Steelers 2017 First Round Draft Pick Candidates

With the 2017 NFL Draft drawing ever so closer, it’s time to take a look at the 20 players I’ve identified as potentially being the team’s first round selection this year. While there’s a good chance several of the players listed below will be off the board come time for the Steelers 30th overall selection, I’ve included them just the same should they ultimately slide.

I purposefully left running backs, wide receivers and offensive linemen off of this list because I will be shocked if any of those three positions are addressed with the first round selection. If you want to make a good arguement for one player from any of those three positions, please do so in the comments.

Also, please don’t get caught up in the order that I have listed these players as that’s the way I pulled them off of Gil Brandt’s latest rankings.


Derek Barnett – EDGE, Tennessee – I don’t think Barnett will fall out of the top 25, but what if he does? While his combine measurables weren’t eye-popping, his production on the field at Tennessee was and included him registering 197 total tackles of which 33 were sacks. He had 52 total tackles for losses during his college career. The Steelers sent a large group to the Tennessee pro day so there’s that.

Charles Harris – EDGE, Missouri – Much like Barnett, Harris’ combine performance wasn’t overly spectacular. Even so, he produced at Missouri as he registered 135 total tackles of which 17 were sacks in the 38 games that he played in. Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter was at the Missouri pro day this year so interest is there.

Takkarist McKinley – EDGE, UCLA – McKinley is currently recovering from shoulder surgery that he underwent after participating at the combine. While just a two-year starter at UCLA, McKinley still managed to produce 29 tackles for loss and 17 sacks during his three years at the school. If you watch his interviews and learn about his back story, you’ll see he has the kind of character the Steelers covet. If he’s the pick, he will likely be sidelined until the start of training camp. As far as I can tell, neither Kevin Colbert nor Mike Tomlin attended his pro day. The team did, however, bring McKinley in for a pre-draft visit. Being as Tom Bradley was the UCLA defensive coordinator the past two seasons, I’m sure the Steelers know more than enough about McKinley, who did play on his feet some as an edge-rusher.

Jordan Willis – EDGE, Kansas State – If you only looked at Willis’ stats and combine measurables, you would probably peg him as a sure first round selection. With that said, there’s a good chance his names isn’t called until the second round of the draft because he’s just not as twitchy as his numbers say he is. Impeccable character and all, Willis appears to have been ignored by the Steelers since the Senior Bowl and combine took place. Colbert was unable to attend the Kansas State pro day this year as he was busy talking to Dont’a Hightower when he was in Pittsburgh for his free agent visit. As far as I can tell, the Steelers only had an area scout on hand for Willis’ pro day.

Taco Charlton – EDGE, Michigan – At 6055, 277-pounds, Charlton is at best a true tweener and likely to be considered a base 4-3 end by most NFL teams. His 4.91 40-yard-dash time at the combine in addition to the fact he was just a one-year starter at Michigan will likely result in him being an early day-two selection. The Steelers did have several people at the Michigan pro day this year and while Charlton undoubtedly received some attention from them, he probably wasn’t their main focus.

Tim Williams – EDGE, Alabama – Williams was primarily used as a pass rushing specialist at Alabama and he played that role very well. His character red flags combined with his lack of tape against the run, however, could be enough to force him into the second round. Williams made a pre-draft visit to Pittsburgh so the Steelers definitely wanted to find out more about him. He had 21 sacks during his four year career at Alabama despite only starting two of the 48 games he played in.

T.J. Watt – EDGE, Wisconsin – Watt has a lot of boxes checked when it comes to him potentially being the Steelers first-round selection and especially when it comes to measurables. As far as knocks go, Watt was only a one-year starter at Wisconsin. Additionally, his previous knee injuries might cause some teams to take pause. If Watt can stay healthy and continue to progress as a pass-rusher, he could be a double-digit edge-rusher almost immediately at the NFL level. The Steelers attended his pro day and that’s not overly surprising.

