The Terrible Podcast – Talking Steelers Ravens Preview, Presser Recaps, Bears Game Thoughts & More

Season 8, Episode 26 of The Terrible Podcast is now up and in this Wednesday show, David Todd and I get right to reviewing more information that has surfaced concerning what happened Sunday during the National Anthem as well as the events that led up to it. We discuss the multiple press conferences the Pittsburgh Steelers have had since our Monday show and try to put a bow on the subject for now.

After spending a good portion of his Tuesday press conference answer questions about what happened ahead of Sunday’s game, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin finally delivered an injury status report so David and I spend a little time discussing the unhealthy players and their potential statuses for Sunday’s road game against the Baltimore Ravens.

We move on to give some of our final thoughts on the Steelers Sunday loss to the Chicago Bears and that includes talking about the failure to stop the run. We also talk about the poor showing the Steelers offense had on Sunday and how quarterback Ben Roethlisberger might be forcing the football to wide receiver Antonio Brown a little too much.

The Steelers offense has had a problem so far this season keeping themselves out of third and long situations so David and I discuss that topic and that includes throwing in a few stats.

In the second half of the show we have our Tuesday interview with John Eisenberg, who covers the Ravens for the team’s official website. As usual, John gives us the current 411 on the Ravens and helps us preview Sunday’s game. He also gives us his prediction for the Week 4 game to close out the interview. If you are not already doing so, make sure to follow John on Twitter at @BMoreEisenberg and read his work online as well.

As always, several other smaller talking points are mixed in throughout the show that are not highlighted here in this post.

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Please sit back and enjoy Episode 26 of Season 8 now of The Terrible Podcast.


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  • Steelmania

    For we Steeler Nation fans at the Bears Game it was an awful feeling to have the Bear Fans booing us loudly when the Steelers finally came out of Tunnel. We do not have a rivalry with the Bears for many years now like when we get booed in Baltimore – very embarrassing for the many Steeler Fans there. Lots where saying after the game glad we lost – sad!

  • srdan

    your first time at an away game?

  • Steelmania

    Nope Chump – many away games and other than the Booing in Baltimore and a few tines in Cinncy when the Steelers took the field – but I am sure your job at Subway does not allow you travel much if at all. Now take a knee a do your thing!

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Let me start with this Dave. I am okay with you guys talking about things not strictly football related, especially if they are still Steeler related. With how much the rest of the media and internet is covering this stuff I would personally prefer you didn’t but also don’t take issue with it like some do. With that being said I feel the need to call you out on something.

    I continue to hear you say you don’t want to talk about these things but that you have to. My question to you is since when? I was under the impression this was your site and you do this because you love football. As far as I can gather you aren’t associated with or paid by the Steelers or the NFL so who exactly is forcing your hand on this? Did someone say they would give you a big paypal donation if you kept talking about it? Have your dontations gone up since this topic has? If so, I couldn’t fault you for talking about it to give readers what they want but from what I can tell there has really only been negative feedback. I haven’t seen a single person on here say “I am so glad you guys have been talking about this”. That isn’t to say it can’t make for good conversation or anything but the point stands. So again I ask, who has the gun to your head forcing you to talk about this subject?

    If you want to talk about it be my guest. If I think it is interesting I will read it. But don’t give us this BS about you having to do it. You have complete control here and can do what you want. And as harsh as this sounds I am not mad about it or anything, just felt the need to point it out because it really jumped out at me.

  • srdan

    oooo you sound powerful.

  • SteelersDepot

    Are you really this obtuse? We have to talk about it because it’s A) Huge NFL news & B) Steelers related. Some folks have to do things they don’t enjoy and discuss topics they don’t enjoy when they run a site like this. This is a Steelers site and a Steelers podcast and that means we discuss all things… wait for it, related to the Steelers. Carry on.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I am obtuse? You didn’t even answer my question lol. I asked you who is making you do it? I wasn’t aware you had a boss DB. I will say this about you, you certainly have raised my curiosity levels. Now I want to know who the man behind the man is. I thought you were King and President of the Depot.

    And no need to get upset Dave, you chose your own wording and response so if you don’t like hearing the truth, change the truth about you. You keep saying you “have” to do it and I am asking who is forcing your hand. Have the viewers and listeners threatened to boycott the site if you didn’t talk about it? Have your writers threatened to leave? That is all I want to know. I would swear from the way you describe it you are under threats from a nefarious party that if you don’t talk about it they will destroy this website.

    And just to be clear I am completely fine with you talking about whatever you want on this site. If you want to talk about the mating habits of blue whales I am totally cool with it so long as you still talk Steelers too. My issue is you keep spouting about not wanting to do it and yet you do it anyway.

  • SteelersDepot

    Not sure what part of my first reply you did not understand. Can’t make it any clearer than that. Yes, WE HAVE TO DISCUSS THESE TOPICS, or we wouldn’t be Steelers Depot, which is a place people come to get EVERYTHING associated with the Steelers. Good, bad, negative, positive, controversial, we HAVE to write and talk about it.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Not sure what part of my question you aren’t getting lol. Why do you keep trying to put this on me? I have been pretty clear. Who is it making you do it? I’ll repeat….

