2017 NFL Week 9: Steelers Friday Night Five Questions

Happy Friday to all of you and welcome to the first November Friday.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on their bye this week and it certainly seems like that couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. The 6-2 Steelers hope to get several of their injured players back in Week 10 for their game against the Indianapolis Colts. Additionally, injuries at the quarterback position around the league the last several weeks have resulted in the Steelers second half schedule seemingly being a lot softer than it originally was. In short, it will be very disappointing if the Steelers don’t end the regular season with either the No. 1 or No. 2 seed in the AFC.

With the Steelers off this week I look forward to watching a lot of football on Saturday and Sunday. At the top of my list of games to watch on Sunday is Cincinnati versus Jacksonville and Baltimore versus Tennessee. How great would it be if both AFC North teams that play this weekended wind up losing? Not that it really matters, but both the Bengals and Ravens are currently listed as road underdogs.

As usual, I have five questions for yinz to answer on this glorious Friday night and I hope several of you can oblige me in the comments below.

Have a great and safe weekend and don’t forget that most of you will need to set your clocks back Friday night.

Peace and love, peace and love!

1 – Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw 10 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions in the team’s first 8 games. What will his totals be in both statistical categories in the second half of the regular season?

2 – Name the Steelers weakest link on both sides of the football entering the second half of the season.

3 – What will the Steelers second half record ultimately be?

4 – How many touchdown receptions will Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant have during the second half of the season?

5 – Of the seven quarterbacks not named Tom Brady that the Steelers are currently scheduled to face during the second half of the season, which one scares you the most and why?

Jacoby Brissett
Marcus Mariota
Brett Hundley
Andy Dalton
Joe Flacco
Tom Savage
DeShone Kizer

Recap last week’s Friday night questions per David Orochena:

Question 1 – It was the opinion of the NFL and 15 of 35 Steelers Depot respondents that Kiko Alonso’s hit on a sliding Joe Flacco was NOT a suspendable offense. Kiko may still be fined but will not lose any playing time. Next …

Question 2 – Ben Roethlisberger completed four deep passes (ball travels at least 15 yards upfield before being caught). Juju Smith-Shuster caught 3 of 4 including his 97-yard TD; Antonio Brown had the 4th. Jesse James did have a 32-yard reception, but it was mostly YAC and not a deep pass. Also, Glover Quin’s catch of a deep Ben pass does not count as a completion. 6 of 35 respondents pegged it.

Question 3 – It was frustrating seeing James Harrison on the bench with Brian Mihalik starting at left tackle. Mihalik was called for a false start in the Lions first drive but otherwise did not give up any sacks and that was the only penalty called on him. This was a 3-point question. JohnB was the only person to get a point for total miscues (sacks + penalties); Four people predicted Mihalik would not give up any sacks and eight said he would only be penalized once. Each got a point for correct responses.

Question 4 – JuJU Smith-Schuster did score a touchdown and did do a post-score celebration related to his bike. 21 of 35 respondents got a point.

Question 5 – JuJU almost busted over 99.5 yards receiving with just one catch. With Justin Hunter’s catch they more than doubled it. 21 of 35 respondents got a point.
Four folks scored 4 of 7 available points this week. Kudos to JohnB, Marcel Chris Chauvet, Paul Kuhns and Alan Tman

Leaderboard after Week 8:

1st Place – Alan Tman with 21 points (Overtook Reader783 for 1st; last there Week 3)
2nd Place – Reader783 with 20 points
3rd Place – (tie) Jeff McNeil, Darth Blount 47 & LucasY59 with 18 points (the pack)
6th Place – (tie) SJT63 & Marcel Chris Chauvet with 17 points (Marcel surging)
8th Place – (tie) Chris92021 & Josh Cummings, with 16 points (stayed put)
10th Place – (tie) Beaver Falls Hosiery, Matt Manzo, SkoolHouseRoxx, DirtDawg1964 with 15 points (the second pack)
14th Place – Phil Brennenman II with 14.5 points (he’s back)
15th Place – (tie) J., Jaybird, & Johnny Loose with 14 points
18th Place – (tie) Michael Mosgrove & heath miller with 13 points
20th Place – (tie) PaeperCup, RiversTKO & Kevin Schwartz with 12 points