Carl Lawson – EDGE, Auburn – Even though several have Lawson pegged as a late second-round selection, that might not prevent the Steelers from taking him 30th overall. A very productive pass rusher at Auburn, Lawson’s knocks include his lack of length in addition to him having shorter arms. There’s also his injury history that works somewhat against him even though he managed to stay on the field last season. His play against the run Auburn also has a few concerned ahead of the draft. The Steelers were at his pro day and if he’s ultimately bypassed, perhaps he can be had in the second round if need at the position still exist.


Jarrad Davis – ILB, Florida – Davis, a two-year starter while at Florida, can’t be ignored by the Steelers in the first round. He showed to be a SPARQ demon at the combine (133.6) and was productive on the field at Florida. If there are concerns about him being a first-round selection, most are likely related to his injury history being as he was forced to miss several games during his college career due to ankle and knee issues. Davis checks a lot of boxes when it comes to him potentially being the Steelers first round selection and that includes Colbert attending his pro day along with inside linebackers coach Jerry Olsavsky.

Haason Reddick – EDGE/ILB, Temple – Sure, Reddick isn’t expected to still be on the board come time the Steelers pick in the first round but we’ve seen these tweener types slip in the past so I’m including him on this list just in case he tumbles. Is he an edge guy or best suited to move inside? In my opinion, it doesn’t really matter as he’s the kind of player you draft and find a fit for after the fact much like the Steelers did many moons ago with Lawrence Timmons. His 141.3 SPARQ score matches his tape. It’s been 30 years since Temple has had a player selected in the first 20 picks of a draft.


Adoree’ Jackson – CB, USC – I learned once again last year with cornerback Artie Burns that just because I think a player is a second-round prospect doesn’t mean the Steelers don’t have him higher on their big board. Jackson is blazing fast and while a little undersized, he did produce at USC where he mostly lined up outside. Jackson was a three-year starter at USC and really shined during the 2016 season that included him registering five interceptions to go along with 16 total passes defensed. Like Peppers, Jackson figures to be an option to return both punts and kicks at the NFL level. While it doesn’t appear as though Colbert or Tomlin attended the USC pro day this year, there was a local report stating that defensive backs coach Carnell Lake was present for it. Jackson, much like several other players on this list, has a great character. He could be the dark horse in this year’s race when it comes to potentially being the Steelers first-round selection.

Quincy Wilson – CB, Florida – Wilson is perhaps another dark horse candidate to be the Steelers first-round selection this year. However, outside of Colbert attending the Florida pro day this year, there hasn’t appeared to be very much interest in the 6014, 211-pound cornerback, who started his final two years. Several seem to think he might need to move to safety at the NFL level and if indeed the case, his risk factor increases.

Kevin King – CB, Washington – It’s not often you see 6030, 200-pound players with the kind of athleticism that King possesses. The converted free safety ran a 4.43 40-yard dash at the combine and after registering 6 interceptions and 165 total tackles at Washington during his career, several believe he could wind up being selected during the final few picks of the first round. When it comes to the Steelers, however, it doesn’t appear as though King is in their sights when it comes to them considering him in the first round. With that said, I will be mocked tremendously should I leave him off this list of potential candidates and he winds up being the pick.

Tre’Davious White – CB, LSU – White was a very productive player during his four years at LSU that included him starting 47 games. He can play both inside and outside as well as potentially returning both kickoffs and punts at the NFL level. While White only registered 6 interceptions over the course of four seasons, he did have 40 total defensed passes. His combine measurable are on par with the ones Burns posted over a year ago and when it comes to White’s character, it’s hard to find any player in this year’s class who has a better one. The Steelers made sure to send nearly everyone who is important to the LSU pro day this year and thus you can’t discount the slightly undersized White as potentially being the team’s first-round pick this year.

