Steelers 2017 Schedule Includes Five Primetime Games

The Pittsburgh Steelers 2017 schedule was released Thursday evening and it includes five primetime games.

The Steelers will open their 2017 season on the road against the Cleveland Browns and it will end with a home game against them.

Three of the Steelers first four games will be on the road in 2017 and their bye will take place in Week 9. Their first home game will be in Week 2 against the Minnesota Vikings.

Five of the Steelers final 8 games will be at home. They will also play on Christmas again this year and that road game will be against the Houston Texans.

  • George Hareras

    4 straight prime time

  • Steelers12


  • Steelers12

    Unless some are flexed correct?

  • Lucious Myers

    that’s a tough home opener against a strong 4-3 defense

  • Lucious Myers

    also a bunch of roads before our bye week.

  • RobE

    11-5, I can see us losing games we shouldn’t (Ten, Jax, Chi), KC is still pissed about the playoff loss, splitting with the ratbirds, and losing to Rodgers and Brady.

  • T R

    Looks like im going to really need the NFL sunday ticket in Maryland for the first 9 games, Only the Ravens game will be broadcast here. then i can cut it off cause almost all the games will be televised after that LOL

  • CP72

    Always nice to have Cleveland week 17….just in case.

  • capehouse

    I think we start out 3-0, move to 4-3 and finish 11-5.

  • Riverstko

    We will be ready!

  • CP72

    Got it last year…it’s worth the money.

  • CP72

    I think we will start off 8-0 then ramble off 8 straight after that 🙂

  • Josh

    True however, I wonder how many minutes before the game the Browns QB is announced.

  • WeWantDaTruth

    Need to secure home field, get a bye and play Pats at Heinz Field in playoffs.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz


  • T3xassteelers

    Hmm.. Doesn’t seem too tough. The end is rough, but least those rough games are at home and in the later portion of the season where we play our best. Glad we get the Ravens early in their place and an early game.

    At Chiefs, Lions, and Colts don’t worry me much. Like I said, our toughest games are at home..

    12-4/13-3 looks like a solid possibility!

  • RW


  • mezzetin1

    This is so good. On paper. But, so long as we don’t play down to anyone, we could probably reel in 13-3.

  • Rene Gonzalez

    The main thing I didn’t like about it is the short week for the primetime game against the ravens, especially with the way games turn physical with the bengals.

  • James Bradley

    Split with Bal & Cin, sweep Cle, 4-2 in Div

    Beat Jax, Ind, Chi, Min & Ten – that gets 9 wins

    GB, NE, at KC, at Det, at Hou – Unless the defense improves its hard to see them better than 2-3 in that stretch…

    11-5 record

  • Eddie Cruz


  • SfSteeler

    Ug! another year listening to Fouts…wen do we move to the NFC so we can hear Aikman!?


  • CP72

    I want some revenge for that debacle at Baltimore last year. Most painful game I’ve watched in a long time.

  • John

    I feel we cannot beat Bradford at home, we might as well give it up.

  • capehouse

    Exact W/L scenario I was predicting. Split BAL/CIN. Losing to GB, NE and KC. Could also see us sweeping CIN but losing to DET.

  • Ace

    Is that 4 primetime games in a row!! Awesome stretch there…lets see where is that obligatory stinker they always put up once a year…last years Eagles game….I guess Lions or Vikings. 11-5 my guess.

  • T3xassteelers

    Nah, not Vikes, that’s our home opener! Our stinkers of games normally come on the road.. So Lions would be a good bet lol

  • Jaybird

    I got it 15 years ago so I don’t have to hang out in bars in “Eagles” country over here in the philly burbs. I’d pay 5,000 for the Sunday ticket just so I wouldn’t have to hang out with jag wad eagles fans. Worth every penny.

  • Jaybird

    And to start the year right with a win also!

  • CP72

    Went to a bar to watch the AFC Championship game…left at halftime because of all the d-bags.

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    If there was ever a year to go 13-3… This is it.

  • Jaybird

    Too many frigging night games! I remember as a kid it was a huge treat to get a Monday night game or two. But now we get 4 or 5 a year ? I’m getting too old to be staying up that late and I can’t enjoy a beer or glass of vodka at 10:30 PM and still get up for work on time.

