Ohio State TE Jeff Heuerman Informs Fans Of Upcoming Visit With Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have already brought three tight ends in for pre-draft visits and it sounds like another one might be in town on Monday.

While it’s far from being considered official, Ohio State tight end Jeff Heuerman reportedly told fans Saturday during an autograph signing at Northtowne Mall in Defiance, Ohio, that he will be in Pittsburgh Monday for a visit, according to Twitter follower Aaron Gilbert.

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and general manager Kevin Colbert both attended Ohio State’s March Pro Day, so it makes sense that the 6-5, 254-pound Heuerman might be brought in for a visit.

Heuerman, who started every game for Ohio State over the course of the last two seasons, only registered 52 catches for 792 yards and seven touchdowns during his college career. 43 of those catches came over the course of the last two seasons. In his last three season, he caught 51-of-76 (67.11%) passes thrown his way.

Heuerman is regarded as an above average in-line blocker with good short-area quickness. With Heath Miller and Matt Spaeth both getting up in age, Heuerman would be a fit in Pittsburgh as he does have a nice upside.

We will see if indeed Heuerman is in Pittsburgh on Monday and will pass along an update if he is spotted.

  • Superdriller316

    I’d take him or James.

  • steelster

    He’s the best te option for the steelers in this draft.

  • Ryan

    I like his size and that he’s a willing blocker. Wouldn’t mind at all if we picked him up

  • Andrew Grigsby

    He’d be a great fit for the steelers, he’s a damn good blocker and a great kid. Hope he’s a Steeler come next month.

  • Devon Day

    Don’t forget he is from Ohio State.

  • PittsburghSports

    3rd rd?

  • Rick M

    Four Ohio State players in the last 5 drafts: Thaddeus Gibson, Cam Heyward, Mike Adams and Ryan Shazier. That’s an F, an A, a D and an ‘unknown’ grade for a guy who had a tough first year but was injured a lot.

    I really don’t get the suggestion that any OS player is a solid pick. The results don’t show that.

  • Heather Danis

    I agree as I think that is what it is coming down to. I’ve been watching Heuerman for months now reading up on his evaluations. I thought early on that he might be a better option than Walford, despite some scouts being higher on the Miami prospect than the Ohio State. I have no issues with drafting Heuerman, but he will have to get stronger – as prospects usually do – and he will need to improve as an inline blocker. However, he has better speed than Walford and, IMO, more consistent catching skills which we all probably would have seen more of had it not been for his lingering foot injury this past year. The FO is going to be looking really hard at his medical evaluations to make sure that his foot is not a problem still. If it is, we can likely write him off of the board for a 4th round option.

  • Heather Danis

    I don’t know that anyone is truly suggesting that, and if they have they’re not being very honest with themselves on their evaluation. In this case, however, Heuerman may prove to be a better option than Walford in the 2nd for us. Some clamor for Jesse James but I think the jury has his draft range from anywhere between the 2nd round and the 7th so there is obviously some upside predicting going on when drafting him really early like that. We’ll just have to see what the Steelers believe on James.

  • Rick M

    They kind of are suggesting that below. I respect that someone feels that way. I just don’t think that results have borne it out. That’s not to suggest Heuerman will or will not be a good football player.

    I just think that having Ohio State coaches working at the Steelers’ facility adds biases to the drafting process that should’t exist. It almost certainly, in my view, was the reason Shazier was taken over Mosley. That and Tomlin’s predisposition for speed.

  • CuldesacBill

    I would think that he would be a fourth round pick. His production in college doesn’t warrant higher than that. I have had my eye on him though. He would be a nice addition to the Steelers.

  • falconsaftey43

    Dont forget Mosley had an extensive injury history, I’m sure that contributed to the Shazier pick.

  • Steve Johnson

    Well, we pretty much know this is possibly Heath Miller’s last year. I just hope the first four picks are on DEFENSE.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    Heather –

    I agree with everything you just posted. I have watched A LOT of tape on Heuerman and I also believe he offers us the best long term value.

    He played this past year with a foot injury which I believed hindered his production (and combine/pro day numbers). Urban Meyers offense was not designed to throw him a lot of passes. But if we (the Steelers) were to give him more targets I believe he would provide much better results.

    He is an upside type prospect. He may not be “explosive” but he is a fluid athlete. He can move. He can get open. He has good short area quickness and good hands. Just what Heath had. And by all accounts Heuerman is an exemplary teammate and citizen from a big program against top rate competition (including BCS playoff experience).

    True, he does need to add some weight and strength and even some technique. But we would not be asking him to start this year. He would have a year or so to develop. And if he was available sooner he could provide us a double TE threat alongside Heath.

    Most importantly, Heuerman will likely be available for us in the 3rd round (whereas Maxx Williams would probably require our 1st and Walford our 2nd). That lets us draft a starting OLB and starting CB in the 1st two rounds if the board fell accordingly.

  • Rick M

    I don’t think those injuries were even considered.

    “It wasn’t us selecting [Shazier] over Mosley,” Tomlin said. “It was more about what we knew about him we had a level of comfort with.

    “We have a close, personal relationship with his program, and with their defensive coaches specifically. They spend a lot of time over here during the offseason and have for a number of years, particularly the years he was there. We had taken [defensive end] Cam Heyward, who had played in that defense, in the first round a few years before. So it’s more about that relationship and knowing the system in which he played and the parallels to ours.”

  • Jason White

    I had him in my first Steelers mock. Might have to include him in my next and final mock.

  • The Notorious TOM

    Pitt fan here, don’t get a chance to see a ton of OSU games. Could you possibly elaborate on him being a great kid? I put alot into a guys’ character personally and I’m just curious. Thanks.

  • Reno

    The Steelers have shown a trend of drafting their pre-draft visits. There was good possibility Moseley was going to be on the board when they picked. I find it curious if they felt there was a need at ILB why they brought Shazier in for a pre-draft visit but not Moseley. I think they tipped their hand early with Shazier.

  • Rick M

    Yes, it’s quite unusual that they didn’t meet with him. That pretty much shows they had their minds made up, and no doubt their opinion was influenced by his OS coaches who worked in the Steelers’ facility. I think it’s natural that college coaches will speak most highly about their own players. But when you have the #15 pick in the draft, you shouldn’t allow that type of natural bias to close your mind to other options. And if they never even considered Mosley, their mind was closed.

    Oh well, let’s hope Shazier is able to stay healthy and justify his high selection.

  • Andrew Grigsby

    Don’t know much, I’m a season ticket holder I know Jeff does a lot at the James Cancer hospital, a lot of the team visit’s and donate time to spend with patient’s.

    A big thing I do know is he is in Big brothers big sisters, a program close to me since I was in the program growing up. It’s a big deal to mentor young ppl that need a male role model in their life.

  • Andrew Grigsby

    Really think that is a over blown fact, the Steelers are going to draft good players that fit the system that Tomlin runs. Doesn’t matter where they go to school as long as they are quality players worth the round selected.

  • Devon Day

    Really believe it is an overblown fact, yet the organization has taken more Ohio State players than other colleges.

  • The Notorious TOM

    Very cool, sounds like a good kid.