Marlon Humphrey – CB, Alabama – Humphrey can probably be best be described as a height, weight, speed guy with the draft approaching. During his two years at Alabama as a starter, Humphrey didn’t make a huge amount of plays as evidenced by his 5 total interceptions and 18 total passes defensed. The defense he had in front of him surely could’ve played a role in that. It’s evident on tape that Humphrey needs to do a better job at finding the football while in coverage. He’s still very young, however, and thus hasn’t yet hit his ceiling as a defender. He has an NFL bloodline and played in a very complicated defense at Alabama. The Steelers brought Humphrey in for a pre-draft visit and that can’t be ignored being as Colbert also attended the Alabama pro day this year. Humphrey checks a lot of boxes.


Jabrill Peppers – S, Michigan – There has been a lot of chatter about Peppers being the player the Steelers really want in the first round over the course of the last several weeks. Peppers had to play close to the line of scrimmage quite a bit in 2016 as a linebacker but still managed to make his share of plays sans interceptions. He is an uber-athletic player who can play some on offense in addition to returning both punts and kickoffs. If the Steelers have a distinct plan in mind for Peppers as a money-backer, he will be hard for them to pass up. The Steelers sure had a lot of people at the Michigan pro day and that included Colbert and Tomlin.

Josh Jones – S, North Carolina State – Jones could wind up being this year’s Keanu Neal. He played both safety spots at North Carolina State on his way to registering 229 total tackles, 8 interceptions and 25 total defensed passes. Jones put on the show at this year’s combine as evidenced by his 132.5 SPARQ number and he did that at 6013, 220-pounds. He lined up all over the place during his college career and it’s not surprising that he was brought to Pittsburgh for a pre-draft visit.

Budda Baker – S, Washington – Baker was brought in for a pre-draft visit and at best is likely considered a fringe first round prospect after registering 200 total tackles, 5 interceptions and 24 total passes defensed in the 39 games he started at Washington. In addition to mostly playing as a single-high safety during his college career, Baker also played some in the slot. He’s very compact at 5095, 195-pounds but still ran the 40-yard-dash in 4.45 seconds to go along with very respectable short shuttle and there cone times.


David Njoku – TE, Miami – Should Njoku wind up falling to the Steelers, he’s a player the team really has to consider taking at 30th overall an especially when you consider what happened last year with tight end Ladarius Green. While he still needs some polishing, Njoku looks like he can be an offensive weapon at the NFL level and be used as an all-around tight end to boot. That 139.3 SPARQ score is very hard to ignore as is the 43 receptions for 698 yards and 8 touchdowns that he had in 2016. The Steelers were at the Miami pro day this year and that included them reportedly dining with Njoku.


Patrick Mahomes – QB, Texas Tech – If the Steelers were to draft a quarterback in the first round this year, odds are good it would be Mahomes, who made a pre-draft visit to Pittsburgh. He completed 63.5% of his passes at Texas Tech for 11,252 yards and 93 touchdowns. He has a strong arm.

  • jger15

    Any shot that Marcus Maye sneaks in there as well?

  • Andrew

    I’m suprised at no Obi and no Rivers. Steelers have expressed interest in both, especially Rivers.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I don’t understand leaving receivers off but then adding a TE. It is essentially the same thing when you look at where we sit at each position and the luxury of such a pick. You have questions about both Greene and Bryant and without them you are left with starters that are solid but upgradeable (minus AB of course).

    Other than that it seems like a reasonable list.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Rivers has been falling as far as the third in a lot of stuff I have seen so I think the idea with him is that it would probably be an extreme reach despite the interest.

  • Matt Palmer

    Njoku is the safest pick on this list and will be a dominant NFL player. If he is there, take him. There is a lot of EDGE and CB depth in this draft you can address later. There is only one Njoku

  • Riverstko

    Where’s Obi?

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Of this list, I think Watt, Davis, Peppers, Njoku, and White are the most likely first-round selections.

  • Riverstko

    Small school prospect

  • Joseph Shaw

    Not sure if Dave left him off the list on purpose?