Since the Friday before the first regular season game; 121 folks have answered the Steelers Depot Friday Night Questions. 97 have scored points. Only 12 have answered every week.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    1. 15 TD; 5 INT

    2. Jesse James; Arties Burns (no points)

    3. 6-2

    4. 4

    5. Mariota; just because.

  • Jaybird

    1)14 TD , 4 INT
    2) AV on offense , and mike Mitchell
    3) 7-1
    4) 2
    5) None scare me , but Mariota is the best of the bunch

  • Chris92021

    1. In the last 8 regular season games remaining, Big Ben will have 14 touchdowns and 5 INTs. He is good for a 4 TD game. I predict it will happen against Green Bay on Nov. 26.

    2. On offense, it is any of the tight ends. Pick one. Vance McDonald can’t stay healthy and does not have good hands (he is a fantastic blocker though and we missed him last Sunday). He is the best TE I’ve seen right until he has to catch the ball. Jesse James is nothing special. Xavier Grimble….it is a miracle he has played in as many games as he has. I would rather bring back Ladarius Green injured and concussed rather than Grimble any day. On defense, I will say it is Artie Burns, who is clearly not a cover 2 CB and he also is reluctant to tackle. Mike Mitchell tries hard but he is a step slow. So Burns is the weak link with a (dis) honorable mention to Bud Dupree.

    3. I want to say 8-0 given how well they’ve played in the previous three Decembers (13-1 in December from 2014 to 2016) but this team I feel still hasn’t turned that corner yet on beating teams with bad records, which is something we are gonna see a bunch of this second half (Colts, Browns, Bengals, maybe Texans and Ravens too). So I will go with 4-4. Don’t be surprised if the mobile QBs like Brissett, Mariota, Hundley, and Kizer get some numbers on this defense. Sorry but I am not buying anything Keith Butler is selling. Not a believer. Also not a believer in Todd Haley. It is now Year 6 and there are still issues with him and Big Ben on the same page. Sure, Big Ben’s skills have taken a step back but this is beyond absurd. We haven’t scored 30 yet in a game and Haley’s idiotic self boasted 30 points a game in the offseason. What a joke.

    4. 5. I see him becoming a bigger threat in the red zone in the second half. Maybe that is what is being worked into the week 10 game plan.

    5. All of them because Keith Butler’s units can make any QB look good. But if you want me to pick one, a healthy Marcus Mariota will give us fits on Nov. 16, especially since Artie Burns has not been good, Mitchell is a rotation guy now, Dupree and Shazier take themselves out of plays, and who knows if Tuitt can get and stay healthy.

    Enjoy the bye week, y’all. This team can go all the way but I am bracing myself for the underachieving.

  • Phil Brenneman II

    1. 14 TD’s, 4 INT’s

    2. Jesse James on the offensive side but I do want to point out that even though he hasn’t been great “weakest” is a tough word here because he is still a solid player. We just have a stacked offense.

    On the defensive side I think I will have to go with Bud Dupree or Mike Mitchell. I am giving Burns a little of a pass because I think CB’s have the toughest job on defense so grading on a curve of difficulty I think he edges out guys like Dupree and Mitchell. Mitchell is still providing no splash and has too many bad angles/missed tackles on his resume and Dupree isn’t doing much as a pass rusher when scheme isn’t helping him. I think you could give their respective backups more playing time and see almost no drop in play from our defense. If you take Burns out I think you would see a more noticable impact.

    3. Better in the 2nd half under Tomlin right? What is better than 6-2? I will go with 7-1 and take the highly optimistic approach despite our inconcistencies.

    4. 3

    5. I am going to go with Andy Dalton but moreso because of the weapons and potential around him than him flat out being the best of the bunch. If I had to pick one of the bunch to replace Ben it would probably be Mariota but he just doesn’t frighten me as a member of the Titans.

  • pittfan

    1. Final 8 game total 15 tds, 5 picks
    2. TE. James/MickeyD CB. Artie
    3. 7-1
    4. 5
    5. I’ll go with Hundley. He’s been working under AR and has all his weapons, solid backing from head coach, and is unknown.

