Steelers 2017 Offseason Tracker: Signings, Losses, Releases, Tags, Visits

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 offseason is already well underway and quite a few transactions have now taken place. Throughout the remainder of the offseason we will track for you all of the signings, losses, releases, tags and visits that occur from now until the start of training camp in one easy-to-use post.

Whenever this post is updated it will be bumped back up to the front page of the site. Each and every transaction will also be linked to the corresponding post.

In case you missed it, here is a full list and overview of the Steelers players who were originally scheduled to become free agents after the 2016 season came to an end.

03/21/2017 – Signed URFA DL Tyson Alualu to a two-year contract.
03/20/2017 – Signed URFA CB Coty Sensabaugh to a two-year contract.
03/20/2017 – Signed URFA RB Knile Davis to a one-year contract.
03/15/2017 – Signed URFA WR Justin Hunter to a one-year contract.
03/14/2017 – URFA LB Jarvis Jones signed a one-year contract with the Arizona Cardinals.
03/14/2017 – Brought URFA LB Dont’a Hightower in for a visit.
03/14/2017 – Brought URFA CB Davon House in for a visit.
03/13/2017 – Brought URFA LB Jayrone Elliott in for a visit.
03/13/2017 – Brought URFA WR Justin Hunter in for a visit.
03/10/2017 – URFA WR Markus Wheaton signed a two-year contract with the Chicago Bears.
03/10/2017 – URFA LB Lawrence Timmons signed a two-year contract with the Miami Dolphins.
03/10/2017 – Waived RB Karlos Williams.
03/09/2017 – Signed URFA TE David Johnson to a two-year contract.
03/09/2017 – Signed URFA QB Landry Jones to a two-year contract.
03/03/2017 – T Ryan Harris retires.
03/03/2017 – Tendered RFA CB Ross Cockrell at original round level.
03/01/2017 – Tendered RFA T Chris Hubbard at right of first refusal level.
03/01/2017 – Signed URFA LB James Harrison to a two-year contract.
02/27/2017 – Placed exclusive franchise tag on RB Le’Veon Bell.
02/27/2017 – Signed WR Antonio Brown to a four-year contract extension.
02/22/2017 – Signed FA TE Ryan Malleck to a contract.
02/21/2017 – Signed FA P A.J. Hughes to a contract.
02/21/2017 – Signed FA LS Kameron Canaday to a contract.
02/15/2017 – Signed URFA LB Steven Johnson to a one-year contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed FA LB Akil Blount to a contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed FA LB Jason Fanaika to a contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed FA OL Kyle Friend to a contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed FA OL Mike Matthews to a contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed FA RB Trey Williams to a contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed FA CB Devonte Johnson to a contract.
02/14/2017 – Signed ERFA OLB Anthony Chickillo to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
02/13/2017 – Signed FA DL Roy Philon to a contract.
02/13/2017 – Signed FA DL Lavon Hooks to a contract.
02/07/2017 – Signed ERFA TE Xavier Grimble to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
02/06/2017 – Waived CB Justin Gilbert.
02/02/2017 – Signed ERFA K Chris Boswell to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
02/01/2017 – Signed URFA LS Greg Warren to a one-year contract.
01/31/2017 – Signed ERFA RB Fitzgerald Toussaint to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
01/27/2017 – Signed FA CB Greg Ducre to a Reserve/Future Contract.
01/27/2017 – Signed FA OLB Farrington Huguenin to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/27/2017 – Signed ERFA S Jordan Dangerfield to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
01/26/2017 – Signed ERFA FB Roosevelt Nix to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
01/26/2017 – Signed ERFA WR Cobi Hamilton to a one-year exclusive rights free agent tender.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA RB Gus Johnson to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA RB Brandon Brown-Dukes to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA RB Karlos Williams to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA RB Dreamius Smith to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA CB Brandon Dixon to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA CB Mike Hilton to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA OL Keavon Milton to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA OL Matt Feiler to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA S Jacob Hagen to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA WR Marcus Tucker to a Reserve/Future contract.
01/24/2017 – Signed FA WR Dez Stewart to Reserve/Future contracts.

  • Steelers12

    Anybody see any potential surprises in those future contracts

  • SteelersDepot

    I find myself interested in researching Greg Ducre a little over the weekend.

  • Steelers12

    Yeah you can never have enough CBs

  • Reader783

    Karlos Williams can be the best #2 back in the NFL if he gets his act together

  • Charles Mullins

    He has a shot to be a great #1. If he can get his stuff together. He averaged 5.6 yds per carry with 7 tds. He had a third of the carries in 2015 as leveon did in 2016 and just as many touchdowns with a better yds/carry. Their avg reception ydg and catch percentage is almost identical. I really hope he pulls through.

  • Dobre_Shunka

    Didn’t we also lose Johnny Maxey off of our practice squad to (I believe) the Titans? Don’t see that listed here anywhere.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Awesome article. This needs to be a sticky throughout the entire offseason. (Just a suggestion)

  • Rotten Sircus

    Yeah he went to the Titans as well as Cashaud Lyons ..Coach Lebeau is working OT !!!

  • SteelersDepot

    Only Lyons, not Maxey

  • Dobre_Shunka

    Got it, thanks for clarifying.

  • SteelersDepot

    it will get bumped for every transaction

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    Wish the depot do an article called “where are they now” looking back at previous steelers from the last 5-6 yrs like Chris Rainey,Terry Hawthorne,dri archer,Dorian grant and Howard Johnson ,josh mauro and I think Baxter was his name the guy tomlin called a one trick pony because all he knew how to do was rush the passer

  • Nolrog

    Warren has the best gig. Makes a million dollars a year, and all he does is snap 5 or 6 plays a game.

