2017 NFL Draft Player Profiles: LSU CB Tre’Davious White

From now until the 2017 NFL Draft takes place, we hope to showcase as many prospects as possible and examine both their strengths and weaknesses. Most of these profiles will feature individuals that the Pittsburgh Steelers are likely to have an interest in, while a few others will be top-ranked players. If there is a player you would like us to analyze, let us know in the comments below.

Tre’Davious White/CB LSU – 5’11/6 184

The Good

– Quick feet, fluid player, and does tremendous job of mirroring release of WRs when playing smart
– Ability to stay in-phase and track the football in man coverage, times his jumps well and has ball skills to break up passes and play pocket of the receiver
– Above average speed, should be able to succeed in man coverage
– Feet creates a quick, smooth transition, able to drive downhill in a hurry
– Uncanny ability to recover when he’s beat and get in-phase
– Versatile, ability to play on the outside or in the slot
– Adequate tackler in the open field
– Has a return background and skillset is evident with ball in his hands on interceptions
– Tons of starting experience against top-flight competition, durable and never missed time

The Bad

– Underweight and doesn’t have ideal length (31 1/2 inch arms, 75 wingspan)
– Can gamble in press, needs to refine technique, too often jumps the initial step of the receiver’s stem and gets himself out of position
– Not physical enough against the run as a force defender, needs to wrap up and drive through with more intensity
– Hands and punch has to be more physical at the line of scrimmage, jam isn’t always impactful enough
– Interception numbers were only average


– 47 career starts, four-year starter
– 2016 All-American
– Career: 167 tackles 6 INTs 1 FF
– 2016: 35 tackles, 2 INT
– 10.0 punt return average (69 career returns) 3 TDs, one in each of last three seasons

Tape Breakdown

The cornerback class is really deep this year, pushing White’s stock down a bit, but also offering tremendous value.

He has some of the best feet in this cornerback class and fluid hips. Top athlete and no stiffness in his game. When he plays smart and with good technique, he has the ability to mirror the release of pretty much any receiver. Whether that’s outside or, often more difficulty, in the slot, he can handle it. And that’s impressive because the number of corners who are able to is a short list.

In man coverage, White has fantastic tracking ability while remaining in-phase. Bill Belichick separates hands and ball skills. The former is the act of catching the football, interceptions. Ball skills is the ability to break up the ball, play it in the air, and the latter is where he excels. Check out these two examples. The first, a red zone fade.

And more impressively, staying in-phase on this post, timing his swat and launching the football away.

Strong athlete with the speed and technique to thrive in man, footwork/transition ability to do well in zone. Very much the complete package in that regard.

The downsides? I do wish he was a more physical player coming downhill. He’s an adequate tackler in the open field against receivers but in the run game, he gets exposed. This clip is against Derrick Henry, so maybe a little unfair, but the best example of his problems that show up all over his tape.

He’s not awful against the run but at best, he’ll be neutral. Not a strength.

One recurring issue is an apparent gamble he’ll take in press alignment. Too aggressive reading the initial stem of the receiver, or is going off what he sees on film, and he can get himself out of position on the line of scrimmage. I put together these two examples here.

To his credit, White does a tremendous job of being able to locate the receiver and get in-phase. But his press technique needs work if he wants to be consistent there in the NFL. Receiver are magicians. They want to fool you.

We haven’t talked much about White in the first round conversation. I think he fits better on the outside than in the slot because he isn’t super physical against the run but if you value that a little less, or are willing to accept it, he could become a dark horse in Pittsburgh. Given his experience and competition level, White may be able to get on the field quicker than a lot of slot corners. Again, playing in the slot makes it a more difficult transition and you can’t get by just on athleticism like the Steelers did a lot with Artie Burns, but I don’t completely discount it.

If there is a crazy run on EDGE guy and/or the Steelers don’t have someone they like, White could be in that conversation. I wouldn’t hate it. Get talent, get value, you’re doing well.