  • Chad

    Melifonwu is a name I would add, the Steelers seem drawn to the hyper athletes. It would be interesting to see in Foster falls due to his failed drug test, but can’t really imagine steelers taking that risk. I wonder too if another defensive back who we don’t have ranked as high such as Desmond King, Awuzie, Justin Evans gets picked up earlier than anticipated

  • francesco

    At this point I am very fatigued of guessing. Whatever happens to be the pick I will not disagree. Just let’s get this draft over with. Having said that…wouldn’t be amazing if we made trades so as to have 2 first round picks along with 2 second round picks?!!

  • Andrew

    I agree, Rivers is a second round prospect, but so was Artie to most. With the amount of interest shown, I think he is in consideration for the first round pick (although I don’t believe he will be the pick)

  • JohnB

    My 1st Rd Draft wants in order:
    1. Harris – LB
    2. Reddick – LB
    3. White – CB
    4. King – CB
    5. Watt/Willis – LB

  • Steeler-Drew

    Just my opinion but I think Barnett, Willis, and Harris will all be gone by the Steelers pick. And all of the others left are not worthy of a 1st round selection. Which is why this draft is setting up for the Steelers to select a CB or S in the 1st round. I would be more than happy with White, Jackson, King, or Jones in the 1st round. I’m not sure why Jackson and King have not been mentioned more. I was higher on Baker until I read he had questionable ball skills but would still be good with the pick with all the other qualities he brings. White just seems like the logical pick being able to play both the slot and outside with good ball skills. If the Steelers pass on White, Jackson, King, Jones, and Baker they will all certainly be gone by the 2nd round but there is a better chance one of Watt, Williams, or Lawson will be there in the 2nd round.

  • Ni mo

    Obi melinfonwu book it

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    Happy to see Charles Harris added to the list. I don’t think any of the offensive players I could make an argument for would be available to them so I won’t waste time doing so. I am curious that Chidobe Awuzie is not on the list(and for good reason. He has gotten no love from Pittsburgh in this process). I think he is an ideal fit in the slot. I’m also surprised that with three defensive backs expected to go in the first two days that the Steelers didn’t have a stronger presence at their pro day. Any thoughts on this?

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Free Obi!

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I’d add Humphrey to the list. There’s a possibility he slides given the depth at CB

  • Jeff Papiernik

    Same argument as Rivers, not a first round talent. Haven’t seen him go in the first round in a single mock draft.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    I think the top 5 most likely picks in no particular order are Peppers, Davis, Humphrey, Watt, and Melionfwu

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I know Budda Baker isn’t the glamorous pick because he isn’t 6’2″ or runs a 4.3 40, but he is a solid tackler, can play slot, and makes a gang of plays behind the line of scrimmage. *shrugs* that’s my pick.

  • PaeperCup

    I might agree only for the fact that there’s a drop after him as far as TEs go.

  • LucasY59

    totally agree about Obi, and Chidobe is a guy I think could go earlier (another guy I would have in my top 20 for the 1st pick)

  • Michael Mosgrove

    no obi melifonwu in the first?

  • Jeff Peterson

    If watt is gone take Njoku. Im so tired of seeing one injury or suspension deflate our entire red zone offense. Take rivers 2. Take r Douglas/m maye or t williams 3a. Also take joe mixon at 3b for bell insurance (he hasnt completed a full season yet). Take injured s jones 4 (our dbs would be set for the next 4 years).

  • Mike Lloyd

    I think they will go for the most impactful guy they can find who can contribute with immediacy.
    A guy like Peppers stands out for his versatility.
    The ability to affect multiple phases of the game, possessing an ability in the return game and on Special Teams…If he contributes defensively and impacts ST, he impacts and improves 2 units on your team.
    We could list others, like a Watt or Harris that immediately improves your pass rush and secondary by getting more pressure on the QB.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    1. reddick.
    2. shaheen.
    3 sutton/lewis/rivers/douglas
    4. conner
    5. kaaya
    6. hmmm
    7. weston steelhammer.

  • JohnB

    Who are your top five wants for the first round?

  • Michael Mosgrove

    reddick, king, obi, white, watt

  • Dshoff

    Here’s my dream. We have somebody itching to trade up with us to draft a qb and we get their 2nd and 3rd round pick. We then draft cb at their 2nd pick, trade two of our 3rds to get higher in the second and draft olb.