  • dany

    haha just my thoughts, just in case

  • Jaybird

    Where did you watch it , what city ? Philly?

  • dany

    Since 3/4 first games are away I’m gonna go ahead and predict a 2-2 start. Won’t go beyond that cause it’s just silly. Just hope they finally beat the rats in Baltimore. If the two wins come in the division and the two losses come to the NFC I can’t complain much. This team usually finishes strong and starts lackluster

  • JohnB

    Streaming is a good option. I just got the firestick for that purpose cause I’m in MD too. Im not watchin Skins and Ravens games haha.

  • JohnB

    Man I love where that bye is. Hopefully all our contributing rooks will be ready to go by then. 11-5.

  • JohnB

    we play GB well so that could be a win but you gotta include a default loss cause Ben gets hurt once every year.

  • WeWantDaTruth

    With the QBs the Vikes and Bears have, there is NO reason whatsoever losing to either. After the first 4 games, the Steelers should be 3-1 at a minimum.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    Teddy Bridgewater will be back. He was pretty good before he got hurt.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    It’s not a certainty Bridgewater ever plays again. Let alone next year.

  • lyke skywalker

    ….and then they lose to Jacksonville.

  • JT

    As a fan that lives 5+ hours away, but that still tries to go to games, no really good 1PM home games kinda stinks.

  • Justin Warrenfeltz

    Fair point. I hadn’t been keeping up on the severity of his injury, but apparently he hasn’t even done any football-related activities yet. Wow.

  • BradleyT

    Same thing I was looking at. Coming from VA. Guess I may try for Bengals or Jags. Might take a chance at the Pats game

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    We need no less than 12 wins.

  • afrazier9

    Dude I’m in md too it is the best investment ever!!!

  • steelersfan

    Really like how the schedule is laid out. Fingers crossed!

  • dany

    No doubt, I’m just predicting the worst case scenario since the team never starts at full speed. They had no business losing to Matt Cassell either in 2013, and Bradford is barely better than he is

  • gdeuce

    that was more painful than the championship game?

  • Justin B

    And 6 straight weeks without a 1:00PM start there.

  • Delboka

    Worried about the Titans. That trash pile of an organization beats us too much.

  • JB Burgess

    Easy schedule? Relax, Mike Tomlin is here. He’ll make sure they’re flat and disinterested for the first 8 games, while getting blasted at least 3 games.

  • JB Burgess

    Mike Tomlin is the coach. Curb Your Enthusiasm

  • T3xassteelers

    Anyone know when tickets become available?

  • gdeuce

    Cincy’s o-line was decimated through FA, they will struggle to put up points

  • MC

    If that was in Tenessee I would call that an almost definite loss with the way we play down to those types of teams on the road.

  • MC

    We have lost against Terrelle Pryor and Bruce Gradkowski in the past, Matt Cassell and more sub par guys I can’t seem to remember.

  • Rocksolid20

    Garuntie Tomlin will have our team under prepaired for
    what would appear to be an easy opening week in Cleveland .

  • Rocksolid20

    Who was our home opener last year and results .

  • gdeuce

    what are you talking about?

  • Ni mo

    They not losing to Detroit , KC and Houston

  • Steelsmoke

    11-5 or 12-4 at best due to play down , injuries and working out new plays and players

  • Chris92021

    Which means there will be one game where he will shine (probably against New England in week 15) and a game where the pitchforks will be out (probably Chicago in week 3)

  • Steelsmoke

    Gotta fix red zone and easy yards between sticks before we talk big

  • Steelsmoke

    Another draft like last year and we will

  • francesco


  • Matt Manzo

    On paper I’m seeing 13-3! Blow 3 of em and we’re 10-6. Somewhere in between that would be nice!

  • T3xassteelers

    It was the Bungles.. And we won, lol

  • Darth Blount 47

    This one is for you, Dan. Stairway to 7.

    No better place to start and end the regular season, than Cleveland.

    Here we go, Steelers… Here we go!!!!!!