  • Dan

    1 – 12 TDs, 6 INTs. Gonna be a running team, so I doubt Ben will have huge numbers either way.

    2 – Offense: TE: Jesse James is who he’s always been, Vance hasn’t clicked yet, and Grimble is your average 3rd TE.

    Defense: Either Bud or Mike Mitchell. Bud seems to struggle vs. the run, and Mike doesn’t seem to be doing much this year. Neither have been terrible though.

    3 – 6-2.

    4 – 2. He’s in the doghouse.

    5 – Mariota if healthy. He’s the only one remotely threatening. Brissett is ok but the team around him blows.

  • Ja Bo

    1. 10-5 (3 int which won’t be Bens fault)
    2. Artie Burns Chris Hubbard
    3. 6-2
    4. 2
    5. Marcus Mariota (Def. coordinator knows the Steelers def players weakness/strengths.

  • Riverstko

    1. 15 TD 5 Int
    2. Offense play calling, Defense pass coverage in the middle of the field
    3. 7-1
    4. 5
    5. Dalton (when he’s on) he can easily throw for 400 yards

  • Josh Cummings

    1. 16 TDs 4 Ints (Total for the season 26 TDs 12 INTs)
    2. Offense –
    Position – Backup RB.
    I’m okay with riding Bell till the wheels fall off…. but that wheel fell off in the AFC Championship game last year and we saw what happened. Conner is a liability in Pass Pro and Watson is still mostly unknown.
    Defense –
    Mike Mitchell – I have been a Mike Mitchell truther/apologist/nonhater since he has been a Steelers… BUT looking at this starting defense… He might the least likely to make a splash play. Also,he hasnt been this dinged up each week since his first season as a steeler.
    Defense –

    3. 6-2

    4. 4 Tds

    5. Dalton –
    -Aside from Joe Flaccid, he has the most experience
    -He will have more games under the “new” coordinator by Wee
    -Most importantly because of the weapons around him. Mixon will have more reps as a starter and you figure someday (hopefully not for us) they will use those talent backs out of the backfield more. AJ Green always has potential to go off. Last game we also did not have a healthy Tyler Boyd or potential homerun hitter John Ross.

  • Defender

    1. 14 TDs and 4 Ints.

    2. Jesse James and Mike Mitchell.

    3. 6-2

    4. 4 TDs

    5. Joe Flacco because he has beaten the Steelers previously.

  • J.

    1. 16 TDs 4 Int
    2. James and Mitchell
    3. 5-3
    4. 6
    5. Mariota because why not.

  • NYBurgh79

    1.12 TD’s and 5 INT’s

    2.Artie Burns and Chris Hubbard



    5.Joe Flacco , The Ravens still have chance to make the playoffs.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    1. 17tds 3ints
    2. Until Alvin brings home the groceries, I’m saying him. Buuud! (In Rudy Huxtable voice) Offense: Jesse James
    3. The norm: 6-2.
    4. 6tds
    5. None, but since I’m forced: Mariota I guess. I really don’t have a reason. He got wheels I guess. 🤷

  • DirtDawg1964

    1. 13 TDS and 5 INTs
    2. Jesse James and Dan McCullers (you didn’t specify starters!)
    3. 6 and 2. They will find a way to lose one they shouldn’t
    4. 2 TDS.
    5. Mariota. But only because he’s the most talented of the bunch.

  • Jason

    1) 14 and 5
    2) Jesse James, Mitchell
    3) 6-2
    4) 2
    5) Mariota. Hamstring should be good by then. Duel threat

  • Ted Webb

    1. 16 TD, 5 ain’t
    2. Offense Alejandro Defense Burns
    3. 6-2
    4. 5 TD
    5. Flacco he seems to always plays us tough

  • Lambert58

    1. Ben 16 TDs, 4 INTs
    2. Martavis Bryant / Bud Dupree
    3. 6-2
    4. 3 TDs for MB
    5. Mariota. No brainer.

  • Agustin-ARG

    1. 13 td – 5 int
    2. Big ben (he must step up than any) and Dupree
    3. Four
    5. Flacco

