Cardinals Hire Byron Leftwich As Coach

Pittsburgh West strikes again.

Earlier today, we passed along word that the New York Jets had signed Kevin Greene to be their OLBs coach. Another ex-Steeler was inked today with former quarterback Byron Leftwich agreeing to become the Arizona Cardinals’ coach for the same position.

The agreement was first reported by Fox Sports’ Alex Marvez.

Leftwich spent three total seasons with the Steelers, 2008, 2010, and 2012. Over eight games, one career start, he threw a pair of touchdowns and an interception. That lone start came against the Baltimore Ravens, a 13-10 loss. Leftwich completed less than half his passes and threw a pick though he did have the most awkward touchdown run in NFL history.

Unlike outside linebackers, there isn’t any reason to entertain the idea of changing QB coaches. Randy Fichtner has been around for years and done a good job evolving Ben Roethlisberger’s game. In fact, if Todd Haley were to leave in the near future, it’d likely be Fichtner who would take over as offensive coordinator.

Mike Tomlin recently didn’t rule out making coaching changes in the offseason. Any changes could come with special teams coordinator Danny Smith or, more likely, the retirement of Richard Mann and/or James Daniel. John Mitchell has also hinted at it for several seasons.

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  • PaeperCup

    He’s younger than Carson Palmer.

  • Steelers12

    The gunslinger

  • Douglas Andrews

    Didn’t Byron hurt himself on that same play. Seems like he slipped after he scored and hurt his shoulder or arm on that play. Oh well he was always a likable guy. Good luck Byron!

  • Alex Kozora

    ha, i think he did. Good memory.

  • Douglas Andrews

    You had to feel for him he just made an athletic play to score the TD but that infamous ground tripped him and knocked out the game with an injury.

  • Jason

    I take it QB coaches don’t teach mechanics, because Byron shouldn’t be teaching anybody how to throw

  • Leftwich, QB coach? What was Tebow not available?

  • T R

    Arizona still remains the Steelers retirement home

  • 20Stoney

    He’s gonna teach the windup!

  • Steve

    Byron had numerous injuries, but a will to win. When Byron wound up, you’d think he was pitching a shutout for the Pirates, but he could sling the ball. When Byron was in college he had a bum leg and the Lineman would carry him from play to play. He wanted to win at any cost. Got to give him credit.

  • Steve

    Jason – When your in the pros, your beyond mechanics, cause if you made it this far, you must have been doing something right. Danny Marino had a wale of a throw. Not too many tell him how to throw the rock.

  • Steve

    I wike it! Sounds about right.

  • Jason

    Marino had one of the quickest releases ever, not sure what you are getting at. But if mechanics don’t mean anything in the pros’s Tebow and Bortles would like you to talk to their bosses