  • Hec

    I’m sorry but if we don’t win at least 14 or 13 games off this schedule, man I’m a be really disappointed….lol

  • Dan

    5 of last 7 at home. Sounds pretty good. Of course the flip side is 6 of first 9 on the road. Gotta start strong..

  • Ryan

    First half of the schedule 🙂 second half 🙁

  • LucasY59

    that is definitely the tough stretch, pats the week after as well…

    I think it will get them into a playoff mentality early (or at least show if they have a shot in the postseason)

  • LucasY59

    chefs are tough at home, and Lions could be tougher than expected as well, but I agree they have a shot of going 13-3 (and if they beat the pats) could get them homefield for the playoffs which would be huge

  • LucasY59

    another chance to let the backups play at the end of the season

  • LucasY59

    right now that is my prediction and I think it is definitely possible

    they could be heading into the bye with only 1 loss and then the 2nd half stretch should keep them focused, because there is no room for letdowns when they have GB, Cinci, Balt and NE during a 4 week stretch, Tennessee and Houston at the start an end of that stretch as well, so they might lose a couple close ones but will be playing tough and should be able to go into the post season with a bit of momentum as well

  • LucasY59

    only game at risk of being flexed would be the ravens and only if the Division champ is already determined,

    the the pats game could get flexed up to the night game if Dallas and Oakland have letdown seasons (which I think is possible for both teams, especially the cryboys)

  • LucasY59

    pretty happy with the way they structured the schedule (tough towards the end, but that could end up a benefit)

    I could see them going into the bye 7-1 (only loss at KC, since arrowhead is a tough place to play) they should start 5-0 and getting a win in baltimore would really help the team, they need to sweep the ratbirds this yr (the road game in detroit before the bye could be tough as well, but at worst they should be no worst than 5-3, and ideally 6-2 should be a realistic goal)

    after the bye they definitely hit the tough stretch of games, but I think it will help keep them focused and should make them go into the postseason with some momentum and playing well

    short week playing the Titans could be tough (guessing they wear the same color rush jerseys they did last yr) and might be the closest thing to a letdown game this season (I really hope this is the yr they dont lose to a team with a losing record, and dont have the obligatory game where they forget to show up) Packers at home should be winnable (because its at home) monday night in cinci could get ugly as well (hopefully confict is in jail or at least suspended by then) still think they should win, and then a somewhat short week for the ratbirds, like I said before I hope they get a sweep this yr (undefeated (in the AFC North) and winning the division without any extra drama would be great as well) follow that up with the pats who they really need to beat at home (so they can possibly get the homefield in the playoffs as well) its a really tough group of 4 games (but winning them all would give them a ton of confidence) Texans after that isnt easy either especially since they wont be home for Christmas this yr, followed bye what could essentially be a back to back bye to end the season with the clowns

    so I see the team finishing 13-3, and like I said if they beat the hateriots they could have the #1 seed (head/head tiebreaker) I think the potential losses would be at Kansas City, Green bay and then at Cinci, losing back to back would give them some urgency to win out the rest of the season though so it wouldnt be the worst thing even though I would hate to lose to the bungles (they would probably get the chefs in Pittsburgh in the playoffs (bungles wont make it again this yr) so they could make up for the losses, and maybe they would get revenge against the Cheeseheads in the SB as well?)

    at worst I see them at 10-6 which might get them a WC? (or they could still win the North with that record) they would definitely make it hard on themselves to get to the SB that way, but once they get into the postseason they have a shot just like anyone else there

    I dont want to sound homerish, but I think they could get that early win streak and then keep the momentum going and end up 14-2 or even 15-1, they hit that tough stretch in the 2nd half playing well, they could just keep building steam and win out (which would almost jinx them since they would be obvious SB favorites if that happened, but could also make them keep on rolling and they win #7 and that makes them think they have a good shot at 8 & 9, Ben would have a hard time retiring if it looked like they were in a mini dynasty)

  • StarSpangledSteeler

    So here are my immediate thoughts…

    1) The Steelers historically start “slow.” They don’t really reach their peak form until mid season. So the fact that we play 3 very winnable games to start the season is fantastic.

