Report: Steelers Say “Hell No” To Teams Wanting To Trade For Brown

In case you missed it over the course of the last few days, Omar Kelly, who covers the Miami Dolphins for for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, posted this little gem on Twitter concerning Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown.

If Kelly had listened to Steelers team president Art Rooney II talk about Brown during his recent annual question and answer session with the Pittsburgh media, he probably wouldn’t have tweeted such nonsense. While Brown is indeed about to enter the final year of his current contract, Rooney indicated that an extension his likely forthcoming during the offseason. In fact, recent reports indicate that contract extension talks between Brown and the Steelers are already underway.

In a recent article by Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, it was indicated that while a few NFL teams are wondering if they can swing some type of trade for Brown, the Steelers aren’t shopping him.

“I’m told several teams have asked the Steelers if Brown is available, and according to two teams, the Steelers have said hell no,” writes Freeman.

Brown reportedly told Freeman that he has leaned from his mistakes this past season and hopes to be a “Steeler for life.”

Despite Freeman’s Wednesday report, I’m sure we’ll continue to hear Brown’s name thrown around in the major media from the likes of Kelly until the Steelers wide receiver ultimately signs a new long-term contract extension. Ignore those nuggets when and if you see them.

At this point, I think all of you reading this post will agree that it will be a major shock if Brown isn’t wearing a Steelers jersey for several years to come.

  • RickM

    Brown is the assured long-term signing for the Steelers. Bell isn’t because of his price tag and injury issues.

  • Steeler Fanatic

    Agreed. I am sort of surprised that everybody’s thinking they’re going to draft a tight end early . I find James, Grimble and DJ if re-signed would be solid if Green can’t go. An OJ Howard won’t elevate this team to the Super Bowl. Better red zone play and improved pass rush will.

  • Sam Clonch

    Was that the same guy trying to say Ajayi was better than Bell? He’s OBVIOUSLY got it all figured out…

  • Sam Clonch

    I could see it in the 2nd or 3rd if there’s value there. Not a 1st.

  • StolenUpVotes

    Dude is going to retire a Steeler

  • T3xassteelers

    Ha, yes it was.

  • T3xassteelers

    Can’t wait till we sign him long-term and all this shtick can go away

  • PapaJuju

    Njoku will be BPA at 30 if he is there. Bank on it. A dynamic Tight End in the mold of Eifert or Graham would have made this offense hum this year.

  • RickM

    I think one of the major reasons they went for Green was because Bryant wasn’t going to be available and of course Heath retired. With Bryant’s likely return and James’s improvement, I agree that TE will likely not be one of their top 3 priorities.

  • Sonny Saks

    Better then oj?

  • will

    I have been looking for AB’s on-line video of the contract negotiations!

  • LucasY59

    Omar Kelly isnt wrong… AB would force a trade if he was only going to get paid 4.7 million, but the part that makes him totally IGNORANT of the situation is that Brown is not going to be paid 4.7 million (could be close to 10 more than that) and it will make him a Steeler for life

  • LucasY59

    hes down in Miami, some of the stuff I have heard from people down there make me think that area has a special kind of stupid (or at least are so self involved that they have no clue of what is going on outside their area, but think they are important enough to know everything)

  • ciscoNoDrink

    Donald Trump has a better chance of replacing Kurt Cousins as the Redskins quarterback.


    Classic Omar

  • Chris92021

    Remember, we live in a world where journalists can become stars with one hot take. I am not gonna hate on Omar Kelly. He’s trying to get famous no matter how wrong he is.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Wonder if AB will live stream himself signing his new contract. Players have lately posted pictures of themselves signing on the dotted line, why not a facebook live stream?

  • Mrs Bighead

    Omar Kelly sure is dumb

  • T R

    Brown may not retire a Steeler but when he leave he will be using a walking cane.

  • popsiclesticks

    He’s probably assuming OJ is gone by then

  • popsiclesticks

    I live in the area and cannot stand South Florida fans.

