Recap Of Steelers’ Draft Pick Trade History During Kevin Colbert Era

With the 2017 NFL Draft now just a little more than 24 hours away from getting underway in Philadelphia, there’s a lot of fans wondering if the Pittsburgh Steelers will ultimately participate in any trades during the annual college selection event.

During his Monday pre-draft press conference, Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert, as usual, made it clear that the team is open to trading during this year’s draft.

“Of course we are open to trading up or trading down,” Colbert said. “We will make all the calls. We will know what the cost is to go up. We will know what we can pick up to go down. We will leave ourselves open. But really, we are interested in, and we say it every year, [this year] we are picking at 30. I am sure there are 30 guys that can help us.”

If the Steelers do decide to trade down in the first round this year it would likely result in them going out of the round completely. It would be a monumental moment if such a trade happened as the Steelers have made a first-round selection in every NFL Draft since 1968. The last time they traded away their first-round draft pick was in 1967 when they acquired tight end Tony Jeter and defensive lineman Lloyd Voss from the Green Bay Packers in exchange for their 9th overall pick.

As far as other recent Steelers draft trades go, the team’s most recent moves included them moving up with the last time being in 2013. During the fourth-round of that year’s draft the Steelers sent a 2014 third-round pick to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for the 111th overall selection which they used to draft safety Shamarko Thomas. In 2012, the Steelers traded up during that draft as well as they gave fourth and six-round selections that year to the Washington Redskins in exchange for their fourth-round pick. The move up was for defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu.

The last time the Steelers technically traded down during a draft was in 2010 and what a great decision that turned out to be. During that year’s draft the Steelers dealt their fifth-round pick to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for cornerback Bryant McFadden in addition to their sixth-round selection, the 195th overall pick. The Steelers used that acquired sixth-round pick from the Cardinals to select wide receiver Antonio Brown.

The Steelers trade down during the 2009 NFL Draft also worked out well, all things considered. That year they traded a second and fourth-round selection in that year’s draft to the Denver Broncos in exchange for their two third-round selections. The Steelers selected wide receiver Mike Wallace with one of those two acquired third-round picks and he wound up being a huge contributor for the team during his four seasons in Pittsburgh.

This year the Steelers enter the draft with eight selections and while it’s next to impossible to predict if they’ll trade up or down during the three-day event, I’d put my money on them moving up on day-two and specifically in the third-round if they’re in range of a player they really want (ahem, Shaquill Griffin).

While a round-one trade out this year would certainly create quite a buzz, it would result in fans of the team having to wait until Friday until the team selects their first player.

Steelers History Of Trading Draft Picks In Kevin Colbert Era

YearTrade Explanation
2001Traded Down – Traded 2001 first-round pick (#16 – Santana Moss) to Jets for 2001 first-round pick (#19 – Casey Hampton), 2001 fourth-round pick (#111 – Mathias Nkwenti), 2001 sixth-round pick (#181 – Rodney Bailey) on 04-21-2001
2001Traded Up – Traded 2001 second-round pick (#50 – Dominic Raiola), 2001 fourth-round pick (#112 – Carlos Polk) to Patriots for 2001 second-round pick (#39 – Kendrell Bell) on 04-21-2001
2003Traded Up – Traded 2003 first-round pick (#27 – Larry Johnson), 2003 third-round pick (#92 – Julian Battle), 2003 sixth-round pick (#200 – Brooks Bollinger) to Chiefs for 2003 first-round pick (#16 – Troy Polamalu) on 04-26-2003
2004Traded Up – Traded 2004 second-round pick (#44 – Bob Sanders), 2004 fourth-round pick (#107 – Kendyll Pope) to Colts for 2004 second-round pick (#38 – Ricardo Colclough) on 04-24-2004
2004Traded Player For Pick – Traded Troy Edwards to Rams for 2004 sixth-round pick (#194 – Matt Kranchick) on 08-30-2004
2005Traded Player For PickTraded Todd Fordham to Panthers for 2005 seventh-round pick (#228 – Shaun Nua) on 09-04-2004
2006Traded Up – Traded 2006 first-round pick (#32 – Mathias Kiwanuka), 2006 third-round pick (#96 – Gerris Wilkinson), 2006 fourth-round pick (#129 – Guy Whimper) to Giants for 2006 first-round pick (#25 – Santonio Holmes) on 04-29-2006
2006Traded Down – Traded 2006 second round pick (#64 – Tarvaris Jackson) to Vikings for 2006 third-round pick (#83 – Anthony Smith), 2006 third-round pick (#95 – Willie Reid) on 04-29-2006
2007Traded Up – Traded 2007 fourth-round pick (#119 – Allen Barbre), 2007 sixth round pick (#192 – Desmond Bishop) to Packers for 2007 fourth round pick (#112 – Daniel Sepulveda) on 04-29-2007
2008Traded Down – Traded 2008 fourth-round pick (#123 – Bryan Kehl) to Giants for 2008 fourth-round pick (#130 – Tony Hills), 2008 sixth-round pick (#194 – Ryan Mundy) on 04-27-2008
2009Traded Down – Traded 2009 second-round pick (#64 – Richard Quinn), 2009 fourth-round pick (#132 – Seth Olsen) to Broncos for two 2009 third-round picks (#79 – Kraig Urbik) (#84 – Mike Wallace) on 04-25-2009
2009Traded Player For PickTraded Sean Mahan to Buccaneers for 2009 seventh-round pick (#226 – A.Q. Shipley) on 09-02-2008
2010Traded Player For PickTraded Santonio Holmes to Jets for 2010 fifth-round pick (#155 – John Skelton) on 04-11-2010
2010Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2010 seventh-round pick (#225 – Syd’quan Thompson) to Buccaneers for Byron Leftwich on 04-20-2010
2010Traded Down Pick For Player – Traded 2010 fifth-round pick (#155 – John Skelton) to Cardinals for Bryant McFadden, 2010 sixth-round pick (#195 – Antonio Brown) on 04-24-2010
2012Traded UpTraded 2012 fourth-round pick (#119 – Keenan Robinson), 2012 six-round pick (#193 – Tom Compton) to Redskins for 2012 fourth-round pick (#109 – Alameda Ta’amu) on 04-30-2012
2013Traded UpTraded 2014 third-round pick (#83 – Louis Nix to Browns for 2013 fourth-round pick (#111 – Shamarko Thomas) on 05-9-2013
2015Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2016 fifth-round pick (#164 – Halapoulivaati Vaitai) to Eagles for Brandon Boykin on 08-1-2015
2015Traded Pick For Player – Traded 2016 sixth-round pick (#201 – Brandon Allen) to Jaguars for Josh Scobee on 08-31-2015
2015Traded Player For Pick – Traded Brad Wing to Giants for 2016 seventh-round pick (#229 – Demarcus Ayers) on 09-4-2015
2016Traded Player For Player – Traded 2018 sixth-round pick (#? – ?) to Browns for Justin Gilbert on 09-3-2016

