Steelers Injury Report: Tuitt, Watt Might Be Available For Bears Game

The Pittsburgh Steelers are now preparing for their Week 3 road game against the Chicago Bears and on Tuesday, head coach Mike Tomlin recapped the health of the team ahead of Wednesday’s practice.

Tomlin said that tackle Marcus Gilbert (hamstring) is currently dealing with a hamstring injury that he suffered Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings and that might result in him being limited in practice this week. Tomlin said the same can be said about tight end Jesse James (ankle), who was able to finish Sunday’s game.

Defensive end Stephon Tuitt (biceps) will work a little during the upcoming week, per Tomlin, and he has a potential to play Sunday against the Bears. The same goes for outside linebacker T.J. Watt (groin).

“We’ll be having that conversation about Stephon Tuitt until we’re not having that conversation about Stephon Tuitt,” Tomlin said. “We’re going to work him a little bit throughout the course of the week and base his participation during the week based on the previous days’ performance and his feel, and push forward toward game day. There’s  a potential for him to play. Same can be said for T.J. Watt with his groin injury.”

Safety J.J. Wilcox (concussion) is still in concussion protocol as of Tuesday, according to Tomlin. Wilcox missed Sunday’s game against the Vikings after being injured in Week 1.

“J.J. Wilcox is finishing up the last elements of the concussion protocol,” Tomlin said. “When he’s out, I’ll let you know. Nothing really to discuss there.”

As for tight end Vance McDonald (back), who missed the Sunday game against the Vikings, Tomlin said Tuesday that his back is perking up this week.

“I saw him downstairs. We anticipate him being able to increase his participation over the course of the week and be available for the game,” Tomlin said of McDonald.

Tomlin also said Tuesday that the recent illness that tackle Alejandro Villanueva (illness) dealt with this past week is not expected to be an issue this week. Villanueva was sick ahead of the Sunday game against the Vikings and reportedly lost 20 pounds of a result of it.

Tomlin did not specifically update the status of tackle Jerald Hawkins (knee) on Tuesday but ended his Tuesday press conference by saying that all players who are currently injured have a shot at playing Sunday against the Bears.

  • Froggy

    McDonald’s back “perking up” — is that a good thing or a bad thing?

  • Jones

    Sounds good to me. As long as it’s not an ankle concussion to one of our TEs, I’ll remain cautiously optimistic.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    He found out he has to practice to get a game helmet here.

  • Zarbor

    Don’t see how it could be a bad thing…..

  • RickM

    Hamstring for Gilbert? Man, I don’t want to hear that. It’s almost certainly Hubbard time.

  • SteelerSurfer

    If Steelers think they can beat a bad Bears team without them none of these guys will play.

  • Petherson Silveira

    “and reportedly lost 20 pounds of a result of it.” WTF. He was tough to just got on the field. Thats explain a lot about his poor playing.

  • Froggy

    Well if his back had acted up or flared up it would be bad. And if it had settled down or calmed down that would be good. But I agree (with everyone); a perky back is most likely a good thing.

  • Ed Smith

    Re-read the 8th paragraph down (Tomlin’s quote) – “… we anticipate… and be available for the game.”

  • John Noh

    Seriously. Reminds me of what happened to Mad Dog White before Super Bowl IX when he lost 20 pounds during the week leading up to the Super Bowl.

  • steeltown

    Would be nice to get Watt back and Vance w/ James nursing an ankle.

    Gilbert hamstring should be brought back slowly, dont rush that injury

  • KiJana Haney

    Damn they are so healthy right now compared to other teams.

  • colingrant

    If he “might be” or is “borderline” ready, he should sit it out. He has his contract, so no need to generate performance numbers for that purpose. Rather he be 100% for the Ravens. Play it smart.

  • Bryant Eng

    Where can we purchase that t-shirt Tomlin is wearing?

  • VaDave

    This is a good news report, but I shutter at the thought of Hawkins having a “Good Shot” at playing Sunday…..

  • VaDave

    Great question, I’d like one of those myself. I’d also like to get my hands on the Steeler ball cap Art III was wearing with the vintage Steely McBeam 50s cartoon logo embroidered on it.

  • The Tony

    I thought the hamstring was due to cramping. They will take it slow this week with Gilbert and I would definitely expect to see him on the field Sunday

  • RickM

    When you list him officially two days later as a hamstring, that’s what it is. I’m almost certain you won’t be seeing him; but the practices will tell us about all the players listed.

  • Steve Johnson

    Mad Dog White had a much better performance. But give the guy an A+ for effort.

  • Doug McFee

    Relatively healthy. A good thing. Oh, the offense, an 8 cylinder super charged unit on paper, have run 4 and 6 cylinders first two games. Look for them to be even better against the hapless Bears. I really like this team!

  • Jim Foles

    Hopefully they all have helmuts on game day this week, but then none of them will have to play until next week with the ravens.

  • Real

    all great news!

  • Darth Blount 47

    I was about to make a comment about how great it is that we don’t have any serious…….. …. … But then I thought better of it and instead will just say in restaurant parlance, “Heard.”

  • Aj Gentile

    I dont know if you saw but they aren’t for sale to the public

  • Trey

    What illness is this that you lose 20 pounds in a week so I can get on that program lol. But seriously he should get checked out. That doesn’t sound normal.

  • Carl Mendelius

    I say sit Watt, Gilbert and James.