Projection: Mid-Late Day One

Games Watched: at Mississippi State (2015), at Alabama (2015), at Wisconsin, vs Florida, vs Texas A&M, Senior Bowl

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About the Author

Alex Kozora

Full-time blogger from mom’s basement. Marrying tape and statistics. Chidi Iwuoma is my favorite Steeler of all-time.

  • Steelers12

    i wouldn’t mind going defense with all pick minus the one we take a RB with because we need to gear up on defense. drafting two edge rushers, two Cbs, a safety and DL depth would be great. I don’t see a MLB i really like other than Hassan Reddick in this draft

  • Ace

    Can’t argue that one. Maybe even bigger need at TE then RB, but we can’t count on Karlos to be a part of the team and D-Will ain’t coming back. The more I try and fit in a WR (Carlos Henderson my crush) the more issues I have with the PS finding him playing time. If Coates and Bryant are back and healthy, when’s the draft pick going to play?


    I think QB needs to be one of the picks…they don’t seem to value Mett’s skills that high and it’s not a lock Landry returns.


    IF Bryant comes back…I think Coates and Hamilton will see a lot less targets…that said if there is value in a taller WR that might be an upgrade to either of those guys I would not shy away.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I’d rather have this draft where we get a guy like Jourdan Lewis later and focus on other needs earlier.

    30: R1P30
    62: R2P30
    94: R3P30
    105: R3P41
    135: R4P28
    173: R5P29
    213: R6P29
    248: R7P30

  • Ike Evans

    If a press man team drafts him…..this kid is in trouble his first few years….he needs off coverage whether man or zone….i say that because 1. Hes not strong enough to be physical with guys at the line of scrimmage at pro level consistently 2. I actually don’t think hes all that great with the ball in the air…simmilar to humphrey from alabama…he doesnt struggle staying in a guys pocket, running with a receiver…hell, he can run the receivers route better then him sometimes…but when he has to find the ball in man while hes running with a guy….its hard for him….hes going to get beat alot at first…i think playing in a scheme like ours would alleviate those weaknesses cuz he excells at everything else in coverage


    Maybe White is on the board at 62, but I like the Jones kid from WAS at 30 if the edge pool thins out pretty quickly which imo it might.

  • Michael James

    Well, I guess you didn’t count Reuben Foster, since he’s way out of our range. Man, Foster is a monster at ILB, he would be a total dream pick if he somehow manages to screw up some interviews and falls.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Agreed, Sidney Jones is mighty tempting if he’s still there at #30


    Good job for this early in the process. I know a lot of people are probably not, but I’m okay taking ILB @ 30 if he’s plug and play talent.

    Admittedly I’ve never seen him play, but on most big boards I’m seeing Rivers is not a top 60 player, but I trust you know more about him.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    They did a write up on Rivers on this site. I think it was Alex who was saying he’d be in play in the 1st round. I think that’s a little high. He’ll go somewhere in round 2 or 3.


    I like hungry, small school talent sometimes over some of these guys that are projected high…right now my preferred edge rushers at 30 are Charles Harris from Mizzou and Lawson from Auburn…if Tim Williams wasn’t such a knuckle head I’d take him but his multiple flunks scare me too much.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I’d take Riddick over any of them just because I think he’s a plug and play talent like you said. Lawson’s injury history scares me and I have concerns about guys like Harris and McKinley.


    So you’re ready to move on from LT then? Do you see a way to get Riddick on the field with LT or see him as a 3rd down player if LT stays another yr.

    I actually like McKinley’s athleticism a lot, but I do have questions whether he can be a big pass rush guy in ’17…kind of like Dupree, will need to develop for a yr or so…imo Harris and Lawson have the goods to be a good edge rushers in this league, but I do have concerns as well which is why I’m open to CB at 30.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Riddick would be insurance in case Timmons walks. But if we do resign him for another year or two, Riddick would definitely come on for 3rd downs as I think he’s better in coverage than Timmons is.

