2017 Preseason Game No. 1: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you once again and if you’re like me, you’re currently gearing up for the Pittsburgh Steelers first preseason game of 2017 tonight against the New York Giants.

We’ve already previewed the upcoming game from several different angles and look forward to breaking it down for you immediately after it has concluded. We’ll have several Film Room posts for you starting on Saturday and you bet a few of them will focus on the rookie draft picks with quarterback Joshua Dobbs and outside linebacker T.J. Watt leading the list.

With the game taking place tonight, I’ll post my weekly Friday five questions earlier than normal and they will include a few from our readers and podcast listeners. Enjoy the rest of the your Friday and Go Steelers!

1 – If Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell both have monster seasons and they both stay clean off the field, which of the two would you rather sign long-term next offseason if at all possible? (credit David Money @ochocrica)

2 – Which would be better news tonight: Bud Dupree with a bend-the-end sack against the Giants first-team offense, or Watt with two bend-the-edge sacks against New York’s second stringers? (credit Deesh @deesh138)

3 – Which Steelers defensive player will lead the team in total tackles in the preseason opener against the Giants?

4 – How many yards will Dobbs throw for against the Giants?

5 – Which Steelers player will score the team’s first touchdown against the Giants?

Recap of Friday Night questions from 2 weeks ago per David Orochena:

Question 1 – Steelers Depot readers rarely agree on a response to a question 100% of the time. There are usually at least several contrarians but not in this case. Everybody that responded said that it does not really bother them when players make grand entrances to training camp. Now the degree of acceptance did vary with some saying they could do without it but are okay with there being some fun while others were excited to see what would be next. Myself, I’d like to see a vintage Volkswagen Beetle pull up with 7 or 8 linemen piling out.

Question 2 – Lightning strikes twice. Everyone agreed that Alejandro Villanueva will play through the 2020 season with one “depends.” Of course, a big assumption is that he remains healthy. While all are optimistic of him playing for the next four seasons some felt that he might not finish as the starter.

Question 3 – It’s official; Ben Roethlisberger is not the Steelers quarterback for the long-term future. But really; is 2017 it for Big Ben? Several folks were unwilling to bet even a virtual dime that Ben will still be wearing Black & Gold in 2018. The median amount respondents were willing to bet was a paltry $100. Now a lot of the sentiment appeared to be that he would hang it up after a Super Bowl victory – which is a nice way to go out. But if you win one; why not go for the double especially if your line and weapons remain intact?

Question 4 – Evenly split with a 14-14 vote on whether Le’Veon Bell would report before or after the 3rd preseason game. Few doubt that he will be in tip top physical condition. The debate was more around the importance of team chemistry.

Question 5 – Less than 10% feel Jerald Hawkins is a wasted draft pick. A couple folks pointed out players that were available when he was picked that may have benefitted the Steelers more including Devontae Booker and Dak Prescott. Although the overwhelming majority recognize his value; they median estimate of game starts they see for Hawkins during his rookie contract is only 6. The readers envision him as a swing tackle behind Alejandro (see question 2) and Marcus Gilbert with Hawkins perhaps taking over a starting role after his rookie contract.

  • george

    1. MB-he’s got less mileage on him plus he won’t want to be paid like a #1 receiver AND a #2 running back.
    2.Bud. This is his 3rd year and I hope to see him NOT get run up the arc by a starting right tackle tonight.
    3. Dirty Red. He’ll have plenty of opportunities.
    4. 225 yards.
    5. Eli Rodgers.

  • WreckIess

    1. That’s a hard one. Maybe Bell, but ask me again in 5 minutes and I’d probably say something else

    2. Bud definitely. We can wait on Watt to get it, but we need Bud to get it now.

    3. Matekevich. He’ll probably play the most.

    4. 208.

    5. I’ll say Toussaint.

  • Deuce22

    1- mb. The 1-2 WR combo of him and AB should help any RB.
    2 – not sure bud has many series, so I will go with TJ getting 2.
    3. Matakevich.
    4. 245 yds
    5. Cobi hamilton

  • Guillermo Garcia-Gomez

    1. Bell. He’s better at his job than Martavis is at his. I realize the money difference and I’d still try to sign him long term.
    2. Dupree. Watt still has time to develop. We need Bud now!
    3. LJ Fort- 9.
    4. 175 and 1 td.
    5. Severin

  • DirtDawg1964

    1. Bryant. Bell’s replacement is already in the roster. Bryant’s isn’t.
    2. Bud. Watt will be a monster in the NFL. Need to see if Bud can be.
    3. Dirty Red. Any doubt? Just better not be someone in the secondary.
    4. 187 yards
    5. JuJu

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. Martavis. Concerned about Bell’s injury history for long term; and having Brown & Bryant long-term should contribute to bothh lasting longer and difficult to cover.