    2) Our bye comes at the perfect time. I love the week 9 bye because psychologically players know they get a break exactly at the half way point. They are ab;e to condition their bodies accordingly. Plus it comes right in between two road games to ease the travel.

    3) Big Ben has played much better at home recently, so the fact that we play 5 road games in the first half of the season (when our schedule is easier) and then get home field advantage during the second half (when our schedule is tougher) is huge.

    4) I like that the Steelers have to play tougher teams toward the end so that they can get in “playoff form” right before the playoffs begin.

    5) I love that they play the Browns in week 17. It gives us an extra week of rest for the guys who may be injured. And it serves as a partial bye week in case we don’t get one of the top two seeds.

    6) It kind of sucks that the Bengals (week 7) and the Lions (week 8) both get to play us coming off their byes. So they will have an extra week to scout us, and more importantly to get everybody healthy. But I can’t complain too much because I still think both of those are winnable games.

    7) The Patriots game (week 15) might be the most important regular season game we’ve played in a decade. It could very likely determine home field advantage for the entire playoffs. We need that win. I was in Foxboro for the AFCCG this January and I just don’t think we can beat them there (even if we’re healthy). The Patriots are so effective over there. Plus they seem to get EVERY questionable call over there. Plus I still believe there is some type of “play call stealing” going on over there.

    The fact that the Patriots have to play three straight road games (ending in Pittsburgh) is huge for us. Plus the Miami game is Monday night so they’re short one game. I wonder if we’ll get Bellichek on a hot mic in the locker room saying, “We’ve already spotted those a$$holes one day?” … oh wait… never mind, they don’t make those mistakes. Seriously though. If we win week 15 I think we take the 1 seed. And if we take the 1 seed I truly believe we win the Lombardi this year.

    I’m going bold with my prediction… 13-3

  • Steel City Slim

    16-0 baby!

  • NinjaMountie

    Well, if Ben stays healthy all year, I really can’t see any reason why we don’t make the playoffs and compete hard for a first round bye.

  • Kelly Walker

    The Ravens will be tough and so will the Vikings, but the Steelers could be 5 – 0 when the head to KC. That would be huge for earning a bye. I think they could head into the bye week at 7-1, but they’ll probably be 6-2. They’ll have a tough time down the stretch if they aren’t healthy. Facing the Pats at home in the AFCCG would be best case scenario. I want them to win the SB and to beat the Pats getting there.

  • Jones

    Week 3 certainly wasn’t kind to us last year…

  • Matt Correll

    I just came up with 11-5. I never assume we will beat the Ravens in Baltimore, and I could definitely see them losing to Tennessee and KC. Rodgers and Brady are just too good for our defense, and will pick us apart.

  • ThatGuy

    I almost agree… GB’s defense, while improved slightly, is still pretty bad. I think we win in a game similar to the last one against GB at Heinz.

  • T3xassteelers

    Chiefs are good at home, but they just don’t scare me as a team. I mean, we beat them on their turf, without scoring a TD and in the playoffs haha. Lions are a solid team, but thankfully we don’t play them on Thanksgiving because thats when they play the best all year lol

    Just need to stay healthy!!!

  • ThatGuy

    They’re doing it for Dan. If healthy, it’s our title.

  • The Tony


  • P – squared

    Yes April 20th and it’s already started

  • S.T.

    Seems as if you’re under prepaired for the spelling test.

  • S.T.

    12-4 IF we beat the Pats at home down the stretch; 11-5 if we don’t.

  • Steelers12

    im seeing maybe 13-3 as well

  • Steelers12

    13-3 is realistic but there is always a trap game every team falls into and i take no division game for granted no matter how bad (Browns) the team is

  • Steelers12

    Oakland i dont really see having a down year but Dallas with the sophomore QB and holes in defense i can see

  • S.T.

    I certainly hope you’re right. It’s going to have to be in that 12-4, 13-3 range if we’re hoping to avoid having to travel to Foxboro in January.

  • ThatGuy

    I hate Christmas games more than anything.