  • Steelers12

    Yeah i was talking about the ones i think we have a shot at but i must admit im not big on Alabama players


    IDK much about Riddick’s game from seeing him play games, but from what I’ve read about his SR Bowl and the early scouting write ups, I like him. The Steelers are basically saying w/o saying it that VWill is not a starter, and Matakevich probably is not either so if he’s BPA at 30…I go for him.

  • Steelers12

    All qbs in this draft are average or worst, i wouldn’t mind taking jerod Evans in 6th if there

  • Steelers12

    You think the door is completely closed on dwill, i like kd cannon but i found same problem as you

  • Michael James

    I understand that, but Foster is different. If you have time go and watch his tape. He’s the best LB I’ve seen coming out of college for a long time.

  • Ace

    Not completely closed but he is going to want a 2 year deal at probably 5-6 mill. Not sure its worth it considering he will get 3-6 snaps a game at best. He was a savior when Bell went down but I think he’s no longer a good fit. Might need to look at FA RB’s. Someone who is coming off the rookie deal and shows some promise on the cheap.

  • Ace

    Not sure man. Thats where I see a problem with drafting a WR somewhat early (before end of round 4). That WR room is PACKED full of talent right now. Not a ton of super high level, but all 7 of them are quality. Not sure if that really needs to much upgrading. Of course it all hinges on MB and SC. Hope the NFL comes back with a decision on Marty before the draft.

  • Alex Kozora

    That’s fair about press. I don’t know about him playing the ball in the air though..I think those clips show he does a good job of it.

  • Ike Evans

    The first one….yeah when he got his hands all over the guy he can go up and find the ball (penalties could also be a problem for him but i actually really enjoy his over aggressiveness) and the second one he was playing slightly off and never really turned his back to the qb….his problems come from what ive noticed when his back is turned to the qb…hes locked into the guy hes playing and not necessarily on the ball…..now thats not to say he hasnt made plays in that situation but ive seen it enough the last 2 years where i think its a problem and i dont presume to know if thats a coachable thing or something thats more instinctual? Not sure at all…i just think hed be killer in our scheme….not so much for a team like…..ummm say the giants…


    I don’t disagree on the QBs in this draft, but in spite of what Dak did this year, my opinion is this position is pretty much developmental anyway. The way the college game is played today, you’re drafting potential.

    If they are not committed to Mett and are looking for a QB3, In the later rounds wouldn’t mind seeing them try a dual threat guy again. A kid like Joshua Dobbs, has the physical tools, and the brain…a project for sure, needs to learn the pro game…you mentioned Evans.

  • Steelers072684

    Can someone do Desmond King next?


    I hear ya. The room is packed, love the potential of Rogers in the slot, but with the rest of those bodies right now there is no legit WR2 on the roster.

    We all hope MB is reinstated and can pick up where he left off, but neither of those are givens.

  • AndyR34

    First three are good…next two are throw-aways, IMHO.

  • AndyR34

    If the edge pool thins out, they might have to reach to get an impact player like they did with Burns last year.

  • LucasY59

    I really like him as a long shot possiblity for the 2nd rd pick
    (right now (*combine this weekend could change things a lot) my top 5 guys I hope they can get with the 2nd pick are)
    #1 Jourdan Lewis (slot corners are used a lot now, but draft value for them is less than a outside guy so he might be available)
    #2 Budda Baker (Safety that can cover slot but also physical against the run, and can play deep safety so fills 2 needs, not likely to be available, but would be great if he was, he is undersized, so he will go a little later than his talent warrants)
    #3 Obi Melifonwu (S/LB hybrid that could turn out to be a really good traditional Safety, sure tackler (which is something the Steelers D really needs) and great size/speed, would be able to get on the field early on in Dime package)
    #4 Tre White (similar to Lewis, but maybe a little more of possibility of being a outside starter, and coming from LSU where there is a reputation for good DBs, might also boost his stock, not likely to be available but hopefully one of these guys are) *if Tre is gone I would swap him with Adoree Jackson
    #5 OLB? (especially if they dont take a OLB in the 1st… maybe a guy like Tyus Bowser that can play outside and inside, good speed and versatile piece to move around on D, if they get Reddick in the 1st they could go with a more traditional OLB, Watt might still be available or Rivers, maybe Mathis if he has a good combine, or a long shot is McKinley who might need a labrum surgery on his shoulder and could be this yrs Billings (wont fall as far since OLB is a much more valuable position than DT) but could be the 1st rd guy mocked to the Steelers that is still available in the 2nd, happened with Tuitt as well and we know how well that worked)