  • John

    And where does the Mahomes only QB view come from. I would guess Watson or one of the others before Mahomes. Reports are that Mahomes is a great talent that has to re-learn the position. That would be like RG3. To say they may have some interest is one thing. To say he is the only first round QB they would consider does not add up.

  • Applebite

    The only 3 I don’t want to see @ #30 (excluding an OL)
    Tim Williams
    Deshaun Watson

    Starting at Watson, I don’t want to see a return back to Kordell.
    Now, don’t get me wrong, I was probably one of a few Steelers fans that actually like Stewart throughout his career (a discussion to be had for later in this life…), however, if the Steelers take a QB slated for the 1st, it can’t be Watson for the very reason that Watson is Kordell with a weaker arm. And truth told, I’m not high on any of the QBs in this class. Having given it some very deep thought, QBs, currently, are truly over valued, because most teams neglect to even bother to develop the position once they reach the league. These young gusy get drafted and are tossed to the wolves, developing very bad habits. And Watson would require lots of guidance to get to where he needs to be.

    Tim Williams is the Yin to Jarvis Jones’s Yang. I’ve said enough already.

    Taco might make a decent 3-4 DE. I’m just not seeing a 3-4 OLB in Charlton, however. But if the Steelers want a 3-4 DE, McDowell have better be on their short list.

  • John

    People love Reddick too much for him to fall to us but we can hope. As to OLB, we likely need a mobile guy as DuPree is our less mobile more rush OLB isn’t he? Harrison has been great because he can rush, play the run and when he was younger he could drop and cover some. Who can do that in this class? Doubt it is Watt. Doubt it is McKinley. I think Davis as an ILB looks good. Peppers maybe. Rest of picks go from there. They brought a lot of DL guys to town. Maybe one pick there. Don’t need Kaaya.

  • John

    I don’t understand the whole Tim WIllaims thing. He was a pass rushing specialist that did not start. Only 2 starts in 48 games in college. Why is there an interest there? We need a third round only pass rusher taken in round one or two? How does this make sense?

  • Jon Crissinger

    You don’t think Evan Engram has a shot?

  • Jon Crissinger

    It wasn’t even a failed drug test. It was diluted because he drank too much water

  • Ni mo

    Peppers coverage skills are suspect

  • Gautama Om

    We’d have to take a mid 2nd rounder for them to give us their 3rd rounder and i think that may be too much ground for the Steelers to give up on their top pick. They might move down a FEW picks into the 2nd round and take a high 4th rounder.

  • John

    Maybe. Just saw Ike Taylor take him in round one on tv for Giants. I would go defense though instead.

  • Shane Mitchell

    I am starting to think Jarrad Davis is the pick if he is on the board, they were serious about signing Hightower and didnt look at any other ILBs in free agency, that suggests to me that they made their mind up that they will draft an ILB early, whenever we have lost a a starter in FA or retirement we either immediately draft a replacement early or sign a decent FA for the position we didnt sign anyone so we are going to draft an ILB early.

  • John

    Very possible. And a good pick if it happens.

  • Kenneth Wilt

    People, I think we need to start getting used to this name….Jabril Peppers. I do think the FO likes him. I know he lacks turnovers, but that doesn’t mean he lacks plays. Personally, I am hoping for him or King as in all honesty, I’m not sold on any of the OLBs that will be left when we pick. Let me restate that this way, I’m not sold that any of the ones left at 30 will be any better than the ones left at 62. I think that may be a better way to say it. Someone needs to convince me that Rivers and Watt are exponentially different in talent or potential for instance.

    For instance, I see Harris, Charlton and Barnett as more 4/3 DE than 3/4 OLB standing up. Takk I think will probably be gone when we pick. Williams has red flags I’d rather stay away from. Willis, Watt, and Lawson I see as probably 2nd rounders. I think the team is going CB or S in 1 and OLB in 2. I just do. I could be wrong, but that is my gut. You want to play more man….you get more guys who can play man or at least help you exploit the matchups.