    2. Dupree; success against first string more impressive to me.

    3. Matakevich.

    4. 79

    5. JuJu!

  • Bradys_Dad

    1. LB – #1 RB and #2 or 3 WR – just ask him
    2. TJ – no real reason – just a WAG
    3. Dirty Red
    4. 188 yds. – playing The Price is Right vs. DirtDawg below at 187
    5. DHB – and it will be glorious 🙂

  • Nolrog

    1. Bell without question. You cannot easily replace his production. Where at WR we already have AB and JuJu looks like he could pick up the slack.

    2. Dupree would be better to see, but I would bet it’s more likely we see that play from Watt than the one from Bud.

    The others are really not meaningful to me in pre-season game 1, so I’ll skip.

  • PaeperCup

    1) tough question! Bell has a shorter shelf life, but a RB like that is much harder to find than a WR like Bryant. I’ll say Bell since, he’s likely to touch the ball 40% of offensive snaps.

    2) LOL, As much as I want to see that Bend out of Bud, I want TJ to make a splash. I’ll go TJ.

    3) Matekavich, why not. He’s a go getter

    4) 220, I think he has one deep ball in him. 30 yards rushing.

    5) Artie Burns is gonna pick six Eli. Is Eli playing?

  • Steve Johnson

    1. M. Bryant. Bell’s head has gotten bigger than his rear end. Besides, he has become too much of a Crusader. I think M. Bryant has been humbled.

    2. Bud Dupree, but excited to see Watt, wouldn’t be disappointed if it was Watt.

    3. T.J. Watt

    4. 210 yards. 1 Int.

    5. JuJu Smith-Schuster

  • www_jonahyo_net

    1. I’ll have to choose Bell, even though he plays a more demanding position, and has an injury history. Nevertheless, he’s still young, runs with power and agility, catches better than a lot of wide receivers, pass blocking is very good, has a high football IQ, and finally, the Steelers are excellent at drafting wide receivers.

    2. Dupree. His time is now. And hopefully all damn season and all postseason too.

    3. I’ll have to go with popular opinion on this and choose Dirty Red. First guy that popped in mind anyway.

    4. Dobbs throws for 158.

    5. I’ll put my bet on JuJu with a corner of the end zone combat catch.

  • LucasY59

    1. hmmm, stir the pot…I am trying not to be bitter with Bell, but after seeing Freemans contract I am kinda pissed he didnt take the long term deal this yr (but it might work out better for the Steelers long term that he didnt, since it looks like that deal wouldve OVERpaid him)…I am also not willing to give MB big $ after missing ALL of last season, so I would say NEITHER, if that scenario happened they have both made themselves too expensive and the Steelers will let them go…after the 2018 season (since both can be kept around 1 more with out giving them a long term deal)

    2. Dupree, anything against #1s is more meaningful in these preseason games (not to say the preseason is meaningless, It is definitely important for depth/development purposes) but as far as possibly impacting the regular season a win for one of our starters against one of their’s is better

    3. Matakevich, likely to get the most snaps (playing/rotating at both ILB positions) and has a nose for the football

    4. 150??? he should get a lot of snaps since they only have him and Houston suiting up, I could even see him getting closer to 200, but the last few yrs with landry have forced me to not expect much in the preseason

    5. I would really like it to be Bryant, but I think Juju is more likely, so Im going with S-S

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    You’ll burn the stew if you don’t stir the pot every once in awhile.

  • T R

    1. Yes
    2. Dupree, we need him badly. its his time Watt still young and learning
    3. Vince Williams
    4. 90
    5. Grimble

  • Steve Johnson

    RB’s are much easier to find in the draft.

  • S.T.

    1. At the SB LII parade, LeVeon slips on a pile of confetti, suffering a mild tear in his left MCL, reducing his price tag and enabling the Stillers to keep him long term on the cheap.