    I dont see White as a 1st rd Corner, yes he is a good talent, but there is so much talent at CB (especially 1st rd) that I dont think he is in that top tier, Lattimore, Humphrey, Jones, Tabor, Wilson are the top 5 IMO (and there might only be 4-5 taken in the 1st since there is good pass rusher depth in this draft as well, plus there will be some obligatory Offensive picks (that are hardly worth the 1st rd price, QB and OT especially) a couple RBs and WRs) plus some other guys like Tankersley, Conley, and Jackson could go before White or Lewis as well

    what I do like about White is that he could fill a immediate need for a slot cover corner (his run support might be an issue, but hopefully guys like Shazier and Davis are able to make up for it, and pass coverage is the more important of the 2 IMO) he would push Gay for snaps right away, and even if Golson is able to contribute it is good to have multiple guys that can play the slot (last yr was kinda a mess, especially at the start of the season when they had Davis out of position trying to play it) I also like that if needed he could move outside and play pretty well there, he isnt a big outside guy but his speed/quickness and cover skills would be useful (especially against a team like the Hateriots) and even though he isnt the biggest guy he isnt terrible undersized either, IF he is available at the Steelers 2nd pick he is GREAT value

  • Steelers12

    wow i dont think DWILL wants that much

  • Steelers12

    oh wow you giving him high praise but i know he will be gone by the time we draft at 30

  • LucasY59

    I think a profile on him might be more informative after the combine since the biggest knocks on him are speed/quickeness, he will either dismiss or confirm those concerns and then be easier to break down for a draft profile

    but I am also interested in him, so would like to see one done as well

  • LucasY59

    when he plays he plays well, so I think there is a possibilty he wants that kind of $, getting a team to pay it to a 34 yr old RB is a different story (…especially for 2 yrs when he will be 36)

  • Alex Kozora

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. If your back is to the ball like you’re running downfield on a go ball, don’t look back. The QB ain’t throwing to you. Read the eyes/hands of the receiver and play the pocket. If you look back, you’re going to slow down, get out of phase, and get burned. I bet you anything he’s taught that…because a lot of CBs are.

  • Alex Kozora

    He’s definitely on our list.

  • LucasY59

    I like it, but think the combine is going to make it so the first 6 picks have to move up one spot

    Reddick has Shazier like measurables and is gone by pick 20
    Rivers shows his athleticism is up to par with the other 1st rd OLBs
    Lewis also times very well and wont make it out of the 2nd rd
    Smoot who knows? but would only be moving about 10 spots so nbd
    Kpassagnon should have a really good combine and could be gone early 3rd
    Shaheen will also have his draft stock rise and the 4th rd is likely where he will be taken

  • Ace

    Not sure on what he would want, but i think his last contract was in that neighborhood. And yeah thats probably a little high for sure. Really I’m just looking for a guy who can be here steady for 4 more years that can develop in the system on the cheap. And Dwill was having some issues with health. Love the guy, really do, but I think his time here is done.