  • Michael Conrad

    I say 6 and 10 with out Bryant and only Bell as the running back and the same defense and a poor draft.
    I think it all depends on the draft . This team could go either way . I’m sure every coach they will face has looked at the New England game and are going to do some of the same things to a very poor Steeler D.

    I look for a least 10 wins but don’t count on anything.

  • Danielsteelstrong81

    I get the ticket and it’s actually live and no debating this yr tho…where do u stream it? Thanks

  • stan

    I couldn’t disagree more. This is the best the Steelers have been set up to make a championship run in a decade. The schedule is relatively easy and they don’t have any pressing needs which have to be filled in the draft.

  • Aj Gentile

    The other teams are missing something that the New England has. Tom Brady

  • Aj Gentile

    Look like this year will be the Patriots game I go too. God I hope they actually win.

  • SwagDaddy330

    Agree, it sucks! It especially sucks for season ticket holders. The 8:30 games doesn’t allow me to take my kids….and that’s why I have season tickets.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Always end up with more losses than you would plan for but the only loss I see on this schedule is to the Pats. Not another team on there scares me. Maybe the Packers a little but we get them at home.

  • KiJana Haney

    this is the first year I can say if we are not 13-3 I will be disappointed. We get green bay and new england at home and we play both teams towards the end of the season when we are at our best. We have the easiest start to a schedule in the nfl and we should be 7-1 before our bye. As a fan I am pumped that we will have so many nationally televised games this season. I think we can go 14-2 but because we might lose a trap game like tennesee I think we go 13-3. Losses to the ravens in week 14, the titans in week 11, and maybe the chiefs.

  • KiJana Haney

    We always split with the ravens but honestly all of our trap games are so early in the season or at home that I doubt they will happen. Maybe the titans. I think we will beat the pats because it is late in the season. the facts that we get the packers and patriots post thanksgiving is a blessing

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Good points. Besides the split with the Ravens seeming like an inevibility I don’t actually feat their team which was more my point I guess. I don’t actually expect to go 14-2 but it wouldn’t shock me either.

  • Hagen Rinde

    nice european times first five weeks. After that not so much. One more year nfl gamepass… grrr. As always 12-4. Go Steelers.

  • TroymanianDevil

    Mayyyybe 1 letdown game.. settle for 15-1

  • Chris92021

    I don’t even want to think about that again! Yeeshhh.

    Having said that, there are four weeks where Tomlin is .500 or less in his career.

    Week 3: 5-5 (1-1 home, 4-4 road)
    Week 4: 3-6 (3-3 home, 0-3 road) (had a bye in 2013)
    Week 8: 4-4 (3-2 home, 1-2 road) (byes in 2009, 2016)
    Week 10: 4-6 (4-4 home, 0-2 road)

    So I guess our game in Chicago is a toss up, our week 4 game in Baltimore is likely a loss, our week 8 game in Detroit doesn’t look good, and our week 10 game in Indy doesn’t look good. Then again, we haven’t lost to since that Thanksgiving coin flip game and haven’t lost in Indy since 2005. I still think this Steelers team will go 14-2, 13-3.

  • Matt Correll

    I was at that game! It was a crazy shootout. 37-36. I think Ben and Rodgers combined for like 800+ yards passing. I’d be up for another one like that!

  • JT

    After the year the class of 2016 just had, why the hell are you counting on a poor draft?

  • pcantidote

    11-5, AFC North champs.

  • KiJana Haney

    the game at the bengals is a monday night game in the second half of the season which means they won’t show up. The second ravens game could be a lost and the titans game can also be a lost. the patriots and pats are later in the season and are at home so I think we can beat both teams.

  • KiJana Haney

    If they played the way they should they will go 14-2. If they have a couple of let downs they will be 12-4. Our schedule is too easy this year to be any worse than that

  • jl9744

    It’s surprising that I haven’t seen many mention the game vs the Titans as a revenge game considering it’s Dick Lebeau’s first game back in Pittsburgh since being let go.

  • ryan72384

    Come on man. I know we usually play awesome in prime time especially at home but 4 prime times in a row?! 5 total. If I didn’t have to be up at 3 am for work I’d love it. Second shift was always the best when it came to watching prime time games especially the Sunday nighters.