    2. Dupree, for sure. He’s the debutante at this ball.

    3. So long as it isn’t a DB, whomever is on the field longest.

    4. 167

    5. Fitz.

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. Bell. Steelers know how to draft receivers. Bell is a special talent.
    2. Watt with 2. Dupree getting 1 wouldn’t be a surprise. But Watt getting 2 would really show the fanbase he’s here to ball out.
    3. Matakevich
    4. 112
    5. Knile Davis

  • Matt Rippin

    1. Bell. As great and Bryant could be, the Steelers already have a HOF receiver locked up at a high salary for a few years, and the organization has proven themselves to be very good and finding quality receivers in the draft. Bell’s just harder to replace.
    2. Bud. No one thing will take this defense to the next level more than Bud putting it all together–and doing so beginning Week 1.
    3. Matakevich, both due to merit and number of snaps.
    4. 125. He’s going to scramble a lot this week.
    5. Defensive TD. I’ll take a flyer and say Sensabaugh.

  • PaeperCup

    Not like Bell.

  • Kevin Artis

    1. Bell- We have no problem finding WRs. Justin Hunter is looking good. AB is AB and Eli Rogers and Smith Schuster can hold it down.
    2. Watt-We need some good fortune from the OLB postion
    3. Matekevich- He’s hungry.
    4. 160 yrs.
    5. Jesse James

  • Reader783

    1 – Good question. WRs seem to be easy for us to find, but RBs have short careers. I would say it depends on both Juju and James Connor, but I think I’d rather lock up LB.

    2 – TJ for sure. I trust Bud to do big things.

    3 – Matt Galambos

    4 – 140

    5 – Fitz Toussaint

  • Spencer Krick

    1. Tough choice, but give me Bryant. I like Bryant’s long term prospects more than I do Bell’s.
    2. Watt, I want the hype train to be real.
    3. Dirty Red, that dude is a tackle machine.
    4. OVER 9000. . . I’ll say 175.
    5. Juju

  • Keith Evans

    1. Martavis, has shown dedication to righting his wrongs, and has bags of talent. Bell is more concerned with rapping and just making money.
    2. Watt – i’d love to see that, second stringers aren’t all terrible.
    3. Matak(whatsit)
    4. 198
    5.jessie james

  • falconsaftey43

    1. Neither honestly. Bell I would have this offseason, but another year gone, even less reason to commit long term to the RB (at his asking price). Bryant, just too much money to throw at the WR position. Bryant will get WR1 money somewhere if he lights it up. Will have to transition to JuJu and whoever else they’ve drafted.

    2. Watt. Would be great to see him off to a fast start. Dupree, I’m still not sold on, but his speed will always get him 8 or so sacks in a healthy year, and he’s flashed a couple of those sacks. Watt being a quick contributor as a pass rusher would be huge.

    3. I’ll go Dangerfield. Not a lot of safeties healthy. He’ll start, and may play an entire half. A lot more ILBs to rotate in, so Matakevich/Williams aren’t likely to play as much.

    4. 125 yards.

    5. JuJu

  • ThatGuy

    1. Doesn’t MB’s contract get extended through the 2018 season due to his suspension? If so, the answer is clear cut for LB.
    2. Watt because he has no NFL game experience and every little bit helps.
    3. Watt. If the Giants do in fact plan to run the ball a lot as some suggest he could end up with a nice total in that next level after the DL.
    4. 172 yards
    5. Juju

  • NW86

    1. Man, that one is tough. I thought most would lean toward MB since he seems to be the hero of this board and Bell isn’t so popular after turning down the Steelers’ deal. I’ll say Bell by a hair. MB has had more drug issues than Bell and even following a clean season, I’ll still have a little doubt. Also, we have plenty of talented WR’s. Besides, as much as we complain about how much Bell wants, MB will probably command more in this scenario given the WR payscale.
    2. Watt. We have a little better idea about what Bud can do already.
    3. Dirty Red – like everyone says. He’ll get more burn than any 1st stringers.
    4. 240 yards
    5. Ayers

  • Shane Mitchell

    1. Bryant
    2. Bud Dupree 1st team sack, a sack against legit NFL starters means something, 2nd string Oline players might not even make the team.
    3. Dirty Red
    4. 107 yards
    5. Marcus Tucker

  • Eddy

    1) MB, Bell would be way to expensive. I don’t wanna commit the kind of money he wants to a RB.
    2) TJ, he’s the future. Let’s see him beat up some backups and prove he belongs with the big boys.
    3) Matakevich, he’s going to get a decent amount of playing time and we’ve heard great things from camp.
    4) 162
    5) Dobbs to J Hunter

  • Ace

    No Eli isn’t playing, but neither is Burns so, you know.

