NFL Moves Franchise Tag Date Back Two Days

It may seem like a procedural move but for Pittsburgh, has important ramifications. ESPN’s Adam Schefter tweeted out the league is pushing back the due date for players to sign franchise tagged players two days. That date is now July 17th instead of the 15th.

From Schefter’s Twitter.

As Andrew Brandt coined the term, deadlines spur action, so these extra two days will matter. Generally, agreements don’t happen until time runs out, each side jockeying for their position up until the last minute.

Dave Bryan and others have talked about the trickiness of getting a long-term deal done given the high price of this year’s franchise tag for running backs. Mixed opinions exist over whether it’ll get hammered out. Ed Bouchette, for example, hasn’t shown much confidence throughout the process. But breakthroughs can happen in an instant so we’ll have to see how it all plays out.

Should a deal fall through, Bell will play the 2017 season under the one year, $12.12 million tag. He’ll be set to become an unrestricted free agent following the season. A long-term deal will make him the highest paid back in the league. Of non-tagged players, Lesean McCoy has the highest annual salary at $8.875 million.

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  • Dennis Wright

    That makes sense now cause Missi Matthews had said something about the 17th being the deadline on the main site last week and I was wondering what was going on. Obviously they already knew in the building.

  • dany

    So 2 more days for both of them to sign an hour or two before the deadline, as usual

  • Alex Kozora

    Pretty much. Just avoiding the 15th freakout when no news hits.

  • RickM

    The league just kind of dropped the ball on this one it seems. The last time the date fell on a weekend (Sunday, July 15th in 2012), they moved it to Monday, July 16th. I doubt their offices are even open on weekends in the middle of summer. I assume someone forgot to check the calendar until recently. The Monday also works better for the media and publicity is important to the NFL.

  • Kevin78

    CBA says monday is the long-term contract deadline if 15th falls on a weekend. Not sure why this is stated as “pushed back” in schefter’s tweet.

  • Kevin78

    CBA says if 15th is on a weekend, monday is deadline.