Steelers Tape Study: Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 3rd Down Incompletions – Part 3

I wrote last weekend about how poorly new Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Joshua Dobbs performed on third down pass attempts during his college career at Tennessee and in that post I indicated that I planned on digging deeper into his 2016 tape in order to see what really happened. I have now started a study related to that topic that includes me breaking down all off Dobbs’ 2016 incompleted third down throws from his 2016 season.

In my second post for this series I looked at the third down incompletions Dobbs had in games three to five of the 2016 season. In today’s post, I will show you Dobbs’ third down incompletions in Tennessee’s next two games against Texas A&M and Alabama.

In the two videos below you’ll see all of Dobbs’ third down incompletions from those two games and underneath them are the charted play-by-play accounts complete with air yards from the line of scrimmage, snap to throw times as well as a brief description of what happened.

As usual, I invite all of you to comment on my assessments of each play in addition to any other analysis you believe is necessary. This series now includes three posts and if you missed the two previous ones they are linked below. Once all of Dobbs’ games are analyzed I will post a recap of the data. Thank you for following along.

Steelers Tape Study: Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 3rd Down Incompletions – Part 1
Steelers Tape Study: Joshua Dobbs’ 2016 3rd Down Incompletions – Part 2

2nd13:323rd2TA&M 35J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Croom42.37Misdirection TE screen pass too high
2nd5:203rd8TENN 16J.Dobbs pass incomplete to E.Wolf41.92Throw slightly high and dropped after hit
2nd1:263rd4TENN 35J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Malone51.90Throw on target and nice PBU
4th13:133rd23TA&M 43J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Smith132.87Hit as throwing. Behind receiver but catchable
4th6:003rd6TENN 34J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Malone82.29On target slant pass dropped due to hit
1st0:143rd7ALA 37J.Dobbs pass intercepted by R.Harrison-52.18Should’ve thrown away after RB couldn’t release
2nd14:303rd5TENN 30J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Jennings51.84WR beat to spot? Throw slightly inside
2nd10:403rd8TENN 26J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Jennings162.60Throw high to left sideline
2nd1:093rd4TENN 38J.Dobbs pass incomplete to T.Byrd142.64Thrown way behind receiver – Tipped MOF?
3rd10:153rd14TENN 35J.Dobbs pass incomplete to J.Hurd22.46Dropped

  • falconsaftey43

    1. agreed, tried to throw over defender. missing screens becoming a theme
    2. agreed, also, way short of sticks, no chance to convert with defender right there.
    3. agreed, but seems to consistently throw slightly behind guys.
    4. agreed
    5. agreed

    1. agreed, decisions and throws on screens becoming a concern
    2. too hard to see, gonna give QB benefit of doubt
    3. agreed, pressure in his face, safe throw, a little more inside and it’s a completion though.
    4. agreed, way off target even if tipped.
    5. agreed

  • SteelersDepot

    Are some of you who were initially thinking I was picking on Dobbs now glad I am doing this study? You can maybe argue strongly that 10-12 of the passes we’ve already looked at should’ve/could’ve been caught.

    Believe or not, there are methods to my madness so stay off your jump to conclusions mats moving forward.

  • SilverSteel

    He needs to work on his 10 yd touch screens for sure but that is easily correctable and also needs to lead the receiver better.

  • steelburg

    He is showing a ton of bad footwork in these break downs. If you look closely at the Alabama int he jumped up off the ground to make that pass. Throwing the ball in play was mistake in the first place he should have thrown it in the ground. But jumping to make a pass is never good unless your last name is Tebow. But it seems like most of his issues can be corrected if you ask me. I also think that he doesn’t use his legs nearly enough not just to run but to by time and open up passing lanes which is what Ben is famous for.

  • D.j. Reynolds

    I have always been thankful for the analyses, and think they show some correctable mistakes and some WR miscues as well.

    I found it odd that we started with negatives (int’s compilation, bad 3rd down stat, & analyses of 3rd down throws) for Dobbs instead of first looking at his positives like we did for the earlier picks. The reverse order for his analysis vs. that of the the others is an accurate fact. However, as long as we also get the positives review too, then I’m all good!

    I apologize for jumping to the conclusion you dislike Dobbs based on your taking up the negatives first! I hope when we are done, you are singing his praises or at least showing that there are some things to be hopeful about.

    I look forward to understanding a little more of the positives and why the Steelers drafted him (other than being smart and a good guy – heck, I might fit that description but none of us want me anywhere near being waterboy much less a QB).

  • D.j. Reynolds

    These incompletions definitely show some bad footwork and decisions. I’m hopeful that his completions will show a different story! Otherwise, he needs A LOT of reconditioning/learning.

  • will

    Landry is better than this……..


    And I say once more that I hate that we used a pick for another’s backup QB!
    The fact that it takes THREE installments to review his incompletions is disheartening!! 😑


    Bad pick. Wasted a 4th.

  • GoSteelerz

    Boy, his receivers drop a lot of balls. He looks like he needs a QB coach… Which he now has for the first time in his career. He will improve, I have no doubt about that, it will just take some time. I think his ceiling is much higher than Landry Jones. If Dobbs becomes a solid number 2 and Jones a solid number 3, I think we’ll be fine. And I think Dobbs’ ceiling could be higher than a solid number two, but we will see. He has the intangibles you can’t coach that the great ones have. The question is does he have enough talent to properly utilize those intangibles. We won’t know until we see what happens. I think he does, and thankfully for him, Ben has a couple years left to give him time to be coached up. I can’t wait to see this guy play!

  • PaeperCup

    That first one in the Bama game…..yuck.

  • RickM

    I think in the end you’ll probably be right. You can make excuses for every QB – dropped balls, poor line play, etc. – but he does have some bad tendencies and his 3rd down completion rate is really low when compared to the other QB’s drafted. But, if you flip on a tape solely of his 40% completions he would look like Ben’s replacement.

    I thought there were other more pressing 4th round draft needs. And I’m dubious that a late 4th round draft choice from a weak QB class will make it. But he gets an open mind from me. I’ll think about his strong Bowl game and hope for the best.

  • Arthur Branch

    I agree his best football is ahead of him. That online he was behind did not give him much time.

  • budabar

    I’m glad we have Landry

  • John Phillips

    Yes, but the play before he threw a nice pass but the refs didn’t call pass interference.
    The rest of the game was all down hill for TN after that.

  • John Phillips

    Your in a minority. where’s Gradkowski ?

  • ND_Steel

    Threw a lot of these off his back foot…and his ball looks ‘difficult to catch’. Most concerning, doesn’t move up in the pocket… seems to lack pocket presence. I don’t know if that is something that can be taught. He seems almost mechanical, only operating within the design of the play…anti-Ben-like…

  • Lil Smitty

    After watching these three installments, it is disheartening that he is throwing so poorly. It could be a result of poor Oline play and below average receivers has him skittish. His feet are never set in any of these plays and he doesn’t have the arm strength to throw the ball.
    I would actually be more concerned if he showed proper form and had a good line in front of him and still missed his receivers.
    Hopefully, the coaching staff saw something in his other throws or his interviews and workouts. He may be able to correct these mistakes with hard work, coaching, and a professional’s workout. Time will tell! It will really be up to him and how seriously he takes this job.