  • Ike Evans

    Depends on how your taught i guess tho…..i always heard you play the ball not your man….stay in his hip pocket and get your eyes around when you see his hands start to go up….thats the best way to not only make the play but avoid the penalty cuz if that ball comes and theres contact without ur head around….PI all day long….so to me it is bad thing…

  • LucasY59

    I want to say Rivers will still be there at the Steelers 2nd pick (only knock is the small school competition) but I think he will show he is a athlete that is just as good as Harris or Lawson, so I would be ok with him as a 1st rd pick (obviously would prefer the 2nd rd value, but think he could be gone before pick #62)

  • LucasY59

    I think Hasaan could play some outside and inside, and that versatility (along with Shazier like athleticism) would make him a very good 1st rd pick

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I agree with you, I just went with what was presented to me in the mock draft simulation. A draft like this one would be a major coup.

  • Donte Williams

    this is my mock lucas i used draftnek as the board seeing theirs were updated 02-27-2017 and used the NFL mock as team needs and i must admit i shocked how the board fell i reached for Switzer i think he couldve been there i the 6th i thought i was in the 6th at the time but other than that i will be ecstatic if our draft came out like this

    30: R1P30




    62: R2P30




    94: R3P30




    105: R3P41




    135: R4P28




    173: R5P29




    213: R6P29




    248: R7P30




  • Steelers12

    i think he will accept veteran minimum

  • Steelers12

    he will get minimum

  • LucasY59

    D-lo got 2 mill per the last 2 yrs, I think he wants at least that much, but the question is who will pay it, if there is no interest in FA he might be willing to play for less, but I think he could also retire if he was only making vet min

  • Alex Kozora

    For the upper tier guys with great hands (a Marcus Peters type) it might work. For most guys though, the focus is on the man, not the ball.

  • LucasY59

    I think it is a dream scenario but if it happened would love these picks!!!

    yeah I have done a lot of fanspeak mocks, but most are pretty varied on rankings (using different boards) maybe after the combine the rankings will straighten out, but for the most part I dont feel its very realistic, always guys that are available way later than seems possible, but pre combine rankings can be all over the place (they can still be pretty off up till the day of the draft)

    There are 250ish draft picks and about triple that many draft eligible prospects so crazy things happen every draft, but this might be the ultimate in crazy mock drafts (not a dis on the picks, the sim had the guys available and choosing them is great, but maybe one or two of them could happen the rest are fantasy)

    Hooker is not expected to participate in most of the drills at the combine and needs (or has recently had) a surgery (cant remember what for) so even though it seems like a long shot there is a chance he makes it to pick #30 (but also raises some medical red flags)

    Reddick should do very well at the combine, so well that he might already be gone by pick #30 (pre senior bowl I thought he was a 2nd rd possibility but I only see his draft hype increasing)

    Kazee is actually in a realistic spot (and is a good pick since they need a slot CB/depth)

    Rivers is another guy that I originally had projected later (3rd rd) but he also had a good week in mobile so now he is solid 2nd rdr, and with a good combine could sneak into the end of the 1st

    Mack is another realistic pick (and also a good one, I like that he can break long runs, and other than Dalvin Cook (who will go way earlier) and TJ Logan (who will go later) he might be the best big play RB in the draft)

    agree Switzer is more of a 6th rd prospect, but think he will have a hard time cracking the Steelers depth chart (he is a good player) but if the Steelers take him I think it would be more realistic as a UDFA (he would most likely be on the PS so cant use a pick on him, but would like to have him on the team) there is a good chance a team will draft him so, I doubt he becomes a Steeler

    Everett seems like he will go earlier, I dont think he is a Steelers TE (they have a specific body type they look for) I do think he is a good athletic pass catcher and think he will be taken no later than the 4th, if he made it to the 6th I would be ok with the Steelers going out of their norm to pick him

    Bowser is a guy that I think will be VERY similar to Reddick (and Shazier) I think he should do fairly well at the combine, not elite like the previous 2, but still a good athlete with enough speed to move around on D and be a valuable addition to the D, I think he could go as high as the 2nd rd, but think 3rd rd is most realistic and no way he lasts past the 4th

  • popsiclesticks

    Jeez, even when this guy looks bad he looks good.

