Fowler: Martavis Bryant Told He’ll Be Involved In Week 10 Gameplan

Martavis Bryant has been told he’ll be involved in the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offense after the bye week, per a recent report by ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler.

From Fowler.

“Sources say Steelers indicated to Martavis Bryant he’s part of Week 10 game plan, which would reinforce their public stance not to trade him. Perhaps they get blown away by offer but a move doesn’t seem likely.”

“Part of the game plan” is obviously vague but that says he is going to be active. That news isn’t a surprise but is the first tidbit of info we have on Bryant after being sat down last week. Following the Steelers’ victory over the Detroit Lions, Mike Tomlin refused to talk more about the situation.

“I outlined that pretty crystal clear on Tuesday and I’m done talking about it, I am,” Tomlin told the media. 

Tomlin did say he is “not” confident Bryant will help the team down the stretch, the most interesting comments he made on the subject.

The Steelers will take on the Indianapolis Colts on November 12th for a 1 PM kickoff. Bryant’s snaps could be reduced even more after JuJu Smith-Schuster exploded on the national stage, racking up seven catches for 193 yards and a touchdown in their win.

As Fowler also indicates, that news to Bryant is consistent with the Steelers’ public statements that they don’t have any intentions of trading him. Teams reportedly have called to inquire about Bryant but it seems unlikely the team deals him at today’s deadline, which wraps up at 4 PM/ET.

For the year, Bryant has 18 catches for 234 yards and one touchdown. If you missed my video last week on why he isn’t involved in the offense, check it out in the link below.


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  • falconsaftey43

    I think probably the best thing for everyone moving forward is to mix the WRs around (meaning AB Bryant and JuJu). Several of JuJu’s big catches were schemed specifically for him (like the first catch). They’re all really talented, let’s get them all involved some more. Sure there will be times you just want Bryant to run deep to occupy the safety and open up underneath, but he can do other things as well. May help JuJu get open for a big play if you send him deep instead because the safety doesn’t respect the deep threat as much. Run that over route with Bryant like they’ve done with JuJu and DHB. No reason this can’t work out.

    (Great video btw Alex).


    Anything that gets Justin Hunter off the field I’m in favor of

  • Alex Kozora

    Thanks Falcon!

  • Alex Kozora


  • Conserv_58

    Well, there goes all of the trade speculation and I’m glad too because it’s what’s best for the team. They don’t need anymore distractions from their idiotic and selfish prima donna receivers.

    When coach Tomlin made the statement that he’s not sure of Martavis is going to help them down the stretch I interpreted that as coach Tomlin saying he wasn’t confident that he could trust Martavis’ attitude going forward. I can’t blame him if he doesn’t because Martavis earned it.

  • NYBurgh79

    I agree too!

  • srdan

    I think we should make him the primary read (X receiver) for the whole game vs the colts. Let’s see what we really have. This offense should have it’s way with the colts. Plus, if you make your primary read someone other than AB, the offense coudl find a new groove, or a groove period.

    I know it’s simplistic and all, but why not try it?

  • Crowned

    His potential value to this team is eons more than his trade value. I hope he is very much involved in the game plan.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    I was gonna suggest the same thing

  • T R

    hell don’t matter if they run Bryant deep or JuJu or Brown across the middle. If Ben doesn’t throw better, The Steelers are still in the same boat.. Its all on Ben.

  • Bradys_Dad

    I’d like to see MB run the same routes that Eli and DHB ran when they didn’t connect in the end zone. Break toward mid-field and then release back to the same side on a slant. Love that route.

  • Alex, do you think the team made the right call re keeping Hunter and Rogers while cutting Ayers? Given the problems Rogers has been having with drops and a fumbled punt [and Hunter’s lack of production], do you think Ayers is worth another look? I mention this since confidence in receivers is so important to Tomlin and Ben, and while they both–especially Tomlin–seemed to be once high on all three, I wonder if Tomlin’s and Ben’s [and Haley’s] confidence in both Hunter and Rogers has slipped.

  • Bradys_Dad

    LB may have another go-off day against this bunch which might limit the balls available. Not that this is a bad thing. If LB does run wild Haley will keep the ball between the tackles and limit Ben’s stats. Again, not a bad thing.

