Landry Jones Now Only Member Of 2013 QB Class Still With Original Team

The 2013 NFL Draft will not go down in history as being one that included a great quarterback class. In fact, of the 11 quarterbacks drafted that year, only one them now remains with the team that selected him and that player is none other than Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Landry Jones.

Jones, who was drafted in the fourth round if the 2013 NFL Draft with the 115th overall selection, signed a two-year contract with the Steelers just after the start of the new league year on March 9. The Oklahoma product has only attempted 141 regular season passes in his first four seasons in the league but did manage to complete 60.3% of them which is the highest percentage of any of the quarterbacks drafted in 2013 who have seen any considerable playing time.

As of right now, Mike Glennon has the best shot at becoming the best quarterback to come out of the 2013 NFL Draft as he’s expected to be the starter for the Chicago Bears in 2017 after spending his first four years in the league with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Glennon signed a three year, $45 million contract with the Bears on the first day of free agency and that deal included $18.5 million fully guaranteed of which $3 million was a signing bonus.

The contract Jones signed with the Steelers paled in comparison to Glennon’s. In fact, his new two-year deal totaled out at $4.4 million and included a $600,000 signing bonus.

Even though the Steelers re-signed Jones to backup starter Ben Roethlisberger moving forward, the team could still decide to draft another quarterback this year. With that said, this year’s quarterback draft class isn’t rich with talent so the Steelers might be best served to wait one more year.

One other interesting thing that you’ll notice when looking at the 2013 quarterback class is the fact that five of the teams who selected one that year now currently employ a different quarterback that was selected that same year. Very strange.

RndPickDrft TmCurr TMPlayerGCmpAttCmp %YdsTDInt
116BUFOAKE.J. Manuel2931954758.3%35021915
239NYJNYGGeno Smith3350186657.9%59622836
373TAMCHIMike Glennon2137463059.4%41003015
498PHISFOMatt Barkley1115926659.8%1911818
4110NYGFARyan Nassib591090.0%12810
4112OAKFATyler Wilson0000.0%000
4115PITPITLandry Jones168514160.3%107176
7221SDGFABrad Sorensen0000.0%000
7234DENARIZac Dysert0000.0%000
7237SFOATLB.J. Daniels81250.0%700
7249ATLTAMSean Renfree23742.9%1101
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