    I can handle his not being a run support asset if he’s going to cover guys like true top corners can….and like you mentioned, he’s not awful, just not a plus in run stopping. Maybe you can play up on NE’s WRs with a guy like this running Edelman’s routes for him.

  • popsiclesticks

    I don’t think he wants much, I just don’t think they are very confident that he’s going to keep being a good backup RB.

  • popsiclesticks

    He just got 2 years $4 mil.

  • falconsaftey43

    That’s hard to do these days from a trail position, because the good WRs have “late hands” they wait till the very last second to put their hands up. AB does a great job of that. If you stack the WR, you can look back because if you slow up, the WR has to run through you to get to the ball.


    Yep…Jeff P is making a good point with Riddick…it would really be interesting to see how they would respond if a kid like Njoku is still on the board @ 30. Obviously not a huge need, but probably would be an impact player on this team next year.

  • capehouse

    I hope the Steelers bring him in for a visit.

  • AndyR34

    Oh my…there are a number of players in the top 15 that I wonder about if they fell…non-Edge and non-CB.

  • Darth Blount 47

    My ultimate hope, even though I adore CB’s and Safeties (My favorite of all positions), is that we can get a great choice of an OLB that really sparkles at 30. Then, come back in Round 2, and grab ourselves a really good CB (Followed up by another OLB/ILB and another CB/S/Hybrid, on 2 of the next 3 picks).

    And this guy, is DEFINITELY in the conversation, for guys that I hope and pray would somehow fall into our lap in the 2nd Rd. Now I totally agree, that is highly unlikely. But hey, a guy can dream. Also though, that is where I again feel like we have the opportunity to jump up at some point in this draft, if someone starts to fall a little, but we don’t think he can drop all the way to us, in order to grab him. I understand, this draft is quite deep at both Line backer and CB. But sometimes, a guy may be worth trading up to secure. And in the middle of the 2nd, this kid may just qualify as the perfect opportunity. He looks really good and may get lost in the shuffle a bit.

  • thomas hmmmm

    After AB and MB the talent drops significantly.. Assuming Wheaton isn’t resigned. Coates had it until he broke his fingers and hopefully works hard to recover. Which after tasting the spotlight with his great first half of the year performances I expect him to recover just fine.
    But the rest of the guys are just bodies. Ely is the only one with any real potential and his potential is a #3 at best.

  • Ace

    All true. But MB will be back. So will Sammie. And Eli. And Cobi. That’s 5. That’s all they dress. And that doesn’t count Ayers or DHB. The room is pretty crowded. Who would be the first to go in your opinion if they drafted another WR? Most would say Cobi but he’s a lot cheaper than DHB I bet. I would love to have another big time stud on the other side of AB. But is it worth passing on high level D talent to draft another WR?

  • Jeremy McClurg

    He the 2nd best corner prospect in this draft. Way behind Lattimore. I think White’s a 1st rounder, but Marshon Lattimore is top 5, top 10 good.

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  • Aj Gentile

    I would love if Baker was there for the second. Unlikely but if it happened i’d pick him in a heart beat.

  • thomas hmmmm

    Cobi would be my choice also then Ayers. I wouldn’t be disappointed if they drafted a receiver before the 4th round because the team still doesn’t have a legit #2.
    And it’s not a certainty that MB will be back. There is plenty of time for him to mess up.. Although I hope and pray for his and his family’s sake that he pulls through and doesn’t mess up any more and has a great career.
    Even with MB back you still need a solid receiver to come off the bench and play the #1 or #2 spot.

  • Piratte fan 4 life

    was impressed with Rodgers to but also Cobi Hamilton looked good when got some game action

  • Shannon Stephenson

    LT’s, QB’s, Edge Rushers, and CB’s always go fast in the first.