  • KingoftheAFCNorth

    Seriously great video Alex.

  • KingoftheAFCNorth

    I definitely think Ayers is worth picking up over Hunter. Especially with AB on PR duty.

  • FATCAT716

    He has missed some throw there’s no questioning that but he’s made some good one to. In fact if these wideouts stop dropping balls Ben wouldn’t look so bad

  • melblount

    Alex, do you know MB’s route tree? What all routes is he capable of running?

    Sorry, I probably should have asked this question back on the other thread in which you broke down his plays vs the Bungles.

  • FATCAT716


  • SwagDaddy330

    Fake News

  • pittfan

    I’m glad the team kept DHB but I also wanted them to hang onto Sammie. I’d trade Sammie for Hunter today. At least Sammie gave you something on STs.

  • WilliamSekinger

    Not sure about making Bryant the primary read, but you may be onto something by moving AB out of the primary read. AB works extremely hard to get open. He may not be open when Ben initially looks in his direction, but eventually he almost always breaks free. Making AB the 2 read may increase his overall targets/catches.

  • T R

    only really remember 2 drops by a WR, that was Rodgers and the 3rd down to Juju, and maybe McDonald if u count TEs couple games ago. what other drops? way more bad throws and reads by Ben.

  • T R

    whats so fake about that?

  • Intense Camel

    Here we go again..

  • Charles Mullins

    Its the perfect time to work Ayers back in to. I think the Justin Hunter experiment should be over.

  • T R

    Ayers is contaminated after going to Patriots

  • Intense Camel

    He hasn’t really made any difficult throws that half the QBs in the league can’t make imo. He’s had about 3 this season that made me say “wow, that’s special.” His ball placement hasn’t been very good. He throws to the receiver instead of leading them open (which makes for constested catches/incompletions/ints) or he just flat out throws it 5 feet above their heads. And these are to wide open receivers. The drops are largely overstated. It’s not like it’s happening consistently.

  • Sherm

    I wish these prim a donas would just quit whining, act like men and do their job. Too much to ask?

  • CountryClub

    those were all pretty huge drops, though (and that’s why you remember them)

  • Contaminated? How so? The Pats and their coach CERTAINLY don’t put up with diva stunts like MB’s latest antics, so I doubt Ayers wouldn’t have his head on straight. Nor would he have lost any skills while working on their practice squad. What he MIGHT have, however, is insights into their route-tree and keys they look for re defensive alignment and/or hot reads that make Tom Brady seemingly unstoppable. Meanwhile, the one thing that Ayers seemed to be effective in running—the underneath crossing route to move the sticks–is the one thing that’s glaringly missing in this year’s offense.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him run the crossing route that AB ran twice. First time he got a first down and the second time he got blew up. Nice play tho.

  • SwagDaddy330

    “Its all on Ben”

    Yep, all on Ben… even the drops… and running the wrong routes…. and more drops…. all on Ben. smh

    I’m not saying Ben isn’t responsible for any of it, obviously he is off to a slow start. But to say it’s “All on Ben” is just stupid.

  • T R

    I remember drops, just like I remember a lot of Bens miss throws and other miscues.. every missed opportunity can be classified as huge.

  • nutty32

    They flashed during Sunday’s game where MB was the 3rd most targeted Steeler going into the week behind only AB & Bell. Still don’t understand what he was even complaining about in the first place.

  • CountryClub

    Ben certainly hasn’t been his best this year (obviously). But he hasn’t played nearly as bad as some fans make it out.

  • Mr jack

    Bryant is a beast and he is the real engine that will make the steelers offense go.He has legit gripe but I am glad he did that because they were not using his talents to the fulliest extent.We have 3 top notch Wrs and all we need ben to do is play b average football and we will be dangerous.

  • Steeldog22

    OR just call some plays now and then where he’s not running a fly route all the time. Some of his better receptions this year (including the TD catch against the Vikes) were on crossing routes. Mix it up. I think I’d get frustrated if every play was “run straight ahead as fast as you can” (note that in no way am I condoning his instaface posts or behavior and I agree with the benching). At least keep the corner and safety a bit honest and/or set them up for later in the game.

  • Steve Johnson

    Dead On Point! Just imagine if all three were involved in the Offense? Imagine if they had three WR’s with 1,000 yards receiving?

