Game Rewind: Steelers Vs Chiefs Notes

Game notes from the Pittsburgh Steelers 19-13 win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

First Half

– Kick return unit. McDonald-Watt-Matakevich-Chickillo-Fort in the front. Golden behind. Walton/Conner/Nix the wedge with Watson/JuJu the return men.

– Chiefs want to stack the box? Throw the smoke. Easy decision.

– Punt coverage team. Watt-Fort-Canaday-Matakevich-Chickillo. Nix/Davis the wings, Golden the upback. Wilcox/DHB starters as gunners though Brian Allen wound up replacing Wilcox.

– Great open field tackle by Mike Hilton. On Tyreek Hill, no less.

– PR unit. Golden-Chick-Fort-DHB-Matakevich-Nix-Watson. DHB/Burns jammers to one side, Sensabaugh to the other.

– Motion Martavis Bryant indicates man coverage (CB follows). open on this skinny post vs off coverage.

– If Antonio Brown keeps moving on the eventual INT, there’s a good chance it goes for six.

Second Half

– Smart by Cam Heyward. Slides down half a gap on 3rd and 1 to stop Alex Smith from picking up the first on the QB sneak. Bubble that was there taken away.

– Love the vision by Le’Veon Bell. Counter run that’s supposed to go off the outside hip of the puller. But isn’t there so Bell cuts inside for a nice gain.

– Might as well be a 7v7 drill. Only a three man rush but still, what a pocket. Ben Roethlisberger hits Antonio Brown for a 17 yard gain.

– Steelers in Cover 2 but pattern matching to the trips side. Zone to the solo.

Mike Mitchell guessing, biting on the cross. #2 free down the seam. Got lucky, Smith scrambled.

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  • Uncle Rico.

    The INT is still confounding. On a rub route there isn’t an option route/adjustment/scenario where Brown stops his route like that. The route is the route. The only thing I can think of is Brown wanted to reverse pivot off the catch, breaking free down the sideline. Just got ahead of himself. IDK. If so, clever but very unnecessary idea. Room to run either way. Good rub routes are like Yeti sightings in this offense. Finally see a good pick being set, and the other guy manages to jack it up. But I suppose as bad as that was, it’s progress. I guess.

  • Alex Kozora

    Yup, definitely weird. No reason for AB to stop. Not even like the CB had jumped it.