Steelers Coach Keith Butler Wants LB Terence Garvin To Swing In 2014

So far during training camp this year there hasn’t been a lot of talk about Pittsburgh Steelers second-year linebacker Terence Garvin, who made the opening day 53 man roster last year as an undrafted rookie tryout player. Just because we’re not hearing much about the West Virginia product, however, doesn’t mean that he’s not having a good summer.

“He’s really had a real good camp for us. He’s played both inside and outside for us,” said Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler of Garvin during an interview last week with David Todd of 970 ESPN Radio.

Saturday night in the preseason opener against the New York Giants, Garvin played 21 snaps on defense and registered one assisted tackle. Three of those snaps came at right outside linebacker, but it was scheme related as Chris Carter shifted to the inside on those plays.

So, will we see Garvin play more on the outside during the Steelers three remaining preseason games? According to Butler, we will.

“A little bit, yes,” said Butler of Garvin playing outside in addition to inside. “He’ll have to do both. He needs to be a swing-guy for us. We had a guy last year doing that, Sly (Stevenson Sylvester), but he left and went to Buffalo.

“We need somebody like that. It always ends up where we’ve got to utilize somebody like that, that knows both positions inside and outside. Lawrence Timmons has done it before, Sly did it last year. We always feel better if I’ve got somebody on the team that can do that, because sometimes it gets down to that in terms of injuries and you need someone like that.”

In addition to potentially being Butler’s swing-guy in 2014, Garvin should continue to be one of the Steelers top special teams players as well. Saturday night against the Giants, he played 14 special teams snaps and registered an assisted tackle on the Steelers second kickoff.

While it’s still unclear as to how many total linebackers the Steelers will carry on their final 53 man roster this year out of training camp, it’s probably safe to say that Garvin will indeed be one of them.

  • Game_Time

    T. Garvin maskes the 53 along with J. Worilds, L. Timmons, R. Shazier, J. Jones A. Moats, S. Spence, V. Williams and “H. Jones” based on his potential over C. Carter’s 3 yrs resume.

  • cencalsteeler

    Garvin- “Big Safety”

  • steeltown

    This guy is making the Team. He’s been making some plays. That play in coverage the other night against the NYG was really nice, not to mention he’s a special teams demon. Coach Butler has spoken pretty highly of him this entire offseason.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    I like Garvin but isn’t that what we brought Moats in for? To be the swing ILB/OLB?

  • Zach

    While I agree with you, I’m not sure the steelers will part ways with C. Carter soon.

  • steeltown

    Yea but with the lack of depth outside, the decision to make Moats primarily an OLB was made rather quickly

  • wdhammer

    C carter -gone !!!!!!!

  • SteelersDepot

    Moats is REALLY best suited to play outside. While he is fairly reliable tackler,he really struggles in space. He was a pass rushing defensive end at James Madison and the original book on him was that he might be a reserve 3-4 OLB at the NFL level. Could he play inside at the buck in a pinch? Probably, but let’s hope we never have to see it.

  • treeher

    I think the team wants to retain young talent and is looking for a way to let Carter go. That’s why they need outside help and Garvin / Moats gives them options. I guess Deebo is going to stay free.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    Jones, Timmons, Shazier, Worilds, Spence, Carter, and Moats for certain. Garvin, Williams, and Howard Jones maybe? The depth on the outside seems thin to me. Williams or Garvin could be the odd man, tough call right there……

  • brent

    Could you imagine a kick off unit with him and Dangerfield on it. LOOK OUT!

  • brent

    Both of those huys are making the team and its not out of the question that the Steelers carry 10 lbers. I don’t see how anyone can say Carter is a lock. HoJo or Zumwalt will be the odd man out as they have P.S. eligibilty and the others don’t. They will carry at least 9 lbers. Timmons, Shazier, Jones, Worilds, Moats, Spence, Williams, and Garvin are in with Carter, Zumwalt, and HoJo battling for the last spot or two. That’s how I look at anyways. What makes that group so great is they all pretty much play a different style.

  • SteelCitysFinest

    The only reason I threw Carter in there was because he’s more experienced but I agree he isn’t a lock. To be honest, I think its too early to tell who the odd man out would be but I am a little uneasy with the depth on the outside. Someone will emerge in the coming weeks but its hard to speculate who.

  • Weiss Chad

    I’d be very happy w that .

  • brent

    Yeah the OLBs scare me right now. The top three are a lock and I think Moats will thrive as an OLB in the Steelers system and may make Worilds expendable next season.. He is built to be a Steeler OLB.

  • Steve

    Williams and Garvin let go with Carter and Moates make 53. What you been smoking the SteelCitysFinest?

  • Steve

    Let us see the Bull in the Ring!