  • David Henderson

    2- Mitchell and Tight End
    3- 5-3

  • Kevin Schwartz

    1) I’ll be optimistic and say 15 and 5 (15 touchdowns, 5 ints).
    2) I don’t know that anyone is really weak on the D. Probably Davis or Burns, but I don’t think they’re bad, just a bit inconsistent. I hate to say it, but Ben or the TE position on the offense.
    3) Hmmm… probably 6-2. I wouldn’t be shocked if they went 7-1 (or even 8-0). We have a pretty weak schedule. But, we’re the Steelers and we tend to drop a couple gimmes. Plus, we’ve got Cincy and Baltimore (who won’t go down easy), and the Pats.
    4) I still think he’ll make an impact. I’ll say 3 touchdowns.
    5) Man, that’s a sad group. I’ll go with Mariotta, just because he’s the only one with any real track record of being dangerous except for Flacco (who has no weapons).

  • Kevin Schwartz

    I like the optimism with Ben and Bryant.

  • Mike Lloyd

    1) 16 TD 6 INT
    2) Weakest offensive link? Can I say Todd Haley? Lol I guess I can’t say anyone but Ben. He just seems to be off with his passes. He’s missing guys just a bit- I can’t blame him for drops like Rogers and Heyward-Bey (the former’s was inexcusable) but he’s been mostly mediocre.
    Defensively, I love his potential, but Artie has been extremely inconsistent, and he disappears during run defense. Because he’s in a high profile spot (CB) his problems can seem a bit more magnified…Otherwise, if not Artie, I’d have to say Dupree. Deebo needs to be giving him a blow more often…
    3) 7-1 (13-3 overall) it’s happening folks
    4) 5TDs (He will produce a 2 TD effort in a game)
    5) Brett Hundley-Fear of the Unknown.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Ha – average opinion on Roethlisberger on here – “He’s done – he should have retired last year.” Average second half prediction: 15 tds, 4 ints.

  • Spencer Krick

    1. 10 TDs, 4 INTs
    2. Whoever is playing TE, Artie Burns CB
    3. 6-2
    4. 2.
    5. Mariota is the best of the rest.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Did you conflate questions 3 & 4?

  • ThatGuy

    1. 14/4
    2. RZ offense, secondary
    3. 7-1
    4. 4
    5. Mariota.

  • SkoolHouseRoxx

    It’s the way to be, Kev!

  • Larry Kraus

    1:)18 TD AND 6 INT
    2:) JESSIE JAMES and Artie Burns
    3:) 7-1
    4:) 9
    5:) kizer because they just won’t care about that game

  • Jason Campbell

    1) 12:4
    2) TE, until Vance starts catching, +/or Jesse starts blocking
    Burns, until he gets dirty vs the run
    3) dare I say, 7-1
    4) 5
    5) Mariota. Titans always play well vs Steelers

  • JohnB

    1. Im going with 10 TDs 4 INTs for Ben in the second half.
    2. Weak links:James on O (stuck up for him as long as I could).I guess Dupree because the D is stacked.
    3. 6-2 last eight games
    4. I’m going to say four because I do think they’ll work with him but theres a lot of heads to get TDs.
    5. If I had to say one id say Savage just because its an xmas away game and that would be an AFC loss.

  • Matt Manzo

    Happy Friday!

    1: 12tds/6ints

    2: Offense, I hate to say it, but Ben. On D I wanna say Dupree.

    3: 6-2!

    4: Bryant gets 4 TDs.

    5: Mariota. His mobility is the X factor.

  • Marcel Chris Chauvet

    1) 15 TD’s ; 7 INT’s

    2) Tight End and Artie Burns

    3) 6-2

    4) 4

    5) Mariota. He has had his highs and his lows, but he is a unique talent. When he’s on, he’s dangerous and tough to defend.

  • Michael Mosgrove

    i started strong but being a bit pessimistic tanked my points.

  • NinjaMountie

    1. He’s not going to have another 5 int game. So, I’ll say he’ll clean it up a little. 14 TDs and 4 INTs. That will make him 24-13. Not great.
    2. Name or position? Offense is easy, TE. Defense is Safety, namely Mitchell. Can I list communication for defense?
    3. We will lose to NE. We will lose another game as well so I’ll go 6-2. If Ben cleans it up and we get hot then I can see 7-1 happening. 5-3 at the absolute, wheels fall off, worst case.
    4. Zero…..I know they say they want to get him involved but I see JJSS really eating up his playing time.
    5. Dalton. Because it’s Divisional and that’s the only reason.

