Steelers’ Future Opponents Suffer Key Injuries In Week 6

Serious injuries are always going to be a part of football and on Sunday one NFL team suffered one that will likely alter the remainder of their season.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a broken collarbone early in his team’s Week 6 Sunday game against the Minnesota Vikings and it was reported a short time ago that he will undergo surgery soon to repair his injury. He is expected to miss significant time and could be out the remainder of the season.

Heading into Sunday’s game the Packers were one of a few NFC teams expected to compete for a championship this season. Now that he’ll be out for an extended amount of time the Packers will be lucky if they just make the playoffs.

Rodgers injury now means the Packers will likely have a different quarterback under center when they play the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12 at Heinz Field. That game, along with the one against the New England Patriots in Week 15, were previously viewed as the toughest ones on the second half of Steelers schedule entering Week 6.

On a related note, the Detroit Lions, who will host the Steelers in Week 8, also lost a key offensive player on Sunday to an injury. As of Sunday, Lions wide receiver Golden Tate is now dealing with an AC joint sprain in his shoulder and will miss “a few weeks,” the NFL Network reported Monday. The Lions, however, are on a bye this week, so we’re unlikely to get an update on Tate until this same time next week if not later.

The Steelers are currently one of the most-fortunate teams through the first six weeks of the 2017 regular season when it comes to injuries. While several of their players have already missed games due to injuries this season, tackle Marcus Gilbert is probably the only one right now in jeopardy of missing future games as he re-injured his hamstring in the team’s Sunday road win over the Kansas City Chiefs.

While Steelers inside linebacker Vince Williams also failed to finish Sunday’s game against the Chiefs due to a hip injury, he has since indicated that he’ll be fine. At most Williams might miss a game or two.

  • Rob H

    “The Steelers are currently one of the most-fortunate teams through the first six weeks of the 2017 regular season when it comes to injuries.”

    Wow, how many seasons has it been since we could say that? Hopefully it continues.
    Not having Gilbert definitely hurts though, but they need to let him get that thing completely right for the second half of the season.

  • SteelersGeek4Lyfe

    Most fortunate in terms of injuries and everything else along with it… relatively weak schedule, division crapping their pants, etc.

  • Ace

    Steelers play Cincy coming off their Bye and then at Detroit coming off their Bye? Seems legit.

  • Reg Sayhitodabadguy Hunt

    about time

  • PaeperCup

    *Knock on Wood*

  • Chris92021

    Which is why I put the two losses on both the QB and the coaching staff. I can handle losses but those two games against Chicago and Jacksonville showed a team that wasn’t much interested, sloppy, unprepared, and arrogant. This team has the talent to go all the way. Only thing holding them back is the coaching staff, especially the coordinators.

  • jsteeler

    This statement is Bull Crap!
    Poor tackling and stupid penalties lost those games.
    11 missed tackles during regulation and 4 more in overtime is Coach Tomlin and Coach Butlers fault? Are you serious? or just stupid?
    8 penalty for over 100 yards in one game is Coach Tomlin and Coach Haley’s Fault.
    3 of those penalties in the redzone and 2 pushing them out of FG range are the coaches fault? Are you serious?
    The Offense (Ben) and the Defense ( Shazier & Mike Mitchell) are the Leaders and QB’s on their side of the ball that have to take responsibility for the plays called.
    If they Don’t like a play AUDIBLE out of it.
    Ben threw the 5 Int’s and Shazier, Arte Burns, Shawn Davis & Mike Mitchell over ran plays and missed tackles BADLY in those losses.
    Not the Coaches.
    Hindsight is 20/20.
    1 less Int from Ben vs Jacksonville The Steelers win.
    1 tackle from Shazier, Burns, Davis, Williams or Mike Mitchell before the overtime in Chicago, Steelers win.
    Coaches don’t make tackles or Int’s. .
    Players on the field do.

  • James Rogers

    Sometimes the game plans they draw up aren’t so hot. Like passing more than running against Jax, which had the worst run defense at the time. Like passing, instead of running on 1st & goal from the 2/3 yd like. Like every time we play NE.