AFC North Week 6 Recap: Steelers Stretch Lead In Division With Win Over Chiefs

The Pittsburgh Steelers handed the Kansas City Chiefs their first loss of the 2017 season on Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium and the win moves the team to 4-2 on the season and they’ll remain atop the AFC North division heading into Week 7.

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell rushed for 179 yards and a touchdown on 32 carries in the win and he added three receptions for another 12 yards.

Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown caught 8 passes for 155 yards and a score and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger completed 17 of his 25 pass attempts in the game for 252 yards with a touchdown and an interception.

The Steelers defense recorded three sacks in the win on the way to only allowing 28 yards rushing in the game. The one touchdown that the unit allowed was a 57-yard score from Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith to wide receiver De’Anthony Thomas with 6:13 left in the game.

Smith completed 19 of his 34 pass attempts in the Chiefs loss for 246 yards and the Chiefs offense finished 3 of 11 on third downs and only registered 12 first downs in the game.

In Week 7, the Steelers will host the 2-3 Cincinnati Bengals in Sunday game at Heinz Field. The Bengals had their bye in Week 6.

The Baltimore Ravens lost 27-24 to the Chicago Bears at home and in overtime Sunday afternoon and they’re now 3-3 on the season.

Bears kicker Connor Barth connected on a 40-yard field goal with 2:11 left in the extra period to give his team the improbable win.

Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco completed 24 of his 41 pass attempts for 180 yards and two interceptions in the loss and he was sacked twice by the Bears defense.

All 24 of the Ravens points scored Sunday against the Bears came courtesy of their special teams units as kicker Justin Tucker hit three field goals and Baltimore returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns in the second half.

The Bears offense rushed for 231 yards against the Ravens defense on Sunday and their rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky completed 8 of his 16 total pass attempts in the game for 113 yards and a touchdown. Bears running back Tarik Cohen also threw a touchdown pass to tight end Zach Miller in the first half.

The Ravens will now enter Week 7 in second place in the AFC North with their Sunday loss and now they’ll get ready to play the 3-3 Minnesota Vikings on the road next Sunday.

The Cleveland Browns are still winless on the season after losing 33-17 on the road Sunday to the Houston Texans.

Texans rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson threw for 225 yards and three touchdowns Sunday against the Browns and the Houston offense added 123 yards rushing in the win. Texans wide receiver Will Fuller V caught one of those touchdown passes while wide receivers DeAndre Hopkins and Braxton Miller caught the other scoring tosses from Watson.

Brown quarterback Kevin Hogan threw three interceptions in his team’s loss to the Texans on his way to completing 20 of his 37 total pass attempts for 140 yards. One of his three interceptions was returned for a touchdown by Texans cornerback Jonathan Joseph.

The Browns first touchdown on Sunday came courtesy of a 56-yard interception return by cornerback Jason McCourty with 13:27 left in the fourth quarter. Their second and final touchdown of the game, a 3-yard pass from Hogan to tight end Seth DeValve came with 1:03 left in the game.

The Browns defense only registered one sack on Sunday and it came courtesy of first round draft pick defensive end Myles Garrett.

Next Sunday, the Browns will look to get their first win of the season at home against the 2-3 Tennessee Titans, who will play their Week 6 game Monday night.

  • mezzetin1

    Pittsburgh ( with Bell ) is going to da Supabowl, dawg…

  • I wish the Depot would do an “Around the League” post so the readers that come here for all their NFL news will see other teams drop games to lesser competition as well.

    The number one defense in Denver got ran over by Orleans Darkwa (who?). To make things worse, they beat Denver without their best offensive player in OBJ. The NFL’s worst offensive line somehow put it together for one game against the same front 7 who dominated the Cowboys O line and run attack. Coming into today, Denver’s run defense allowed an average of 62 yards per game, the Giants ran for a total of 148 on 32 rushes, for those of you who cann’t do math, that’s more than twice their yearly average.

    Miami somehow found it within themselves to pull out the victory over last year NFC Super Bowl representative.

    Both NYG and Miami celebrated their win in the heavily favored home teams stadium. On the sheets I have for my work’s football pool, both teams were 11.5 underdogs.

    San Fran and NYJ were both 9.5 underdogs and both gave fits to their heavily favored opponents. Both games were separated by a single score, SF less than a field goal.

    Are these teams playing down to their competition? Or are “bad” teams playing up to their opponents? Or is it possible that “On any given Sunday” is absolutely true? I tend to lean on the latter.

    As I have stated multiple times, it happens all over the league every week.

    You guys who are complaining, freaking out, loosing sleep over the Steelers winning close games need to relax, you’ll live longer.

    Does anyone else remember a time when winning close, tough, hard fought games by doing what they had to do to win games anyway possible was the sign of a great team who was battle tested and prepared for the post season?

  • John

    Well said. Clemson also lost to Syracuse on Friday and last year they lost at home to Pitt. I recall them winning the national title last year.

  • MP

    OK, if no one has said it yet, I’ll be the first. This team could have been 6-0.

  • Milton Farfara

    Ya but don’t you know that doesn’t matter to some people. Only the Steelers routinely play down to lesser competition (sarcastic font implied). Some people will never be happy unless the Steelers go undefeated all year winning every game by 30+ points with 8 sacks, 4 turnovers, 600+ yards of offense while allowing less than 100 total yards against. Also, don’t forget that they win the Superbowl 60-0 after Tomlin and Haley are both fired after a 42-3 AFCCG victory.

  • SteelerFanInMD

    Steelers should be undefeated. if they make the playoffs (and I bet they do), those losses to the bears and jags could will them home field advantage.

  • Sam Clonch

    And without a few lucky breaks the Pats are 1-5. Home field will come down to Dec 17th at Heinz field.

  • I know, posters in these parts have unreal expectation, and when they aren’t met, well you all see the results…

    The funny thing is, before the game if you told them we were going to win, everyone would have been happy.

    Then the game is played and everyone want’s to nitpick every play call, every throw, and every decision Tomlin and Co. made.

    It’s flat out ridiculous.

    I get it, this team didn’t play perfect, and there are still things to correct and get better on, but its week 6 for Christ sakes! This team took a huge step forward yesterday. Lets hope they stay on that trajectory.

    PS. I heard a funny stat last week listening to Dale Lolley and Gerry Dulac. After a Steeler/Ravens match up, the two teams are a combined 15-16 (Steelers 8-8/Ravens are 7-8). They were talking about the physically and how emotional those games are and how both teams often are drained the following week.

    Let’s hope yesterday’s Chiefs games doesn’t have the same affect, because it was a similar type of game.

  • ThatGuy

    And NE could be 1-5.

  • StrengthOfVictory

    They also could have lost to Cleveland and KC. The pendulum swings both ways. You can’t just keep the wins and “what if” about the losses. And remember, the Steelers have begun this season with four out of their first six games on the road. That’s rough. And they’re 4-2. I’ll take it.

  • Get your common sense the heck outta here! This is the Steelers Depot comment section and is reserved strictly for the over-reactioners, the doom-n-gloomers, the roller coaster enthusiast, and the extreme expectationists.

    Your even keeled, level headedness has zero place here…

  • pittfan

    Denver needs to fire everybody and start over.

  • pittfan

    SD should have a section where we can memorialize all the gloom and doom (this is a 8-8 team! now way this team makes the playoffs!!,,etc etc etc) posters.