Four Steelers Pre-Draft Visitors Went Unreported

The Pittsburgh Steelers are allowed 30 outside-the-area pre-draft visits every year and according to general manager Kevin Colbert on Monday the team used 29 of them this year.

“I think we were at 29 official ones [that counted]. I don’t know how many locals we did,” Colbert said Monday during the teams annual pre-draft press conference.

Colbert also said Thursday that players who played their college football at West Virginia and Kent State are now considered local prospects like the ones who went to school at Pittsburgh, or are from the area, and thus they don’t count against the teams 30 allotted outside visitors.

According to reports this year from Bob Labriola of, the Steelers had 25 out-of-the-area visitors this year in addition to 8 players who were considered local products. With Colbert claiming only 29 players came in that counted, that leaves four that went unreported, according to our tracker.

One of those four unreported draft prospects was likely Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya as he was in Pittsburgh the Saturday after Dan Rooney passed away. Kaaya had just been to Indianapolis for a medical re-check and being as the Steelers were at his pro day this year it makes sense he would be brought to Pittsburgh as well.

California quarterback Davis Webb and Ohio State linebacker Raekwon McMillan were two other players who were expected to make pre-draft visits to Pittsburgh according to online reports. Additionally, Jackson State linebacker Javancy Jones was another player the Steelers likely wanted to bring in for a visit. The team, however, worked him out on Friday, April 14, according to Jones. Whether or not those other visits ultimately happened is a mystery at this point and we might never know for sure if they did.

In summation. there’s a good chance the Steelers were forced to bring in the four unknown players on a Saturday this year due to the passing of Rooney and thus that’s likely why they went unreported.

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  • D.j. Reynolds

    I believe there is legit interest from the team in Kaaya and McMillan.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Someone please God have a picture of Jordan Willis sneaking in the back door of the facilities. And please tell me that we still plan on filling out that “last” spot. It would blow my ever-loving mind if we are allotted 30 slots and we only use up 29. I’d break something if that were in fact confirmed to be true.

  • LucasY59

    they said it in the press conference that they only did 29 official visits, but they did have quite a few local visits as well, they mightve been one short because of scheduling, or they might leave it as a buffer, they said it is hard to determine which visits will count as local and which ones arent (Rivers from Youngstown was not local…?)

    they made a reference to being able to predict which players qualify for the local visit is like predicting comp picks…so maybe they left one slot open in case the league determines one of them wasnt local, would be even worse if they were one over their limit and then badell and the league is trying to take away a draft pick because of it

  • LucasY59

    I hope it is only if they fall to the appropriate rd, 3rd for McMillan and 4th for Kaaya (and even that might be too early IMO)

  • Darth Blount 47

    Looks like Shaq Griffin was one of the mysterious “unreported” visits. Pre-draft visits shouldn’t be like talking Calculus. The process should be pretty cut and dry. But I guess it’s more complicated than I thought.

  • LucasY59

    agree no reason to over complicate things (…it is the NFL though) but I can see why the local thing is complicated, it could give an unfair advantage to certain teams just because of their proximity to a powerhouse college program, I think they should just expand it to 45-50 and get rid of the “locals”