  • Greg F

    If OJ Howard is there, there is no way they’re passing him up. He’d be the best blocking the TE immediately, and might be the best receiver too, even if Green does play.

  • Sonny Saks

    Sam Shields anyone? Pack just released him..

  • Yeshaya

    Is this the same…..individual who was talking about how Bell was worse than Ajayi?

  • WilliamSekinger


  • William Weaver

    Keeps his name in the spotlight.. makes himself click $$. Doesn’t qualify as dumb to me. Wrong most times yes but by design.

  • William Weaver

    4 years ago maybe

  • William Weaver

    OJ is that better red zone play you talk about. Sign M Ingrahm and draft OJ in first, CB in 2nd and OLB in 3rd. I would be ecstatic.

  • StolenUpVotes

    Same situation as Green it seems

  • Applebite

    There isn’t enough Charmin to clean up the poo that comes out of his brain…

  • tarquin

    We’ll take 15 1st round picks for Brown, Still want him?

  • Douglas Andrews

    Not just no but “Hell No”. Let’s get this contract done.

  • Ray

    He throws a bunch of stuff at the wall just hoping something sticks. He has no real sources outside of that area and for lack of a better term is a clown

  • BRB4ever

    I would trade him to Houston for JJ Watt. It makes slense for both teams. Thoughts?

  • Charles Mullins

    I don’t know why everyone is so eager to dump a bucket of Money on a wide receiver. I like the guy and I hope he gets paid. Just not by us.

  • Steve

    At this time AB is the only WR that has played all year for the Steelers.

  • Chris92021

    You are right and I agree with you. However, given that there is no accountability for journalists (especially on Twitter), Kelly will continue to do things like this without any fear of negative consequences. Me, I just don’t believe anything any sports journalists says/writes/tweets until the team confirms it.

  • OIF3gunner

    and suspension issues.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Over and done. If he’s such a problem and a distraction, then why do you want to trade for him? Str8 stupid if you ask me.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Str8 trade Ajayi for Antonio Brown. 😂😂

  • michael young

    (Omar) Kelly is (Skip) Bayless. (Skip) Bayless is (Omar) Kelly. Goodness gracious this guy trolls hard to get clicks.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    Do it just so the Pats don’t get him.

  • Maureen A Gomes

    Comment of the day!

  • Nolrog

    Hey Omar Kelly, get your head out of your ass. They aren’t trading him. They will give him a long term deal. Idiot.

  • Brantley Stockton


  • The Truth

    I wonder which teams.

  • Steve Johnson

    Hell No? I don’t think they should have made it too obvious they wanted to keep him, his head is already too big as it is.

  • Steve Johnson

    But can they trust Bryant to stay clean? Bryant and Bell have been suspended two years in a row. They better focus on drafting another RB and WR too.

  • colingrant

    Let’s not (NFL) get Antonio Brown confused with Santonio Holmes. Totally different situation. AB is a kid at heart, which is an issue simply for the fact that he’s an adult professional football player and one of the best at being so, but still a kid at heart. Kids can be immature and annoying.

  • Steve Johnson

    You mean LeVeon Bell. Tomlin has a history of running the wheels off of his RB’s. I hate when he uses that term.

  • Jason

    Maybe whatever slence is but it doesn’t make sense for Pittsburgh. Lol

  • The Sun is Pro-Black

    Probably the pats, hence the response.

  • kdubs412

    Well, time to grow up. That “kid at heart” stuff doesn’t play when you’re a 29 year old grown ass man expected to be a team leader.

  • paltel

    I heard Trump has a good deep ball, but is erratic on throws over the middle. /s

  • Jason Vancil

    Anyone is expendable for the right price. But the price I would try to extract, nobody would pay.
    The Cardinals can have AB for the 13th overall pick, their 2nd rounder and Patrick Peterson.

  • RickM

    They’re are no guarantees with either Bryant, Bell or Green obviously, none. Which makes it impossible to know what the Steelers are thinking draft-wise. It’s an unusual position to be in, important players who have real question marks as to their ability to stay on the field.