  • PittShawnC

    1. 12TD’s – 7INT’s
    2. O: 2nd Half Ben (3TD, 6INT). D: Dupree
    3. 6-2 W/L
    4. 2 TD’s
    5. Flacco, division guy who always seems to play well in Pit

  • Michael Mosgrove

    1 – Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw 10 touchdown passes and 9 interceptions in the team’s first 8 games. What will his totals be in both statistical categories in the second half of the regular season?

    13 td’s in second half of season 8 more turnovers.

    23 tds- 18 interceptions for season.

    2 – Name the Steelers weakest link on both sides of the football entering the second half of the season.

    offensive coach : todd haley. player: ben
    defense coach: carnell lake. player: artie burns/mike mitchell
    Special teams coach: danny smith player: eli rogers.

    3 – What will the Steelers second half record ultimately be?


    11-5 for season

    4 – How many touchdown receptions will Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant have during the second half of the season?


    5 – Of the seven quarterbacks not named Tom Brady that the Steelers are currently scheduled to face during the second half of the season, which one scares you the most and why?

    going to put them in order

    Marcus Mariota – playmaker when trying
    Deshone kizer – if he manages to make it back which i doubt, but if he does just look at what he has done.
    Brett Hundley – decent backup
    Andy Dalton
    Joe Flacco
    Jacoby Brissett
    Tom Savage

  • WeWantDaTruth

    1. 16 TDs; 5 INTs
    2. Biggest weakness on O is situational awareness/play calling/talent utilization. On D, I will say the inability to stop the run without #92 playing.
    3. 6-2 Tomlin will lose a game to a team he has no business losing to.
    4. 4 TDs
    5. Flacco – its been awhile since the Black & Gold have swept the season series against the Rats

  • NinjaMountie

    What’s this I hear about the Steelers playing the leagues toughest offensive schedule so far? It was in a blurb on ESPN Insider but I’m not one…sooooo.
    Anyone read this?

  • NinjaMountie

    JJSS on his TD run. Love this kid.
    “To be honest, the reason I kept looking back was because of Madden — my speed is like 82, 83,” Smith-Schuster said after the game. “So I was like, ‘Nah, I think they’re going to catch me. They’re going to catch me.’ And then next, you know, I pulled away, and I swerved to the right, and I was able to get the touchdown.”

  • Alan Tman

    1 17 & 5 Take note Ben police!!
    2 JJ81 & AB25
    3 6-2
    4 4
    5 Marcus Marita because if we don’t jump out to a big lead their O-line can take over the game and Mariota could have a great day.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Excerpt from the Steelers passage: “Part of the reason our ranking for Pittsburgh differs so much from conventional wisdom is that the Steelers have played the league’s toughest offensive schedule. It isn’t just Jacksonville, either. Every past Steelers opponent except Kansas City ranks 18th or higher in defensive DVOA. Yes, even Cleveland.”

  • Kevin Schwartz

    “Looking ahead: That schedule that was the hardest in the league in the first half of the season ranks 21st in the second half. Baltimore is the only top-10 defense left on Pittsburgh’s schedule, and that game is at home.”

  • Kevin Schwartz

    I read that, thought it was awesome. Love this guy.

  • Kevin Schwartz

    Makes sense – Bears, Bengals, and Lions all have under-the-radar solid defenses. Vikings and Ravens are known to be top Ds. Browns and Chiefs are a bit more mediocre.

  • heath miller

    1 8 – 5 ben will miss time hurt
    2 o red zon cant score TDs ….. d cant stop the pass
    3 5-3 bens injury cost 1 or 2 games
    4 3
    5 mariota.. the rest of them suck .. thats 6 crappy qbS

  • Carlos Ortega Fernández

    1. 15 TD 4 INT

    2. Eli Rogers and Mike Mitchell

    3. 7-1 (lose not against Pats)

    4. 3 TD rec for Bryant

    5. Scare me, none. But Mariota got talent

  • NinjaMountie

    Thank you very much. That is very interesting and gives a little perspective on some of their struggles.
    Thanks again.

