down to which player performs the best during the preseason on special teams. That’s an area that Moye has never been great in, but at least the same goes for his competition. Heyward-Bey, however, has speed on his side and showed late last season that he might have some upside as either a gunner or kick coverage player.

If Moye fails to make the 53 man roster this year, he should still have some practice squad eligibility remaining being as he only dressed for seven games in 2013.

Moye caught two passes for 20 yards and one touchdown last season.

  • ApexSteel

    I think the competition is between him and J Brown with J Brown coming out with the spot. DHB isn’t going to learn how to catch after 5 seasons so he’s out.

  • Steve

    Hard to believe Hayward-Bey was a 1st round draft pick. I also don’t see him making the team.

  • SteveM2

    What this 2014 Steelers wide receiver competition may boil down to is this:
    which one of these competitors would the Black & Gold NOT want to have to game-plan against? You can safely bet that other teams, including a few in the AFC North, will be watching closely to see which wideout stays, and which receivers can be snatched off the waiver wire.

    Competition is what made America great, and competition promises to make the Pittsburgh Steelers’ passing game lethal in 2014.

  • Mitch

    I think it’s between him and J.Brown as well, with Brown coming out on top. Last year, Moye was the resident big guy. This year, with the drafting of Bryant and with Heath back to full health, Moye is unfortunately the odd man out. My surprise, however, is DHB making the roster to purely play special teams. He was solid there for the Colts last year, especially as a gunner on punt coverage. You sign a guy for the vet’s minimum to play special teams first, contribute at a position second. With Dri Archer technically being considered both a running back and receiver, that opens up a spot for DHB. Behind A and J Brown, Wheaton, Moore, Archer, Miller, maybe even Spaeth, DHB can be on the roster but never see the field as a receiver.

  • CrazyTerry

    high first rounder too. Oakland sure had some awful high picks.

  • Steve

    This was an Al Davis Blunder. Towards the end of his life he made poor decisions on players and changing coaches.

  • Virdin Barzey

    I always thought Hayward-Bey was brought in to push the other guys. Not sure how he makes this team and he can’t catch. No disrespect to him personally but I think he would be the odd man out.

  • Steelers@2010

    If it’s toss up between Justin Brown and Hayward-Bey, go with the guy you drafted. eyward Bey had his chance, he has yet to proven he can be consistent throughout the season. ive Justi Brown a chance and see what he has to offer. It appears that he could end up being a pretty good posession WR.

  • mem359

    Considering the Brown’s situation with wide receivers, do any of these guys that might be cut have trade value? (Are there players down the Brown’s depth chart the Steelers might want to swap & develop, or would the Browns be willing to part with a 7th or 6th round pick?)

  • Thomas Rancy

    heyward bey doesn’t make it, mark my words.

  • cencalsteeler

    Same could be said with the backers.

  • cencalsteeler

    Reading between the lines of Manns comments tells me Moye is the odd man out at this point unless he proves otherwise. Like Dave stated, many accolades, so far, have been given to Brown. Those quotes from Mann gave Moye none. Basically, he says, just because you made last years squad, doesn’t make you a shoe in for this year. Sounds more like a fair warning to me.

  • SteveM2

    …or, future draft choices?

  • SteveM2

    Derek Moye received no accolades? That’s not quite correct, cencalsteeler, even though the praise isn’t a ringing endorsement.

    “..He’s a guy who has made steady improvement from the time I came here to the present. I think he has gotten better each practice. Each time he’s on the field I think he gets better.”

  • steeltown

    I think the last paragraph was supposed to say “Justin” Brown and not “Antonio” Brown

  • steeltown

    Indeed, he doesn’t really mention others in that same light. Of course the others have to compete and prove capable to make the Team as well, but he did single out Moye in that regard.

  • treeher

    I think Mann likes Moye and is probably pulling for him. I’m not crazy about H-B as his history says that his hands will not miraculously improve. If it was up to me, I’d hold on to Moye at this point.

  • cencalsteeler

    I smell “sugar coating” in that interview.

  • NW86

    No, I don’t think any other team is that interested in any of those guys. They were all available at some point in the past year and were not signed by anyone else.

  • mem359

    Last year, the Browns thought they would still have Josh Gordon.

  • Dan Siatkosky

    I like Moye as a reciever. I would love to see him make the team. Its his second year alot of rookies dont catch on their first year. Look at Polamalo in his rookie year. Weve had some rookies last year that have yet to prove them selves. We will see in the preeason. Im rooting for Moye, hope he shines