Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 Touchdown Pass Study Reveals Great Data

I have now completed my study of the 2016 touchdown passes that new Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joshua Dobbs threw for Tenneseee during the 2016 season and below is a recap of the data that I compiled from all 27 of those plays complete with a passing chart graphic so you can see what areas of the field he threw to as well as the distances.

As you can see in the graphic below, Dobbs’ 27 passing touchdowns from 2016 went to a lot of different areas of the field as well as a lot of different distances for his air yards past the original line of scrimmage. Several of these throws were to the middle area of the field and between the numbers.

10 of Dobbs’ 27 touchdown passes came off play-action and out of the shotgun while one other came on a flea-flicker play. In my opinion, Dobbs sells play-action well and he immediately gets his eyes up and down the field after carrying it out.

Six of Dobbs’ 2016 touchdown passes went to very wide open targets as the result of blown coverages.

Dobbs made a few of these touchdown throws with pressure bearing down on him that ultimately resulted in him taking hits. He’s not afraid to stand in the pocket to deliver these kinds of throws.

On a couple of these throws, Dobbs showed great pocket presence in his ability to step up into it before getting rid of the football.

While a few of his touchdown throws were under-thrown, in general, most of those gave his intended target the better chance of coming down with the football with a defender in close proximity. With that said, credit needs to go to his targets for battling to catch these kinds of throws.

Dobbs’ Hail Mary throw for the walk-off win against Georgia was perfect as it had a nice hang-time and went right into a crowd of players.

13 of Dobbs’ 27 touchdown passes from 2016 were throws into the end zone and thus no yards after the catch were needed. Additionally, five of his touchdown passes came on third downs. 15 of these touchdown passes included Dobbs getting rid of the football more than 2.75 seconds after it was snapped.

On these 27 plays, Dobbs appeared to have great control of the Tennessee offense and a good understanding of what he was seeing from the defense. A few times you can see him directing traffic and perhaps audibling to a different play at the line of scrimmage.

While Dobbs doesn’t appear to be a natural thrower and in some respects, is a pusher, he still can make several different throws both long and short with not only velocity, but some touch as well.

While this study was evidently done on highly successful plays, it was very impressive just the same and very fun to do. If you missed any of the posts and videos included in this series, you can see them in the links included below.

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2016 Tennessee Touchdown Passing Chart Of QB Joshua Dobbs
*All throws charted as if the 30-yard-line was the original line of scrimmage

APP4th10:301st10TENN 33J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 67 yd TD4225YES3.17Off coverage & slightly under-thrown albeit to outside shoulder
VT2nd14:431stGVT 5J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 5 yd TD120YES1.67Great corner throw where only receiver can catch
VT2nd9:422nd4VT 38J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 38 yd TD410NO2.81Slightly under-thrown & great adjustment by receiver
VT3rd7:043rd15VT 23J.Dobbs pass complete to A.Kamara for 23 yd TD518NO4.93Avoided rush nicely to find uncovered back
OHIO1st14:222nd10OHIO 20J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 20 yd TD230YES2.79Perfect seam throw to post
OHIO4th11:071st10OHIO 20J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 20 yd TD260YES2.8Slightly behind receiver NFL-quality seam throw to post
FLA3rd7:292nd10FLA 23J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Hurd for 23 yd TD203YES2.87Nice, soft toss to back on blown coverage of wheel route
FLA3rd0:592nd9FLA 20J.Dobbs pass complete to E.Wolf for 20 yd TD250YES2.51Great touch on seam pass to tight end with hit oncoming
FLA4th12:453rd5TENN 33J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 67 yd TD2641NO2.45Stood in pocket with hit coming & delivered to wide open receiver
UGA3rd10:311st10UGA 19J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Hurd for 19 yd TD127YES5.73Avoided rush to right & great throw across body to open man
UGA4th14:533rd3UGA 16J.Dobbs pass complete to A.Kamara for 16 yd TD412NO1.62Out route pass to slot RB who broke tackle
UGA4th0:001st10UGA 43J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 43 yd TD480NO4Great Hail Mary throw for the win
TA&M4th0:412nd10TA&M 18J.Dobbs pass complete to A.Kamara for 18 yd TD414NO2.65Short MOF pass to open RB against blitz pressure
SC4th7:032ndGSC 6J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 6 yd TD130NO3.24Falling backwards throw to MOF back of end zone nicely placed
TNTC1st14:031st10TNTC 30J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 30 yd TD350NO2.6Easy lob throw to wide open receiver
TNTC1st8:461st10TNTC 43J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 43 yd TD430NO3.01Stepped up into pocket delivered perfect bucket throw outside
TNTC2nd14:552ndGTNTC 3J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 3 yd TD80NO1.47Great back shoulder throw to corner end zone
UK1st10:541st10UK 24J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Smith for 24 yd TD270YES2.76Easy throw on blown coverage
UK2nd6:272nd7UK 10J.Dobbs pass complete to E.Wolf for 10 yd TD140YES2.48Gutsy stare-down throw to MOF after play-action
UK3rd10:082nd11TENN 49J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 51 yd TD3714NO4.04Flea-flicker throw to outside
MIZ1st6:013rd8MIZ 49J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 49 yd TD2722NO2.71Under-thrown ball under pressure to nice receiver adjustment
MIZ2nd13:501st10TENN 43J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 57 yd TD534YES4.78Great deep throw after nice use movement and use of pocket
MIZ3rd13:583rdGMIZ 5J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Jennings for 5 yd TD50NO1.89Easy slant throw to wide open receiver
VAN1st3:401st10VAN 21J.Dobbs pass complete to A.Kamara for 21 yd TD-324NO2.73Throwback screen followed by several missed tackles
VAN2nd0:541st10VAN 27J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 27 yd TD252NO2.92Easy pitch and catch following pump fake to stutter route
NEB4th8:451st10TENN 41J.Dobbs pass complete to J.Malone for 59 yd TD4415YES3.81Great post route thrown to in-stride receiver

  • SeventhHeavan

    Boy, there are a lot of articles The Depot is writing on this kid who is probably going to end up a second string journeyman in the NFL if he’s lucky. Hope I’m wrong but it’s just the feeling I have about Dobbs.

  • GoSteelerz

    Can’t wait to see what he does with some actual QB coaching!

  • Jaybird

    The only guy with more articles is Ladarius Green.

  • Dave

    Nice breakdown and very informative! I’ve got to give both you and Alex a big pat on the back for your work. While I won’t mention the site, they sure threw a lot of shade on you over the last couple years. But it’s funny how they’ve declined considerably and you’ve grown in that time. Keep up the great work, this has become my favorite place to get Steeler news, opinions, as well as a wonderful community of fellow fans. Cheers gentleman, and much success ahead.

  • dany

    Well I have that feeling too, but really how many 4th round and beyond QBs make it?? That’s why we feel that, nothing against the kid, of whom I would know zero about if it wasn’t for these articles

  • Matt Manzo

    I was worried about the under throws, but you’re right, he at least gave his guys a good chance to come down with it!

  • Jeff Burton

    Great series on Joshua Dobbs. It confirms my evaluation of Dobbs was that he could be a player who teases with his potential or someone who puts it all together and becomes a premier QB. There’s such a combination of very good and very bad in his game. The one thing you know is he will not fail because of lack of intelligence or lack of hard work. Dobbs has got the perfect mentality for a developmental QB and one of the very best QB coaches in Randy Fitchner. It will be fun to see what he does in pre-season.

  • ND_Steel

    Looking forward to seeing him in the preseason. Hopefully he shows better than Jones. Offense hardly gets any work in.