  • LucasY59

    Maxey was on the roster at the end of the season, so they didnt need to sign him to a futures contract (same with Shabazz)

  • LucasY59

    he runs down and makes a tackle or so, but like you point out he kinda makes 1 million per tackle…

  • John Pennington

    Dixon and Hilton both are known to be hitters let’s see what they could do maybe replace Cockrell and Gay if given a fair chance and no favoritism gets the way.Only the best make it will help this team get to the next level.No one in the secondary job should be a given after the last game all jobs should be up for grabs including FA who sign that would OTAS and camp more competitive and put some vets on the ropes and all under under achieving player’s their last chance that’s the way it should be.

  • Douglas Andrews

    What is the dude like 40? and still doing it well.

  • Rocksolid20

    I could be Santa Clause if I had a sleigh and flying rein deer .

  • Steve

    Thats a big “IF”!

  • jsteeler

    Karlos Williams & Shady McCoy were dynamic in Buffalo. Hopefully, He & the Juice can create that same magic. They both can catch out of the backfield as well. We may not need Deangelo back.

  • Jaybird

    Do you remember when he got hurt years ago against the Giants? His back up , James Harrison , snapped a ball out of the end zone for a safety and helped contribute to a loss that day. Gregg warren is more important than you think.


    That was the season they went to the superbowl vs the seahawks wasnt it? The same year troy had that crazy one handed flip up to himself pick against phiilip rivers in the snow

  • Michael Mosgrove

    there was an article about mcshay and kipers drafts from last few years. apparently tyler eifert was mocked to us the year jarvis was drafted. could you imagine if we got him instead of jones? heath and eifert. my god.

  • Jaybird

    I know the Troy INT was 2008 so that was a Super Bowl year vs the Cardinals. The Warren injury was 2008 also and harrison filled in for him . 2005 was the Seahawks.

  • Dubai Steeler

    Dave – do you see the Steelers been active in free agency this year?

    Wonder if they should try to make a run at signing Melvin Ingram. I read that SD are moving to a 4-3 that does not really fit him.

    To me, it’s the biggest glaring need but we know from recent experience that drafting OLB is hit and miss. Even when you hit they are rarely good in the first year anyway (especially since we are picking at the back end of the first round).


    Yeah I know 2005 was the Seahwaks I just misremembered which superbowl year these events took place. Thank you for clearing it up for me

  • TheEE

    Justin Gilbert waived, and no comments about it yet?

  • NW86

    Lots of comments in the 2-3 separate articles about it.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Can’t afford guys like Ingram. They’ll probably add complimentary pieces like a backup RB or QB via FA and then hit the glaring needs (like OLB) with high picks in the draft.

  • Rotten Sircus

    Can’t believe they signed 5 RB’s ? ?? Why..

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Not unusual for the 90 man roster

  • steelcityrepub

    Need to pick up GOOD OLB this offseason.
    and i dun think draft is an answer judging from steelers history.

  • Dubai Steeler

    Agree that that is far more likely. Although Steelers have a lot more cap space this year than in recent years. I guess we need to also plan to spend on Tuitt & Shaziers contracts in the not too distant future.

    My concern is the window with Ben only has another 3-4 years max. Is a Rookie OLB picked at the end of the first round going to help the Steelers in 2017 season…..doubtful.

  • Rotten Sircus

    I forgot teams can have 90 ..My Bad

  • Sonny Saks

    03/09/17- signed FA Melvin Ingram OLB

  • MintDragon

    I hear this Valentino someone-or-other down in Tennessee might be a good fit for us too.

  • Steelers12

    I’ll pass on Blake

  • Jimbo

    Missing Troy P. Was so much fun to watch.

  • MintDragon

    (was a joke) 😛


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  • Steelers12

    I gotcha

  • MintDragon

    and “if my aunt had nuts, she’d be my uncle”, as they used to say…

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  • T3xassteelers

    One of the few recent mocks where i’d rather have the one mocked than the one actually picked 🙁

  • Jason

    Wouldn’t matter. We don’t use our #2 back. We’re content overusing Bell until he’s inevitably injured.

  • Brian Miller

    Dave, any fit for Mychal Kendrick from Philly and any chance we might be willing to pony up a mid round pick for him? 5th maybe?

  • LucasY59

    when is the Hightower visit?

  • NW86

    Supposedly he was flying in last night, presumably for a visit today. Hopefully he got in despite the snowstorm. Not that I think there is any chance we sign him. Sometimes I think the agents take these visits even if they know there is no chance on getting the dollars they want, just to make his other suitors think they have some competition.




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  • Applebite

    Sort of tongue in cheek, but, think there’s any chance the Steelers go after Adrian Peterson?

  • Chad B

    Do you think at this point we will wait another week and see which cornerback out of Alterraun Verner, Brandon Flowers, Sam Shields, Nickell Robey-Coleman are left and willing to accept a cheap contract? I believe they are all street free agents.

  • ND_Steel

    To DeAngelo Williams–If indeed you’ve played your last down in Pittsburgh, best wishes moving forward…class act. Amazing running back, really enjoyed watching you play; truly could do it all. Too bad we couldn’t get you a ring…

  • Michael Mosgrove

    hojo is a free agent again. i wouldnt mind bringing him back for camp.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    not a snowballs chance in hell.