  • Don

    1st round? I think everything I’ve seen says he’ll be available in the 2nd.

  • John

    I think Davis, Peppers, and Njoku would all be fine. I get scared after that. No Tim Williams please. No Humphrey. No DL that needs a two year adjustment period to play LB. Watt may be ok but not sure how he fits with DuPree. He would seem to be more a fit for DuPree’s position than the other side. Adoree Jackson is a total playmaking stud BTW. A little raw in the secondary but instinctive and a hell of an athlete. I could live with him. At least draft day is close.

  • John

    One more comment. As to McKinley, the main issue there seems to be that he won’t be available. But he had surgery and cannot practice until camp assuming all goes well. How does he not fall to us? Teams are lining up to take the guy recovering from surgery? He may be a possibility as well given these issues.

  • Shane Mitchell

    In order of who I think is the most likely pick round 1

    1. Jarrad Davis
    2. Zach Cunningham (if Davis is gone, they go Cunningham, or they risk not getting a good ILB at all)
    3. Jabrill Peppers
    4. Carl Lawson

  • Applebite

    My guess is that they figure they can teach him the position with his pass rushing skills as a base. But the issue with Williams that I’ve seen is, he’s not good at setting the edge and he’s not very good at all against the run. He’s also built like a big WR. which will only lend to losing ground.

    Although the league has turned more towards the pass, 3-4 OLBs still need to know how to stop the run as well. How to identify what’s happening in front of them. I’m not very confident in Williams being able to do that. I have to figure the Steelers see the same thing I’m seeing right now.

  • John

    Lawson being projected in round three or very end of round two right now. Would be ugly if that is the pick.

  • Zach

    we will never know this, but my best guess for the steelers board given the names above would be
    1) QB Mahomes: if you think he’s a franchise QB, he exceeds the value of any other player below.
    2) ILB Reddick
    3) TE Djoku
    4) CB Humphrey/King
    5) S Peppers/Jones

    the way I see the draft unfolding, I don’t think options 1-4 will be available at 1.30. Our best shot would be at a S. I think it would be a reach to pick any of the OLBs that should be available at 1.30 (Watt, Harris, etc).

  • Shane Mitchell

    I know, but I think Tomlin likes him and I think 1st round is more likely a front 7 player , we value them more than secondary, we were willing to pay big for an ILb in FA but not a CB. These are not the guys I want necessarily, because I am not a big Lawson fan either.

  • JT

    Couple reasons for both. Neither was listed in Brandt’s rankings, Colbert/Tomlin did not visit their pro day, and they not a Power 5 player.

  • JT

    Based on Alex’s follow Colbert/Tomlin theory, you can eliminate Harris, Tak, Willis, Reddick at LB. Jackson and King at CB. Jones and Baker at S. And thankfully Mahomes at QB.

  • francesco

    I’ve narrowed it down to ILB or CB.
    Jarred Davis if still available at 1.30 or Adoree Jackson.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    He could be but he won’t.

  • capehouse

    Surprised to hear about Lake being at USC’s Pro Day. That definitely gives Jackson a shot as much as someone like Charles Harris anyway. Not sure Kevin King belongs on the list given interest level. Seems like Zach Cunningham and Obi should be listed as well if Carl Lawson is. Marcus Maye is another guy left off if you’re going by Brandt’s rankings.

  • Terrible Towlie

    Harris Willis Watt or best CB left over

  • Applebite

    But if you take a closer look, some of those projecting Lawson that low, look at where they have Tim Williams. if you gave me a choice between the two, Lawson all day long. I’ll risk Lawson getting injured every once in awhile, over having a LB that gets ran over in the run game.

  • Terrible Towlie

    he will, he’s short

  • Terrible Towlie

    this would not be good

  • Ben Saluri

    Trade back..

  • Steel Realist PAul

    No Obi??

  • Steel Realist PAul

    I thought Shaheen was a much later prospect.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    Been hearing reports that Adoree Jackson is likely to go much higher than he’s being mocked.