  • Jay

    1. 12 td’s 8 ints
    2. weakest link? well, it doesn’t say it has to be a player, so i would say Todd Haley on offense; on defense i would go with Mike Mitchell- too many penalties, bad angles, and poor tackling
    3. 7-1
    4. 1
    5. Mariota- he can move which tends to hurt the steelers- and they usually dont play well vs Tenn anyway

  • Cwallace

    Mike Mitchell. Tight ends..all of them
    5tds for mb
    Mariota..red zone good qb

  • 1.) 20 TDs and 5 interceptions bringing his total for the regular season up to 30 TDs and 14 interceptions.

    2.) offense: Jesse James defense: Artie Burns

    3.) 8-0 (14-02)

    4.) 7

    5.) Andy Dalton for the simple reason being he’s a divisional foe and will be at home. I think he has more going on right now than Flacco, and much more than any QB the Browns throw at us (literally).

  • WreckIess

    1. 17tds and 6 ints so 27 tds and 15 ints in total.
    2. Artie on Defense and probably Ben on offense. Both are the two players seemingly holding back an otherwise great group.
    3. 7–1
    4. I say 5.
    5. Mariota.

  • will

    1. 10 TD; 8 Int.
    2. Burns or Ben?,Burns or Ben?…..Burns
    3. 6-2
    4. 0
    5. Mariota

  • PaeperCup

    1) 13 td 4 ints. I expect a conservative second half. He’d only have 4 ints without the jax game. I sure hope he doesnt have a second one of those in store this season.
    2) TE position, tie Mitchell and burns. TEs across the board have been absolutley non factor. Burns and Mitchell have highs and lows. Problem is the lows are really low.
    3) I plead the 5th
    4) 3 Td.
    5) Andy Dalton. He looked good that first half….i think he can do it again. Younger know with these afcn matchups

  • Michael James

    1) 14 TDs 5 INTs
    2) Artie or Dupree on defense and the TE position on offense
    3) 6-2 (good enough for a first round bye)
    4) 5 TDs
    5) Nobody to be honest. Mariota and Dalton are the most respectable ones though.

  • Chad Weiss

    Number two pass defense in the league and you’re saying pass defense is the weakest link on defense?

  • SJT63

    1. 10 TD, 4 INT
    2. WR3 (Bryant/Rogers, take your pick), Burns
    3. 7-1
    4. Zero
    5. Mariota is the best of those by a distance

  • SkoolHouseRoxx


  • Jeff McNeill

    1) 13 td 5int
    2) TE Artie Burns
    3) 6-2
    4) 2
    5) hmmmmm

  • Rick Tilves

    1. 16 TD’S 5 INTS.
    4.4 TD’S

  • jl9744

    1. 15 tds, 5 int
    2. TE’s in the passing game; Cb’s (exception of Mike Hilton) in run game
    3. 6-2
    4. 6
    5. Flacco or Dalton-familiarity

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    You were in a tie for first Week 1; currently in a tie for 18th. Still in it.

  • 1. 16 TD , 6 Int
    2. Offense – James/McDonald, Defense – Mike Mitchell
    3. 6-2
    4. 3
    5. Flacco, because he hits his TEs over the middle all day and that seems to work against us more times than not.

  • Steel Realist PAul

    1. 14 TD to 7 INT
    2. Burns and the TE position
    3. 5-3
    4. 3 TD’s
    5. Probably Hundley just because the Steelers seem to lose to replacement guys like him.

  • Paul Kuhns

    1. 13 TDs; 6 Ints
    2. TE position as a whole.
    3.5-3 11-5 overall, hopefully! I️m wrong
    4. 5 TDs emerges as the deep threat in the second half
    5.Mariota, he is s second half QB thus far in his career. And his hamstring is health the now

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    Once I record your responses will like your post so you know you’re in like Flynn.

  • Eddy

    1. 11Tds and 3 ints
    2. TE and OLB
    3. 5-3
    4. 2
    5. Mariota

  • Reader783

    1 – 18 TD, 0 INT

    2 – On offense I’d say execution. I think we have the talent, I wouldn’t pick 1 weak link. Defensively…after the Lions game I want to say the zone and Mike Mitchell’s ability to execute it…I know it’s tough, but that sideline seam route as exploited our defense for YEARS.

