2017 AFC North Free Agency Tracker

With the bulk of the 2017 free agency signing period now behind us, I thought you might want a quick update on which AFC North teams have done what as we sit here on Sunday, March 19.

The AFC North free agent tracker below includes only the players who were listed as free agents as of March 9, the start of the NFL 2017 league year and I did not include the players who were not issued any kind of tenders from their team. In case you’re curious, the Pittsburgh Steelers had three such players per the official NFL press release and they were linebacker Kevin Anderson, guard Cole Manhart and guard Valerian Ume-Ezeoke.

Also not included below are players who received exclusive rights tenders for obvious reasons.

Let me know if I missed any players during my research and I will add them quickly. I will also update this list moving forward into the free agent signing period.

Baltimore Ravens
Own Free Agents
RFACampanaro, MichaelWR7th Round Tender
RFAHurst, JamesTROFR Tender
RFAJensen, RyanC6th Round Tender
RFAWest, TerranceRB3rd Round Tender
URFAAiken, KamarWRSigned With Colts
URFADucasse, VladimirGSigned With Bills
URFAElam, MattDBUnsigned
URFAGuy, LawrenceDESigned With Patriots
URFAJuszczyk, KyleRBSigned With 49ers
URFALevine, AnthonyDBRe-signed With Ravens
URFALewis-Harris, ChrisDBUnsigned
URFAMallett, RyanQBRe-signed With Ravens
URFAPowers, JerraudDBUnsigned
URFASmith, SteveWRRetired
URFAWagner, RickTSigned With Lions
URFAWilliams, BrandonNTRe-signed With Ravens
Outside Free Agents Added
URFACarr, BrandonCBSigned With Ravens
URFAJefferson, TonySSigned With Ravens
URFAWoodhead, DannyRBSigned With Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Own Free Agents
URFABrown, ChykieDBUnsigned
URFABurkhead, RexRBSigned With Patriots
URFADansby, KarlosLBSigned With Cardinals
URFAGilberry, WallaceDEUnsigned
URFAHunt, MargusDESigned With Colts
URFAKirkpatrick, DreDBRe-signed With Bengals
URFAPeerman, CedricRBUnsigned
URFAPeko, DomataNTSigned With Broncos
URFAWhitworth, AndrewTSigned With Rams
URFAWinston, EricGRe-signed With Bengals
URFAZeitler, KevinGSigned With Browns
Outside Free Agents Added
URFAMinter, KevinLBSigned With Bengals
URFASmith, AndreTSigned With Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Own Free Agents
RFABurley, MarcusDBROFR Tender
RFACrowell, IsaiahRB2nd Round Tender
URFAPaea, StephenDESigned With Cowboys
URFAPasztor, AustinTUnsigned
URFAPoyer, JordanDBSigned With Bills
URFAPryor, TerrelleWRSigned With Redskins
Outside Free Agents Added
URFABritt, KennyWRSigned With Browns
URFATretter , J.C.CSigned With Browns
URFAZeitler, KevinGSigned With Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Own Free Agents
RFACockrell, RossDB4th Round Tender
RFAHubbard, ChrisGROFR Tender
URFAJohnson, DavidTERe-signed With Steelers
URFAJones, JarvisLBSigned With Cardinals
URFAJones, LandryQBRe-signed With Steelers
URFAMathews, RicardoDEUnsigned
URFAThomas, ShamarkoDBUnsigned
URFATimmons, LawrenceLBSigned With Dolphins
URFAWallace, CodyCUnsigned
URFAWheaton, MarkusWRSigned With Bears
URFAWilliams, DeAngeloRBUnsigned
Outside Free Agents Added
URFADavis, KnileRBSigned With Steelers
URFAHunter, JustinWRSigned With Steelers
URFASensabaugh, CotyCBSigned With Steelers

  • Michael Lepley

    The Ravens have left the dead weight in their secondary walk and they signed upgrades at S and CB. They will give the Steelers a run for their money, but the Steelers will still likely win the division. The Bengals clearly over paid to keep kirkpatrick, but they couldn’t afford to let him walk and the CB market is not cheap. The Steelers have done next to nothing. I’d love to see them cut Mike Mitchell and move Gay to FS and the sign Malcolm Butler. It would be a huge upgrade to their secondary and at the same time it would keep the Pats from having Gilmore and Butler in the same secondary. It won’t happen of course and Mitchell will continue to lay big hits on receivers that just gained 23 yards and a first down. The Steelers will use the 1st or 2nd pick on CB and we’ll all hope and pray that player works out.

  • Michael James

    I think the games against the Ravens will be ugly again, since their defense and especially that secondary looks good on paper (they still need another edge rusher, though). But looking at their offense, this group looks really poor. We all know Flacco is a mediocre QB and they really lack any playmakers. Juszczyk and Smith Sr. were integral parts of their offense and both left/retired. I’m not scared of any of their weapons right now.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    As much as it pains me to say this i think that signing landry jones was actually a smart move when i think about it cheap knows the system and saves them picking a qb till next yr hopefully now excuse me while i go vomit

  • Charles Haines

    Retaining Bell and Brown is something.

