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2017 AFC North Free Agency Tracker

With the bulk of the 2017 free agency signing period now behind us, I thought you might want a quick update on which AFC North teams have done what as we sit here on Sunday, March 19.

The AFC North free agent tracker below includes only the players who were listed as free agents as of March 9, the start of the NFL 2017 league year and I did not include the players who were not issued any kind of tenders from their team. In case you’re curious, the Pittsburgh Steelers had three such players per the official NFL press release and they were linebacker Kevin Anderson, guard Cole Manhart and guard Valerian Ume-Ezeoke.

Also not included below are players who received exclusive rights tenders for obvious reasons.

Let me know if I missed any players during my research and I will add them quickly. I will also update this list moving forward into the free agent signing period.

Baltimore Ravens
Own Free Agents
RFACampanaro, MichaelWR7th Round Tender
RFAHurst, JamesTROFR Tender
RFAJensen, RyanC6th Round Tender
RFAWest, TerranceRB3rd Round Tender
URFAAiken, KamarWRSigned With Colts
URFADucasse, VladimirGSigned With Bills
URFAElam, MattDBUnsigned
URFAGuy, LawrenceDESigned With Patriots
URFAJuszczyk, KyleRBSigned With 49ers
URFALevine, AnthonyDBRe-signed With Ravens
URFALewis-Harris, ChrisDBUnsigned
URFAMallett, RyanQBRe-signed With Ravens
URFAPowers, JerraudDBUnsigned
URFASmith, SteveWRRetired
URFAWagner, RickTSigned With Lions
URFAWilliams, BrandonNTRe-signed With Ravens
Outside Free Agents Added
URFACarr, BrandonCBSigned With Ravens
URFAJefferson, TonySSigned With Ravens
URFAWoodhead, DannyRBSigned With Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Own Free Agents
URFABrown, ChykieDBUnsigned
URFABurkhead, RexRBSigned With Patriots
URFADansby, KarlosLBSigned With Cardinals
URFAGilberry, WallaceDEUnsigned
URFAHunt, MargusDESigned With Colts
URFAKirkpatrick, DreDBRe-signed With Bengals
URFAPeerman, CedricRBUnsigned
URFAPeko, DomataNTSigned With Broncos
URFAWhitworth, AndrewTSigned With Rams
URFAWinston, EricGRe-signed With Bengals
URFAZeitler, KevinGSigned With Browns
Outside Free Agents Added
URFAMinter, KevinLBSigned With Bengals
URFASmith, AndreTSigned With Bengals
Cleveland Browns
Own Free Agents
RFABurley, MarcusDBROFR Tender
RFACrowell, IsaiahRB2nd Round Tender
URFAPaea, StephenDESigned With Cowboys
URFAPasztor, AustinTUnsigned
URFAPoyer, JordanDBSigned With Bills
URFAPryor, TerrelleWRSigned With Redskins
Outside Free Agents Added
URFABritt, KennyWRSigned With Browns
URFATretter , J.C.CSigned With Browns
URFAZeitler, KevinGSigned With Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers
Own Free Agents
RFACockrell, RossDB4th Round Tender
RFAHubbard, ChrisGROFR Tender
URFAJohnson, DavidTERe-signed With Steelers
URFAJones, JarvisLBSigned With Cardinals
URFAJones, LandryQBRe-signed With Steelers
URFAMathews, RicardoDEUnsigned
URFAThomas, ShamarkoDBUnsigned
URFATimmons, LawrenceLBSigned With Dolphins
URFAWallace, CodyCUnsigned
URFAWheaton, MarkusWRSigned With Bears
URFAWilliams, DeAngeloRBUnsigned
Outside Free Agents Added
URFADavis, KnileRBSigned With Steelers
URFAHunter, JustinWRSigned With Steelers
URFASensabaugh, CotyCBSigned With Steelers
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