  • Ace

    1) Bryant. Bell’s injury history and general douchery is a turn off for me.
    2) TJ. We know Dupree can get to the qb without bending the edge, but can TJ get there at all.
    3) Galambos. Really don’t want to see our top inside back up in there long enough to rack up stats (Red). Get him lathered and a few tackles and put in Kelsey and Galambos.
    4) 175
    5) Davis from the 3.

  • Biggie

    1. Bryant, can tag Bell again if he is still overpricing himself.
    2. Dupree doing it against 1st matters, plus other side is Harrison giving Watt time to develop.
    3. Whoever plays most at ILB out of Fort, Johnson, Dirty Red, that along with STs. I’ll go Dirty Red due to number of plays, especially in mop up late.
    4. 180 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
    5. JuJu

  • Jason Campbell

    1.) Bell
    2.) Dupree
    3.) Dangerfield
    4.) 153
    5.) Hilton pick 6

  • Steeler Nation!

    1. MB. Bell’s opp for long term was this year, and the offer was already too rich.
    2. Dupree-dominate vs the starters.
    3. Red-7 tackles.
    4. 145 yards, and too much running.
    5. Fitz

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1. Bryant
    2. Dupree
    3. Dangerfield
    4. 176
    5. Davis

  • wa_steel

    1) Bell if you can sign him. No one behind him right now and he’s not a guy you can just plug and play another back into. If he want to totally break the bank though then you draft a back.
    2) Tough. Bud, I guess since its against starters and keeps his late season momentum going. Watt’s 2 would be awesome to see but giants depth chart shows 2 rookie tackles on the 2nd team so that’s not surprising.
    3) Chick
    4) Assuming he plays a full half, 148
    5) JuJu

  • PaeperCup

    Well, there’s that.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. Are we assuming they stay clean off the field until the end of their careers or just for this season? I will assume the latter because that seems more likely. For me the answer is Martvis Bryant and here is why.

    While both have been in trouble I think one has displayed signs of stupidity and immaturity while the other one actually had some real life issues to work out. You can fix the latter but you can’t really fix dumb. The first time Bell was in trouble he claimed he didn’t even know you could get a DUI for driving while high and the 2nd time was for skipping tests. Both (at least in my opinion) are stupid. Add onto that the fact that he is now holding out when everyone but him seems to know there is nothing to be gained by it and again, we get stupid and you can add selfish to it. Bryant on the other hand, seems to me to have actually been in a bad place mentally and seems to be on the right track for fixing it. Obviously we can’t predict the future but I would bet on him succeeding.

    With all of that said, I don’t see either actually getting in trouble again but I am always going to lean towards the person I view having better character if all else is equal. Bell is more valuable but both have extremely high ceilings. Bryant though, plays a position that is less likely to be injured and more likely to have a productive career over the long term. Add onto that Bells injury history and for me this is an easy answer all day long. Give me Bryant.

    2. Won’t call this a bad question but it is definitely a no brainer. You want to see your starters have success vs the starters. What backups do vs backups is almost completely irrelevant. If Watt has 2 sacks vs a starting OL than give me that, but I am not going to be all that hyped about him beating up on guys who aren’t likely to see the field during the season. So give me Bud Dupree, easily.

    3. I think Dirty Red will be a man amongst boys tonight assuming he plays a good bit. So give me him with double digit numbers, possibly even breaking the 15 barrier.

    4. Obviously the answer will be dependent on playing time but assuming around 3 quarters worth of work give me around 140.

