Steelers Injury Report: Roethlisberger, Heyward Ruled Out For Patriots Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered a big injury on Sunday in their loss to the Miami Dolphins and on Tuesday, head coach Mike Tomlin addressed the Monday knee surgery that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (knee) had performed in addition to the health of the rest of his roster as they prepare to play the New England Patriots this coming Sunday at Heinz Field.

Tomlin said that Roethlisberger will be out this week. He refused to speculate as to when he will return. With Roethlisberger out, Tomlin said Landry Jones will be the starter on Sunday and that he’ll receive all of the first-team reps this week during practice.

Defensive end Cameron Heyward (hamstring) and center/guard Cody Wallace (knee) were also ruled out for the Patriots game by Tomlin on Tuesday.

Tomlin went on to say that the status of wide receiver Markus Wheaton (shoulder), linebacker Ryan Shazier (knee), safety Shamarko Thomas (groin), and tackle Marcus Gilbert (ankle) for Sunday is still up in the air right now and that all four will be monitored throughout the week.

The same goes for safety Mike Mitchell (knee), running back DeAngelo Williams (knee), and safety Robert Golden (foot), according to Tomlin. The team will use their practice participation as a guide this week.

More quotes will be added shortly.

  • george

    Almost tempting to sit them all and get ready for Baltimore.

  • Kelly Johnson

    Might be best to let all the guys that are banged up rest. It’s more important to beat the Ravens then it is NE.

  • alevin16

    At this point play for the 2nd spot in the playoffs. Concede it to the Patriots (as much as that kills me to say) and try to get everyone healthy. Of course now that I said this Landry Jones will go out and whoop Brady’s behind 😀

  • RickM

    Well at least the insanity that Ben could play this weekend is over. Heal up #7.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Dave’s article regurgitated as a list:

    Week 7 Injuries:
    1. Ben Roethlisberger QB (knee) OUT
    2. DeAngelo Williams RB (Knee) “Up in the air”
    3. Markus Wheaton WR (shoulder) “Up in the air”
    4. Sammie Coates WR (Hand) Played week 6
    5. Marcus Gilbert OL (foot/ankle) “Up in the air”
    6. Cody Wallace OL (knee) OUT
    7. Cam Heyward DE (Hamstring) OUT
    8. Ryan Shazier LB (mcl knee) “Up in the air”
    9. Shamarko Thomas DB (Groin) “Up in the air”
    10. Mike Mitchell DB (knee) “Up in the air”
    11. Robert Golden DB (foot) “Up in the air”

    A. Ladarius Green TE – Reserve PUP (ankle/head) Eligible to return
    B. Bud Dupree LB – Reserve Injured (groin) OUT
    C. Ryan Harris OL Reserve Injured (leg hematoma) OUT
    D. Senquez Golson DB Reserve Injured (foot) OUT

  • JT Craig

    Without a pass rush to disrupt Brady’s timing it doesn’t matter who we have in at QB. It will be like 7 on 7 drills out there for that offense.

  • ThatGuy


  • ThatGuy

    What a difference a month makes… I was so pumped for this game now I just can’t wait for the bye week.

  • NW86

    Thanks for doing this BFH. It’s getting to the point where I watch for your comment on all the injury reports now. With such a long list, it’s (sadly) easier to read in list form!

  • Kevin artis

    Unless we can bring a non-injury prone Woodley back and Harrison drops 5 years off his age. I don’t know how we will get close to Brady. Brady will probably were the same uniform the following week.

  • steelersfan

    If you had shown me the pre patriots game injury report before the season started I would have rolled my eyes said of course and then proceeded to puke

  • Reader783

    Is Dupree eligible to return before or after the Ravens game?

  • steelersfan

    Regurgitate is a good word to describe this list

  • DirtDawg1964

    Yep. More like 7 on 5.

  • Zarbor

    Not a bad idea but we have a bye after so it makes little sense to sit them.

  • Michael James

    Very glad Cam gets another two weeks to rest. I actually can’t think of a scenario where Ben won’t play against the Ravens. I’m pretty sure he will play there, since there is no risk of making his injury worse according to Dr.Chao (very different compared to Heyward’s injury).

  • Jimbo

    defeated by injuries. No excuses, but next man up is not a Ben or Cam. Brady is going to hang 52 points on them. will be hard to watch.

  • Jimbo

    Exactly..As much as I love the Steelers..Reality is cold and brutal..Doubt many fans are wearing the rose colored glasses for this sundays game. Im thinking it will be over by the 1st quarter. would like to see brady get hit a couple times, but thats not going to happen either..This defense is not capable of getting to a QB..put a fork in em..maybe next offseason they will go to FA and get a passrusher..oh wait, thats not going to happen either.

  • RickM

    I’m really not sure. It’s an awfully big game, but I think they’ll look at it as ‘the second half of the season is still ahead’ even after Baltimore. Several years ago I asked a doctor friend why players often had repeat injuries to the same knee. He said any repair or procedure lessens the overall integrity of the knee. I think Ben has had multiple problems (usually sprains or hyperextensions) with this knee, and now a minor meniscus repair. I would err on the side of caution, giving him 3 full weeks to recover and bringing him back for Dallas. My head tells me it’ll be Dallas; my heart says Baltimore.

  • JM_3

    It actually makes more sense to sit them with the bye coming up in one week, imo

  • Jeff McNeill

    I think he is eligible after week 8.

  • Jeff McNeill

    They have the better team, but as I always say the margins in football a not that big. Two years ago the Patriots got hammered by the Chiefs and everyone had them done.

  • Jeff McNeill

    I think 52 his highly unlikely. They are a better team if both are at full strength. The margin is very slim.

  • ThatGuy

    Yeah I think he eligible to return week of the Ravens game.

  • ThatGuy

    I hope we get a crack at NE in January at full health..