    I also keep seeing Watt selected just before the Steelers by GB.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    First choice Reddick
    Second choice Barnett (gone by then)
    Third choice Watt
    Fourth Obi

    Looking for ballers..

  • Carl Mendelius

    TJ Watt, Jordan Willis, Tim Williams, Jarrad Davis, Adoree Jackson, Quincy Wilson, Buda Baker, and Njoku are not 1st round talent or 1st round flawlessness.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    not after his combine and pro day.

  • Andrew

    We’ve met with Rivers two or three times. Again, it might be a reach, but so was Artie

  • Mike Lloyd

    Again, it’s what I think they will do, not what I would do. There’s too many variables to be played out until pick 30.
    Personally, I’d trade down and accrue more picks because I think the depth is there in this draft as is the quality…

  • Michael Mosgrove

    thats your opinion.

  • Rocksolid20

    So was Mean Joe .

  • Steel Realist PAul

    Stupid combine, showing everyone these sleepers..

  • Lambert58

    They can’t all be gone. SOMEONE is going to drop. Someone good. Just hope it matches with who we really want/need.

  • Alan Tman

    Where’s Obi Melifornwu?

  • JT

    But Artie followed the trend. It’s hard to bet against the Power 5 rule, let alone this Pro Day since 2010. I bet they like Rivers… 62.

  • John

    Uh, yeah. I have also now read a ton of stuff and if half of the guys are right half the time it should be Davis, Peppers or Jackson unless it is a QB (gulp). Way too many options at other positions later. But we will see. There is always the chance of a big fall by someone like Reuben Foster that could change things.

  • H.K. northern cali

    No WR’S?

  • D.j. Reynolds

    I agree on Taco and Williams not being good fits.

    However, Watson IS NOT Kordell! This is just not an informed comparison. A much better comparison would be Watson to Mariota. If we draft Watson, the future will be bright. That said, I’m in the draft the best OLB or DB camp.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    and so have i. ive seen all of shaheen’s games where most have seen 2-3 games. kaaya is not a bad stop gap for a qb3. reddick is a phenom. he is basically a timmons junior with a tad more upside. lewis, and sutton have strengths and weakness. that could both be worked on as 3rd round prospects. conner has promise and as a fellow cancer survivor i will have faith in him to have the drive to do what needs done. steelhammer has some talents and could be molded into a good safety.

  • D.j. Reynolds

    If they don’t get an ILB in the first, I think Raekwon McMillan could be our 2nd pick if he’s still there.

  • Nolrog

    Is this list based on players who fit the criteria that the Steelers look for, based on the ones that fit the way they typically treat their picks (e.g., invite to Pittsburgh, take to dinner, etc.)?

  • KiJana Haney

    I would put humphrey over watt but otherwise I agree.

  • Steve Johnson

    Josh Jones? I think he could be the pick at #30.

  • Danielsteelstrong81

    So was J Harrison


    Man, I really hope we either take Mahomes (assuming he makes I think to 30), or NO QB AT ALL.
    Truth be told, I really would STILL have a hard time taking him, considering the other options at 30!!!

  • Matt Correll

    Of this list I hope at 30 we pick one of the following guys:

    1. Watt
    2. Harris
    3. Tre’ White
    4. Reddick
    5. Jarrad Davis

    * I would also be happy with Njoku, King, Humphrey, Jones or Baker

    Guys I will be really disappointed if they are the pick:

    – Peppers- I just don’t believe the hype, and I’m not sure how we would effectively use this “swiss army knife” player.
    – Taco Charlton- I don’t see the fit
    – Tim Williams- red flags
    -Mahomes- don’t draft a project QB when we need to try to win with the remaining years of the Big Ben window.

  • Matt Correll

    I saw that last night (Ike picking Engram). I would prefer defense too, but if they took Njuko or Engram it might eliminate their need to draft a WR because they are essentially WRs, but can also play TE. That might free up both of the 3rd round picks to be used on defense, instead of using one on a WR.