  • RickM

    The Patriots don’t pay really big, long-term money for anyone. They would let AB go before they’d pay him $13-15 M a year. That’s their philosophy.

  • Romans5:8

    I love AB and want to see him retire a Steeler. But I think it would be best to trade him, if he’s going to demand approximately 15 mil/yr. It just wouldn’t make good financial sense for a team that has as many needs as ours and other stars to pay (Bell, for example).

  • Romans5:8

    I think I’d rather trade for Clowney…younger.

  • Don

    But what about Facebook Live?? lol

  • Kelly A

    I understand that you’re entitled to your point of view, but trading a perennial All-Pro receiver, considered top 3 in his position and among the best in the NFL, for a 13th overall pick, a 2nd rounder and Patrick Peterson is insulting at best. Peterson isn’t going to help the Steelers glaring issue which is pass rushing, so that takes him out of the equation. A 13th overall pick is likely not going to produce the way Antonio has in the last 4 seasons alone, I can assure you that, and 2nd round pick is just the icing on the ‘insult’ cake. You said the “right price” and you presented wasn’t even close.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    You drive a hard bargain.

  • Kelly A

    So a player whom sat out the majority of the 2016 season due to injuries and has an array of injuries (JJWatt); for a perennial All-Pro player, who consistently shows up in training camp in PEAK condition, produced 1,000 + seasons, and doesn’t have a history of chronic injuries (Antonio Brown). I’d keep Antonio.

  • NinjaMountie

    Watch this Omar. I can do it, too.

    Don’t be surprised if the Patriots trade Tom Brady this offseason.

    It’s amazing what ludicrous BS you can spout and remove any accountability by just saying, “Don’t be surprised….”

  • Jason Vancil

    That is partially my point mate. It is a complete non-starter for everyone involved. You think that return is too little. I can GUARANTEE the Cardinals would never part with that package anyway. And, yes, if that 13th pick yielded Mike Williams, I think it would be very tempting. You are much like most fans, they think their guy is the most valuable in the world. Again, the Cardinals would laugh in the Steelers face if they asked for Peterson and a top 15 pick.

  • gdeuce

    you know Watt has a huge contract

  • John

    I hope they sign Brown. Bell has failed to finish multiple seasons now.

    As for the draft, they would draft a WR over a TE I believe.

    DT, OLB and secondary are the best guesses though.

  • steelersfan

    Just out of curiosity would be interested to hear what they were offering. No desire to trade brown though.

  • PaeperCup

    I got a friend who is a Brady fan (not a Patriots fan, but a Brady fan). I told him if Brady wants to be regarded as the GOAT he should go play for some scrub team in the NFC….maybe Brady camp is thinking the same. Nothing left to prove there in NE.

  • walter

    We would be in sad shape without AB

  • francesco

    As much as I like AB I would go for this deal. We get a shut down corner, a top notch WR in the first round, and an OLB/ edge rusher in the second. And with our own draft picks in round 1 and 2…CB that can play man and a safety with speed and tackling ability.

  • Stout

    No crap, DWill gets 100+ yds when Bell is out, but 3 snaps when he’s healthy.

  • pittfan

    Something’s in the water.

  • VaDave

    You’re spot on Rick. There are no guarantees with anybody. Personally, I always find this exercise of who’s staying, who’s going, who we are going to draft, and who else coming every offseason, somewhat nonsensical. What I do know, is next season, as sure as death and taxes, come September, the Steelers will field a team, and you can bet your bottom dollar it will be competitive, and coached better than most.

  • budabar

    Would be great to keep AB but what if Ben does retire in the next year or two if you think he was selfish with Ben wait untill he’s catching balls from the next M Malone or Bubby Brister or David woodly or C Stwart or tommy Maddox or you get the picture

  • Craig M

    I honesty believe that w/ DHB, Bryant, Hamilton, Rogers and Ayers we would still have a formidable WR set- IMO. And before we start figuring out all the scenarios we must have a better understanding of the monies involved because if the team pays heavy in one area they will have to be short in another.