  • nikgreene

    Colbert was a lot more aggressive earlier in the 2000’s and was pretty successful trading up to get K. Bell, Polamalu and Holmes. He’s whiffed lately (Ta’amu and Thomas), but those were both mid-round selections and haven’t hurt the team too much.
    I didn’t know the Steelers traded up in the draft to get a punter in 2007. Sepulveda was well regarded, but c’mon. A punter? In the fourth round?

  • Boots

    I just have this feeling someone like SF is going to want to sneak back into the first rd this year!

  • Sam Clonch

    Move up and grab Reddick if he starts sliding into the late teens!

  • Andrew

    I would be down to trade back. Pick up a 4th or 3rd. Grab Rivers, S, CB, TE/WR with our picks, if we have an additional third it could be more offensive help or double on one of the positions above

  • Consistent

    Colbert was red hot 2010 and his 2013 was pretty good because I hear Nix didn’t last long in the league(played w/Tuitt at ND)and Shamarko at the least became a solid special team guy.

    Alotta stalemates which I’m sure is just part of being a GM

  • Biggie

    I am wanting, expecting a pick at 30 honestly as I think at the least there will be some very good secondary help at 30 out of King, Obi, Baker, Jackson, Awuzie, Humphrey, White. Unless someone slides way down see no reason to trade up. I definitely could see trade down though and still get a solid Edge guy or Secondary help and pick up extra pick day 2 or early day 3. To many guys are now sliding due to issues/injury problems Brantley, Conley, Foster, Peppers, McKinley, T. Williams so top guys we’d want to slide is even less likely.

  • Shane Mitchell

    Chiefs really did us a favor allowing us to trade up from 27th to 16 for Troy for a third and a sixth, I didnt look at the trade values charts but i bet it would take much more than that to move up that far now.

  • Steelers12

    wow Bob Sanders with Polamalu maybe if we had kept that 2004 pick

  • AndyR34

    Way too expensive!

  • D.j. Reynolds

    We moved up and picked R. Colclough! That was such a bad pick by us.

  • dany

    In that case hope for QBs to start falling

  • Sam Clonch

    Lol, maybe. Our first 3rd rounder and a 4th maybe if he falls past 15? I’m too lazy to look up the value chart. He’d be an immediate impact guy, 10 year starter though. Let me dream!

  • Steelers12

    Yeah damn our backfield would of been hell

  • Sweet Lee

    Would have been awesome for the average 6 minutes a year he played.

  • LucasY59

    I agree that if they stay put at #30 they will get a good player, but if they trade they could get two good players, I will be ok with whatever they do (…I think…) but still want them to trade unless its a player that is too good to pass up

    also agree on all those guys that look like they will slide, none of them are guys I really want to drop to 30 (and dont think the Steelers will have a lot of interest in them if they do) but it does make it so players they are actually interested in could be taken earlier, which is unfortunate for the Steelers

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    That 1967 trade was really over journeymen. Tony Jeter is # 784 and Lloyd Voss # 165 on my all-time Steelers list. Voss did play six seasons for the Steelers while Green Bay used that pick to get offensive lineman Bob Hyland who lasted eleven years in the NFL with four different teams.

    Pittsburgh was of course a founding member of BLESTO – wonder what their scouts were saying with Alan Page (15th pick) and Gene Upshaw (17th pick) still on the board when the Steelers would have been making their selection. Probably headed to a bar for a few Rock & Ryes.

  • Sam Clonch

    They get 2 good players in the first two rounds either way. The extra player from a trade being a 4th rounder, which is a crap shoot round anyways. Bryant is the only recent one that has been a hit recently, and that’s being kind.

  • Brian Miller


  • 4130steeler

    Honestly don’t get the hype on Shaquill Griffin. Freak combine numbers but his tape says 5th to 7th round to me

  • Dan

    Didn’t realize Colbert’s been around 17 years already. Seems the Tom Donohoe era was just yesterday.

  • PaeperCup

    Some hits some misses. Kinda in a slump though there Kevin.

    Can’t believe we traded up for a Punter…but Sepulveda was the man.

  • PaeperCup

    His rise is so astonishing to me. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but in the beginning of this process I was sooo stoked he was pegged as a late first rounder even second rounder. Makes me sad that he’s climbed out of our reach.