  • Steve Johnson

    Ben has been terrible this year, no need to sugar coat it. He has missed Martavis Bryant on some deep balls that clearly would have been TD’s. Maybe if he would concentrate on his mechanics, less on his teammates during his weekly press conference, we probably wouldn’t be having this conversation. Martavis Bryant has dropped 1 ball all year. Hopefully #7 cab build onto his performance Sunday night. Although it wasn’t great, it was better than his previous three games.

  • Steve Johnson

    I guess those reports we read during the preseason were true about J. Hunter. The guy appears to be a really good Camp and practice player, it all disappears on Sunday’s. Hmm! Amazing. I think it is safe to say, Hunter and Eli Rogers will be gone in 2018. DHB? I guess the WR Corps for the Pittsburgh Steelers wasn’t as great as we all thought they were.

  • Steve Johnson

    Naw, I’m glad they said goodbye to Coates, and I will be just as glad when Hunter is let go after the season.

  • Steve Johnson

    It was reported on NFL Network the Patriots called Bryant’s camp during the draft back in 2014. It was also reported they called the Steelers recently in reference to M. Bryant. Obviously they were interested in him in 2014, and still is. If Bryant was on a team with Brady or Aaron Rodgers, we all would see his true talents on display. I agree with the Coach, he had no choice but to sit Bryant after his remarks towards JuJu Smith-Schuster on social media. Bryant is the main reason Bryant is currently where he is.

  • FATCAT716

    McDonald dropped 3, AB dropped a big one, Rodgers dropped 2, JUJU dropped his, Bryant not locating the ball & bad routes(can’t remember if he dropped any) but that’s alot when the QB Ain’t playing best

  • FATCAT716

    For the most case I agree with but those drops are huge to a QB who is struggling a little

  • Intense Camel

    Every Qb deals with drops. Ben isn’t the only one.

  • FATCAT716

    That’s a fact but I’m really just saying if they could help him out a little it would be nice cuz he obviously is not the Ben of old but he still is a good QB


    Agree. Steve I replay all of Steelers games and you are on point. I love the big fellow but his aim has been off big time. Definitely played better the past two games but still needs to get better. There have been more bad throws than drop passes. I believe it will all come together though… LET’S GO STEELERS!!!!

  • Zarbor

    We are beyond slow start. Its midseason. I do agree. All on Ben is stupid.

  • Intense Camel

    Part of that is on Ben. It’s up to him to build that chemistry with his wr group.

  • Steeler Nation!

    We all thought Bryant was going to pick right up where he left off, and Ben would be like he’s always been. Neither of those has happened. There’s a reason why Eli was undrafted. He is what all 32 teams thought he was. Hunter has been a flop, and we were only hoping it was because of Titans incompetence. Not so. And DHB is only a ST player. He’s never been a viable option. We need Bryant to get his head on straight and Ben to catch fire one more time.

  • will

    Slow start???……the regular season is half over for the Steelers. Can we move to “poor half” from “slow start”?

  • HondoCogburn

    Yeah, involved…he can run out on the field during timeouts with the Gatorade bottles and make sure the starters stay hydrated.

  • HondoCogburn

    Yeah he really tore up the record books last year year didn’t he….oh wait that’s right.

  • HondoCogburn


  • FATCAT716

    A big part of it is his birth certificate

  • jsteeler

    Dead on TR. Ben’s Decision making is going to be the deciding factor. Ben’s Arm is no question one of the best in the NFL. Pre snap adjustments and hurry up should be incorporated more in this second half.

  • jsteeler

    Ben’s pass to the flat for Jessie & Hey Bey’s overthrow in the end zone with no one around him by 10 yards was just puzzling to me just atrocious. That TD could have sealed the deal in the 3rd Qtr.

  • FATCAT716

    I agree.. Can’t deny he missed some throws bad but Hey Bey was upset with himself after the play insinuating he did something wrong. I haven’t seen the play since the game but I would like to see it again & watch Hey Bey route on the play

  • Steve Johnson

    Nobody is saying it’s completely his fault FATCAT, but he is at fault too. I just wish he would stop running his mouth in the media, just focus on getting better and connecting with his WR’s. Bryant has also been a mess this season, I think he and Ben will connect more in the 2nd half of the season though.