  • Kelly A

    I can guarantee that other teams offered Rooney Jr. and co a higher pick for Antonio Brown, and they flat our rejected it; so you can imagine that the idea a 13th overall pick would be less than satisfactory. Here’s thing you need to remember, Antonio is a generational talent. As good as Mike Williams seemingly is, there is no promise that he’ll be another Antonio Brown. The one thing you’re not taking into account in this entire equations is how the Rooney’s operate; they rarely part with talent the level of Antonio Brown, if anything, they keep them past their expiration date so to speak. Take Troy Polamalu for instance, there were trade rumours surrounding him, yet those rumours took place when he was no longer the All-Pro calibre player he was. There was absolutely no scenario that they were going part with Troy while he was at his best. In the similar scenario with Brown, there’s no way they’re going to part with Antonio Brown while he’s still in his prime; perhaps when he’s declining severly but definitely not in the near future. So if you’re going to start taking about trading him, you need to think about what you’re going for one of the best athletes in the world (yes I said it, in the world). Short term, a deal like that may work, but in the long run if they don’t find their #1 receiver, they’ll regret it. Based on what you’ve been posting, I don’t think you really understand how important he is to that offence; obviously Art Rooney Jr and the rest of the Steelers organization do; hence the refusal.

  • NinjaMountie

    Agreed, he should just move on, probably even retire.
    I always waver between hating Brady with a passion and just total and complete awe.


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  • Charles Haines

    Did you watch the AFC championship? Take away AB we got nothing. Every team in the league will double AB and Ben will get killed. Easiest thing to do is sign him and find another. (Bryant, draft or FA)

  • Charles Haines

    Why leave the easiest division in the NFL now? He’s thinking repeat.

  • Charles Haines

    ONLY way you trade AB is if you get the #1 pick and Randy Moss is coming out of college.

  • Mr jack

    A tight end who can stretch the seem would do wonders.James cannot do that,Gimble can but if we have a chance to get a stud TE we should take one.My prediction is they cut green because of concerns about his health,when healthy he is a stud.


    He will be a Steeler: unless the Rooney’s do not think he really has learned his lessons, then trade him to the Browns for Pryor and a 1st Rd pick, and we will see how much he enjoys catching balls from a different QB every other week, lol.

    Go Steelers!

  • sdfs

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  • Jeremy McClurg

    The best case scenario (besides AB just staying) is if the Browns called and said “hey, will give you a first rounder this year, and next year for AB”. Knowing the Browns, they’ll be the worst team in the NFL next year as well, so we’d get a the number one pick next year, and there’s Sam Darnold, the best QB prospect since Andrew Luck, might be even better.

  • Jeremy McClurg

    Just hope we don’t overpay AB. No wide receiver is worth over 11 million a year, simply because wide receiver is the least important position to have a star at (besides full back). Name a team for me that has won the Super Bowl because of their star wide out. Chris Carter, Calvin Johnson, TO, Julio Jones, OBJ, etc. don’t have titles. The Falcons scored 42 and 45 this year in the 2 games Julio missed in 2016. The Lions got better when Calvin retired. I’d even make the argument that star wide out hurt the teams.

  • Jeremy McClurg

    Star wide outs are extremely overrated. No wide receiver deserves more then 10 million a year, even Jerry Rice. Rice isn’t nothing without Montana and Young

  • Joey

    Omarr… broooo when are we going to learn?

  • walter

    I dont think DHB even saw the field in the Pats game at least not as a WR. Bryant was suspended so we cant count on him yet.. Rogers, Hamilton and Ayers are just OK as 3rd and 4th and 5th receivers. I love Ayers attitude and he may get better but we cannot rely on this group. Rogers and Hamilton will never become stars in this league. I like all of them but besides Bryant, they are all average receivers at best and i think we would be in sad shape if Bryant doesnt play and produce like hes capable of…