    5. Xavier Grimble

  • Big White

    1. Bryant. At least his drama stays behind closed doors.
    2. Watt, no question. I expect greatness from Dupree.
    3. Dirty. He’ll have 10 total 8 solo by half.
    4. 84
    5. None. Steelers kick 2 field goals, lose 24-6

  • Paul Kuhns

    1. bell no question, he is the reason the Steelers won 9 in a row paired with the defense.
    2. Watt I already expect Dupree to get at least 10 sacks this season, watt going early would be a huge boost for the defense.
    3. Dirty Red leads the team in tackles by far with 13.
    4. Dobbs will throw for 186 2 TDs 2 INTs
    5.JuJu scored the first TD

  • Wayne’O

    1.MB……….Hard to find and explosive WR who can take the top off the defense. Outstanding side kick to AB
    2. BUD…….Either or no big deal, would be happy to see TJ get to the QB too. Awesome either way.
    3. DIRTY….I think Dirty Red will play a lot and the ILB usually leads the team in tackles.
    4. 180……..180 yards with 2 TD’s, zero int’s, would be a huge night for Dobb’s in 2 quarters of play.
    5. JU-JU….I think Ju-Ju will shine!

  • Jaybird

    1) tough question – they both make me nervous giving them long term deals. I think MB cuase I think he could last longer and stay healthier( but Bell is by far the better player).
    2) Dupree- cause I’m a little worried about his pass rushing skills
    3) Dirty Red – easily
    4) 212 yrds. JuJu will be his leading reciever.
    5) Niles River Davis

  • Chris92021

    1. Bryant because he will be much cheaper than Bell (especially since we know what Bell is asking for, around 15 million a year).

    2. TJ Watt. I’ve seen Dupree with amazing athletic ability against first team playoff competition before. I haven’t seen anything from Watt so this is going to be a real treat.

    3. Dirty Red.

    4. 180 with 2 TDs.

    5. JuJu Smith Schuster.

    Enjoy the game and the weekend, y’all.

  • AndyR34

    1. Bryant
    2. Bud
    3. Matakevich
    4. 148
    5. JuJu

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. Bell. It’s not easy to find players to do what either of these guys can do, but Bell’s talent is really rare.
    2. Watt! I’m not worried about Alvin! He will handle his bizz! Now Watt does this it will create a buzz and I like buzz!
    3. Duhhh Dirty Filthy Red!
    4. 178yds 1td 1 rush td and a int.
    5. Book of Eli.

  • Rob

    1) Bell and its not close. No disrespect to Bryant, but drafting / replacing his replacement would likely be harder than drafting one for Bell.

    2) Bud.

    3) Dirty Red.

    4) 230

    5) I didn’t check who’s starting, but I’m going to say DHB.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    1. Bell, he touches the ball more and is versatile.
    2. Watt because he’ll get more snaps.
    3. A backup player will. I say Moats.
    4. 99 yds. It won’t be his fault though. First preseason games are always lackluster for an offense.
    5. Toussaint.

  • LucasY59

    answer to ? #2… Watt gets the sack against the #1s!!! (maybe a few of them)

  • Michael Mosgrove

    1 – If Martavis Bryant and Le’Veon Bell both have monster seasons and they both stay clean off the field, which of the two would you rather sign long-term next offseason if at all possible? (credit David Money @ochocrica)


    2 – Which would be better news tonight: Bud Dupree with a bend-the-end sack against the Giants first-team offense, or Watt with two bend-the-edge sacks against New York’s second stringers? (credit Deesh @deesh138)


    3 – Which Steelers defensive player will lead the team in total tackles in the preseason opener against the Giants?


    4 – How many yards will Dobbs throw for against the Giants?


    5 – Which Steelers player will score the team’s first touchdown against the Giants?

    well too late it was hamilton.
    would have said juju.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    1) Bell by a mile. I get that Bryant might have top-5 talent, but I don’t honestly see him evolving into a top-5 receiver, to be honest. The only mitigating factor is that receivers tend to play longer.

    2) Games over now, and Watt had two sacks, but I saw this before the game and went with Dupree. I’m not expecting much from Watt, and I’m not gonna be that convinced until the regular season. I want Dupree to make a jump this year.

    3) Obviously a tie between L.J. Fort and Mike Hilton (Though, I’ll admit, the game’s over and I’m kind of cheating).

    4) 100 even. See #3.

    5) Cobi Hamilton. See #3 and #4.

  • newguy68

    Missed this since i was out all day long.

    1. MB. No offense to Bell, but RBs can be found in the draft from round 1 to FA. MR is an Alien living amongst us. He’s the closing thing to Randy Moss since … Moss.

  • Beeze

    Great pick for question #5