    Who is making you do it?

    I understand that you “have” to. That is easy to pick up on. What I am trying to find out is who is demanding it of you? Like I said, especially with this topic I have seen nobody say they were glad you guys are talking about this aspect of the Steelers so I know it isn’t the readers demanding it. So I am just curious who is demanding it of you to do it. That is all.

    Again, I am not personally mad at you for talking about it. I have read and commented on the articles as they have come up. I am just curious about your personal narrative. The past 2 podcasts you have said you hate it but you have to talk about it. I thought maybe David Todd put pressure on you to do it or your writers or whomever. Was just curious is all.

  • SteelersDepot

    Sorry you cant comprehend this Phil. Got nothing else for you at this point.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Again Dave, you are projecting. You don’t understand the question so you are putting the blame on the person asking it. I have demonstrated understanding to your responses but you have yet to answer the question I have been asking.

    I hate miscommunication so just let me try and break this down one last time.

    I asked you “who is making you write about this stuff?”

    Your response is “we have to write about this stuff?”

    Do you see there where you haven’t answered the question? Where is the answer to the “who?”. You are the boss and say you don’t want to do it, so who is forcing your hand?

    You guys do this stuff for free and I greatly appreciate that and I think most viewers do. That being said, I think you guys are also out to please the readers and provide content they want to read even though we don’t pay you for it. So with that being understood I will go back to what I said before. Most readers I have seen posting here have expressed displeasure that this is being talked about on the Depot and no reader has said anything about being glad you wrote it.

    So if you don’t want to write it and the readers don’t want to read it then who is it for?

  • David Todd

    Phil, I think you’re taking Dave’s comments too literally and I’m not sure why you are asking all the hypothetical questions that you know the answer to. You probably, if you were genuinely interested in an answer, could have asked the question in two sentences rather than three paragraphs. Not sure I see the need to belabor to the degree you did. If you think it’s BS stop reading and stop listening.

  • David Todd

    Nobody Phil. WTF?

  • Alex Kozora

    The traffic on the posts tell the story. The ones involving non-football stuff is what readership appears to be interested in the most.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I don’t know why you guys are having such a problem with the question. If the readers mostly don’t want it and he doesn’t want to talk about it who is it for?Is that not a fair question?

    Regardless I guess the point is, why complain about it if you are going to keep doing it anyway? Just a little weird is all.

    And just to be clear once again, I have no problem have discussions not entirely related to football. I just had a curiosity based off of Daves complaints and I asked the question. He didn’t seem to like being challenged so I guess from now I on I can just be a “yes man” so nobodies feelings are getting hurt.

    I love hearing you guys on the podcast. Just wanted further clarity on the idea of not wanting to write about it. Dave doesn’t want it, readers don’t seem to want it……I think you get the point.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I am confused by your wording here so sorry if I respond to the wrong thing. I am assuming you are asking me about when I said “no reader” because I can’t find where I said nobody.

    To clarify my point, I know there are people interested in discussing the topic. But the comments I have found in these articles have either been negative calling Matthew out or whatever. Or they have been on the topic. But I have seen nothing positive like “I am glad you guys are covering this”. So that is where my entire point came from of if Dave is going to keep complaining about it and a lot of readers are comlaining about it….why keep talking about it? Doesn’t make any sort of sense.

    On another note, it is nice to see you participating more in the comments DT. I have always enjoyed your commentary so it will be cool to see more of you posting around here.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    Thank you! That was an actual answer to my question lol. Appreciate you clearing it up Alex.

    See, I don’t get to see any raw data but I did see a lot of complaints about the coverage. So I figured if Dave doesn’t want it and readers appear turned off by it….who was it for? I thought it was a fair question.

  • Alex Kozora

    Of course, and I think he have towed the line as well as possible. There were plenty of stories we could’ve written (like the local police chief using a racial slur). We decided against. I get some people not wanting it but it’s a vocal minority – look at what people are interested in, it’s the anthem stuff.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    I agree. I don’t think you guys have over covered it at all and I have enjoyed the convos well enough. Like I said, my question was pointed in a different direction and you have given me an answer. Hope I didn’t upset anyone too much.

  • Alex Kozora

    Understood. And I think you got your answer. It’s what the readers want.

  • Rick Hankey

    Phil. Just move the timing cursor (or whatever it’s called) ahead 13 minutes. Done.

  • Lambert58

    What’s with the creepy woman’s voice at 21:22?

  • paltel

    Am I to assume that you will be talking about Hillary and Anthony Weiner in future articles to boost readership on “Politics Depot” to new towering heights? 😉

  • steeel

    David Todd, you media types………….”Social Injustice”? Really? Study your history. Do you have any idea what is really going on? Do you think Obama, and Eric Holder and the Communist Party and BLM, uncontained illegal invasions, and Transgender, and Homosexual marriage, and tearing down confederate statues are all coincidental? Please keep this to football. You are going outside your expertise of sports.