  • Clutterbox

    Steelers need to sign a ILB (at least for depth). I doubt Shazier will stay healthy the whole season. Since Minter is off the market now, I’m hoping Steelers will sign Zach Brown. There are really not much left in the open market for that position.
    I also think that Steelers should sign another veteran RB is DeAngelo Williams doesn’t return. I think that the Steelers are dead set in drafting one, but they should not bank on rookie RB to be a primary backup or understand pro blocking schemes.

  • steelersfan

    I would love to add zach brown for the right price…but you would think we would have heard something by now if the Steelers were interested. Also rb is the easiest position to plug and play a rookie at. We need fresh legs that we can rely on in the latter stages of the season.

  • sam kojiro

    Colbert needs to look at signing Brown or Teo for ILB and Revis as a veteran presence for our secondary. Then
    we can look to the draft for an impact passrusher, db, s, te, or qb.

  • steelersfan

    May take some heat for this comment…but just wanted to throw it out there to see what people think. I’m not saying it would be a good or bad move, but is there any chance the Steelers try to trade Bryant around draft day? He would’ve been reinstated by that point and based on comments made by Colbert about how they improved last season even without Bryant and how the Steelers handled the Holmes situation I just wanted to throw it out there. We absolutely need a number 2 receiver to take pressure off Brown and I think Bryant’s ceiling is a top 10 wr when he’s on the field. But the Steelers probably don’t have long term plans for him based on their history of doling out long term contracts to two receivers and Bryant isn’t a reliable player. Be nice guys haha

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  • Donte Williams

    i think they will hold on to him, plus he is still on his rookie contract for the next 2 years unless that suspended season counts as a redshirt year then he is under his rookie contract for 3 more years no need to cut or trade him. i think if he F’s up again then he gone sortve like the Holmes situation they will do it before he is kicked out. but i think he may have learned his lesson hell it took Ben back to back years of allege sexual assault to get it through his year so lets see what happens

  • Grant Humphrey

    Gerald Hodges Jr. is a pretty decent option too for ILB

  • Grant Humphrey

    Sign Revis for the minimum and see how he does the worst that can happen is he does terrible and he doesn’t cost you anything. The best that could happen is that he comes somewhere near what he used to be. Not the shutdown corner but a very productive corner

  • Grant Humphrey

    I could possibly see that happening if we wanted to move up in the 1st round but anywhere beyond that I don’t see it happening. I could see where you are coming from there just based on how they handled Santonio Holmes.

  • Grant Humphrey

    Baltimore’s D looks good but their offense still looks very iffy right now they still need some playmakers on that side of the ball.

  • RickM

    No, I can’t see. It’s a “win now” time and this guy has proven he can be a quality, dangerous receiver. I think they’ll take advantage of his remaining couple of years (if he stays clean) and then move on.

  • AndyR34

    Dave (or anyone) – Did AV receive a tender of any kind? I don’t recall seeing one.

  • falconsaftey43

    Yes, they should consider it. Doubt they’d get a high enough pick (2nd IMO) to make it worth it, but you have to consider it, especially for a guy that is very unlikely to be in their long term plans due to his issues.

  • falconsaftey43

    Reported they extended the ER tender. No reason they wouldn’t.

  • AndyR34

    I agree no reason not to, but I saw tenders for Old Mother Hubbard and Russ C., but I never saw a report on one for Villy

  • LucasY59

    ERFA means they arent able to sign with any other team so they arent really a FA (so Im guessing that is why they arent on the list)

    RFAs can still get offers from other teams so they are considered FAs (even with the restrictions, and I think that is why Cockrell and Hubbard are listed)

  • LucasY59

    not likely long term due to them just paying AB and not wanting to pay 2 WRs big $ as well, but I doubt they trade him also, and will wait untill he earns them a comp pick as a FA

  • LucasY59

    and then they get a comp pick

  • LucasY59

    2 yrs left on the contract (the suspended yr did not count, but he played 2 seasons before the yr long suspension)

  • AndyR34

    Sorry if I’m confusing anybody. I understand the differences, its just that I saw reports on Cockrell and Hubbard being tendered, but never saw a report on Villy, but maybe they don’t really get any kind of offer that the team announces.

  • LucasY59

    paying Butler a lot of $ and lose the 1st pick, no thanks

    Malcolm is a good player, but not a good business move to overpay a player and give up a chance to get a good cheap player with the 1st pick

    the Saints seem most interested in signing Butler, but they would have to give up the 11th pick to do so (which is a really bad idea) the pats will happily take the early pick and let Malcolm go (which is almost kinda sad since that guy is a hero in NE for that INT against the Seahawks)

  • LucasY59

    I thought it was odd that the team kept the 3 players mentioned as not getting a tender offer on the IR all season, would think those guys get injury settlements if the team has no interest in keeping them around (they were all camp bodies that barely played during camp, I think the LB made one or two practices (maybe he was moral support for Golson) and Ume only practiced for a week or two also)

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  • SteelersDepot

    yes. ER tender