  • Jeff Burton

    That’s exactly why you draft a player like Mahomes. I’m guessing Ben comes back for two more seasons which would give Mahomes ample time to work out the kinks. He could be an Aaron Rogers.

  • Jeff Burton

    I absolutely agree with the Patrick Mahomes pick. He has a very high ceiling and a great attitude. We should have Ben for at least two more seasons that would give Mahomes plenty of time with Randy Fitchner, one of the best QB coaches in the league.

  • Robert E Lil

    Jabrill Peppers would make me very happy

  • Andrew

    I agree, but if the Steelers don’t think he’ll make it that far and there is no one they like more in the 1st, he will probably be there pick

  • Matt Correll

    I get that argument if you think Mahomes is a slam dunk prospect. Aaron Rodgers was expected by most to go #1 overall that year, and then slid to #24 as one of the biggest draft day surprises. He was likely ready to go day one, and was forced to sit behind Favre as long as he did.

    Not only is Mahomes in no way a #1 overall pick, but most analysts/scouts don’t have him with even a 1st round grade. He will likely be off the board because there is a lot of buzz around him, and talk of teams right in front of Pittsburgh wanting to take a QB, so it is probably not a real concern anyway. But I’m not sold on the guy in the first place, and I would rather wait until next year and draft a guy in a much better QB class.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    Jabrill Peppers tested positive for a dilute sample. It will be interesting to see what it does to his draft stock.

  • D.j. Reynolds

    I agree. Maybe we can get him in the 2nd now??? If the rumors of him being sick and getting fluids/drinking a lot because he had to work out 2 days in a row are true, you’ve got to feel bad for the guy too (but not as much if we get him in the 2nd).

  • D.j. Reynolds

    Putting someone in Stage 1 of the NFL drug program for this happening once seems like a bad idea. I think this should be more like missing a test where you get a 2nd chance randomly thereafter. It is not like he (or R. Foster) failed the test. They had too much fluids. Also, reports indicate that Peppers has never before failed a test at any level.

  • steeltown

    With that thinking we’ll never have a future QB…

  • Biggie

    Seems basically who we’d be looking at, though some won’t be there like Barnett and others seem 2nd rounders at this point like Lawson. No interest in QB at all in Rd 1 and honestly in first 3 rounds if at all. I really don’t like this class and the couple I’d be interesting in maybe are going to go way to early for me due to desperation of other teams. Next year is QB year. Njoku is very solid but can’t see taking Rd 1 TE. Need to hit defense at least 3 or first 4 picks. Not going to be overly upset if he is the pick as he would help but defense needs addressed (Edge, ILB, CB, S) badly. I’d think Melifonwu should be in the list. Don’t want Williams right now, he just reeks of most likely to be suspended. Noticed Peppers had positive diluted test at combine, though sure team is making sure there is no history of testing problems, could just be due to his being sick prior to combine and working out two days so over hydrated. I won’t guess on that since teams will know more.

  • Gerald Brown

    I really like Budda Baker

  • Sam Clonch

    Totally going to print this of and have on hand come draft night.

  • Very few mocks saw Artie Burns in the first last year as well. Just about everyone hated the pick as it happened, but as the year wore on Artie proved himself worthy of the draft position.

    To hell with all the so called experts, the only opinions that matter are the guys in the Steelers draft war room…

  • RickM

    You seriously buy his story? Funny how he seemingly never mentioned the sickness and cramping during or immediately after the combine. Now that he has a diluted sample, it suddenly all happened. As for never failing a test in college, I think colleges are bounds by privacy laws and can’t announce positive tests.

  • Frank

    I’m sticking w/ my OLB pick, Carl Lawson, mainly b/cuz he plays ROLB (R side), & not for nothing, but he looks kinda like Greg Lloyd. The only curve ball for me would be QB P.Mahomes.

  • Frank

    I liked Kordell too, & he is bigger then Watson. I see Watson as a RG3 clone, unless he’s smarter & doesn’t take the bad hits that RG3 did.