Giants Sign Former Steelers’ WR Canaan Severin

It did not take long for former Pittsburgh Steelers’ wide receiver Canaan Severin to find a new home in the National Football League.  After being released by the Steelers earlier in the week, Severin was signed by the New York Giants on Friday.

The Giants got a firsthand glimpse at Severin’s abilities when they opened their preseason campaign against the Steelers on August 11th. Severin caught two passes for 24 yards in the matchup but also had a couple of drops, which likely played a role in his departure from the Steelers’ organization.

Working his way back to the ball, Severin drops his first pass of the game on a throw that hits him square in the numbers.

Severin’s fortunes went unchanged even with the change at quarterback. With Bart Houston under center, Severin drops another critical pass that hits him in the hands. Executed almost perfectly, the Giants bite on the play action and Severin is able to beat his man to the middle of the field. If Severin is able to hold on to Houston’s pass, there is a significant chance that it is a footrace to the end zone.

With a long list of receivers fighting to make the roster, Severin was more than a longshot to make the Steelers’ 53-man roster, making the decision to waive him an even easier one after his subpar preseason debut.

Despite his subpar performance against his new team, Severin’s addition to the Giants roster comes in good timing for the New York franchise. After waiving wide receivers Keeon Johnson and Kevin Snead due to injuries, the Giants were searching for wide receivers to fill out their preseason roster.

Measuring in at 6’2, Severin will give the Giants adequate height at the wide receiver position.



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Daniel Valente

Steelers fan from birth, spending majority of my free time looking up statistics. Had the honor of meeting Mike Vanderjagt shortly after his infamous missed field goal in the 2005 Divisional Round. Currently pursuing a Journalism degree. Follow me on Twitter @StatsGuyDaniel

  • Steelers12

    Good luck to him, saw him up close n personal when he use to play my hokies. I think he can be a productive WR in this league never a star or pro browler but he can play

  • Matthew Marczi

    I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing Severin attach with the Giants. My impression is that they don’t have excellent depth behind their top three wide receivers. What I noticed about Severin in the preseason game is that he spent a lot of time working out of the slot, and you don’t find a ton of 6’2″ slot guys. Perhaps dropping a couple of passes will have ended up working out well for him. I just hope he doesn’t become a quality cornerback like C.J. Goodwin did…

  • francesco

    Should not the Steelers FO try to trade these extra bodies instead of just waiving them and get nothing in return?

  • Milliken Steeler

    You aren’t going to get anything for Severin though. He made some nice plays but, starting training camp off, with a failed conditioning test after Tomlin is saying conditioning ,conditioning and then a few of those drops, did him in. I think he can be a four or five somewhere though, if he continues working.

  • francesco

    Yes ok…but what about getting somebody in return for Ayers or Coates etc.

  • John Pennington

    Good luck to him hopes he makes the team.

  • Milliken Steeler

    I agree. When not in trouble or injured, is there a deeper group or receivers any where? Id hate to lose the extras with nothing in return.

  • Rocksolid20

    It’s not that he’s very good , it’s just that the Giants are very lean at WR .

  • Steelers12

    Lawd help me if he do

  • Steelers12

    He got good traits

  • Matthew Marczi

    Well, neither of them have played in a preseason game yet. I’m sure teams would want to see them on the field first, at a bare minimum.

  • Jason

    And what exactly would we get in return for him? Absolutely nothing. Even the guys on the bubble Ayers, Coates etc wouldn’t command much in return but this guy, zilch.