The Perspective Of An Average Steelers Fan: Dreaming Of A Roster Spot

Here I was earlier this week, an innocent average Pittsburgh Steelers fan writing an article …

Training camp still weeks away but the Steelers 90-man roster undergoing tweaks as we speak. On Friday running back Dreamius Smith was released. Dreamius was signed to a futures contract back on January 24th and was supposed to participate in the rookie camp that took place over the weekend with Rushel Shell. Since James Conner was just signed; I guess they had to make room and Shell was given the nod over Smith who will have to take his NFL dreams elsewhere.

Tweaks you say? Kevin Colbert and the Steelers from office must have thought here’s a couple tweaks for you. How about if we call in the doctor and have him check out a couple players? And just like that, 12-year veteran long snapper Greg Warren and fragile tight end Ladarius Green are tweaked off the roster with the designation of failed physical. My original article continued …

Tight end Phazahn Odom that already has caught people’s eye and linebacker Matt Galambos were just signed yesterday.  I seriously doubt they are anything but camp fodder. The roster is a zero-sum game so cornerback Devonte Johnson and tight end Ryan Malleck were deducted from the roster. Malleck spent some time with the New York Giants last year before being waived injured during camp. Devonte Johnson was briefly on the Atlanta Falcons practice squad last season but is very inexperienced – he only played two seasons of college ball.

Tight end you say? Why didn’t a tight end catch the Steeler’s eye during the draft? Okay, the Cleveland Browns snatched David Njoku just before our first-round selection but surely there were others in a draft when we actually were so comfortable we pick a long snapper in the sixth round. Oh, I forgot Greg Warren is gone too. Does this mean that Jesse James, Xavier Grimble and David Johnson satisfies our needs at this position? Colin Holba better be the real deal as a long snapper, but maybe Phazan or Scott Orndoff is that next diamond in the rough at tight end, if not will the Steelers go dealing? Back to my original article …

So why write about what appears to be inconsequential roster moves? Well, being an average Pittsburgh Steelers fan, you never know if one of these guys is going to shine either as a Steeler or on another team’s roster. Many Steelers fans choked on their beverages whenever seeing Mike Vrabel in a New England Patriots uniform. For now, I am okay with this type of Steelers news. No arrests; no suspensions for substance abuse; no apparent significant injuries. Knock, knock, knock on wood.

No apparent significant injuries? Maybe not apparent; but significant enough to require the Steelers to release these two players. There was already speculation about Greg Warren due to the Holba pick but Ladarius probably took most by surprise.   I needed to knock down the entire Amazon rainforest to prevent this. What’s next? And my conclusion before the conclusion …

What a difference a day makes; the Pittsburgh Steelers continue to adjust their 90-player roster. On Wednesday, the following transactions took place: quarterback Bart Houston and wide receiver Canaan Severin were signed. The corresponding actions were the release of quarterback Nick Schuessler and linebacker Akil Blount – the son of Steelers legend Mel Blount.

Indeed; what a difference another day makes. Early yesterday, I had opined that the selection of Colin Holba suddenly made sense with the release of reliable stalwart Greg Warren. The method to the Steelers draft madness had induced temporary sanity among the Steelers fanbase. Hours later; the release of Ladarius Green who ended up playing six games for over $6 million drove us right back to what is normalcy for the average Steelers fan. Two songs to end this; first from my original article …

In a nod to Mr. Smith and his buddies who are seeking an NFL roster spot: Blondie singing Dreaming.

Second in a nod to Steelers fanbase normalcy; a song by Napoleon XIV

  • Darth Blount 47

    I woke up today and the first song on my rotation was ‘Strange Days’ by The Doors. And given what has happened this off-season, it sort of just felt right. Good write-up Beav. I like your more esoteric musings. It sort of adds a Jazzy element to the more Pop, Punk, Blues and Rock writings of the others. Good luck figuring out who I’m assigning which genre. Lol.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    That should be a Friday Night Question Darth!

  • Darth Blount 47

    LoL! I guess I’d hate to exclude a few of the other less often contributors, so we may have to add Rap, Country, and Folk to the list. 🙂