    3 – 8-0

    4 – 4

    5 – Flacco

    *knocking on wood*

  • LucasY59

    1. I really hope he does much better in the 2nd half, my guess is 16 td 8 int, would like there to be more TDs and less picks, but I think Bell will get more rushing TDs in the 2nd half as well, and I will say there is a obligatory pick in each game as well

    2. Offense is lack of continuity or timing/communication, there are plays that just seem off and it can stall out the drive or lead to a mistake/TO, on D it is tackling, which has been an issue for awhile, guys like Shazier and Davis are almost going too fast and seem to miss some and guys like MM seem to be more interested in making a big hit than actually making the tackle, and then there is Burns who seems to not want anything to do with making a tackle at all

    3. 7-1, I think they will drop a game I just dont know who it will be to, the most likely is NE but I really want them to win that game, so who knows could be Titans (short week and strong running game) Packers (not likely with Rodgers out…same with Texans and them missing Watson) Ratbirds (can the Steelers sweep?) bungles (would almost be worse than losing to the pats)…I listed 6 possible losses, but most are unlikely, so I am pretty confident they go 7-1

    4. 4, I think he will have a better 2nd half and with S-S getting more attention MB might get some more favorable matchups

    5. Mariota, if he is healthy and mobile he could cause some trouble for the Steelers (especially with a good run game to support him)

  • Jeff Papiernik

    1. 12 TDs, 6 Ints
    2. On D, Bud Dupree at OLB, On O, Jesse James at TE
    3. 6-2, 12-4 overall
    4. 2 Tds
    5. Flacco, because he’s beaten us 9 times

  • heath miller

    do u read the stats? luckily we only play 2 good QBs in the second half..

  • Chad Weiss

    Yeah I read the stats. I’m not the one claiming we have the twenty something defense in the league.

  • Darth Blount 47

    Interesting, none of the questions are this-week based, so the point totals should stay the same (for now). Funny, I guess this was a sort of “Bye week” for us too, huh?

    1. 16 TD’s and 6 INT’s. I wanted to say less picks, but Ben’s a gunslinger and gunslingers gonna sling. I also wanted to say like 25 TD’s but not even I can be THAT kind of optimistic. Lol. Ben also seems to like to finish with TD numbers he’s had before. So 26 is a number he’s had twice before.

    2. Weakest links? It’s interesting, because most everyone naturally assumed this was meant to be a player, but it could mean other things. Like yes, Haley on Offense or backup RB and Run D on defense or Dime defender. However, for the sake of conformity, I’ll also choose a player on each and I think it most fair to name starters. Offense? Assuming we go… 5-O-linemen, Ben, Bell, Outlaw… then we need 3 WR’s. So… Brown/Bryant/Rogers. If that’s the 11, I choose Eli Rogers as the weakest link. If Rosie is considered and we pull back Rogers as a “starter,” then the answer is Outlaw.

    Defense? 3 Linemen up front, 4 LB’s, 2 CB’s and 2 Safeties. Whose the weak link? I think it is between Dupree and Mitchell. And I can see an argument for either. I’ll go with Dupree. But barely. And I also think he’s slowly coming on, so if he is your weakest link, man, now I know why we are ranked highly in many defensive categories.

    3. My gut says 6-2… but my head says 7 – 1. (My heart says 8-0). I’ll go with my head. Or as Jimmy Dugan said: “That’s that lump, that’s 3 feet above your a**.

    4. 5 TD’s.

    5. I know Beav always finds a way to turn these subjective questions into a point somehow. Lol. So if the answer is: “Which team will we lose to, and therefore which QB, I’ll say Baltimore (Flacco).” Because I think that is a potential hiccup game. But if the question is simply taken at its face-value, I have to say Mariota as my own personal answer. LeBeau will fill his ear with a few juicy secrets. And when healthy, he’s a real dual threat. Also, he has a fantastic O-Line and weapons. 2 RB’s, 2 TE’s, and 3 quality WR’s. They are dangerous. But in Pittsburgh, I think we’ll still get ’em.

  • Beaver Falls Hosiery

    There are 5 points available this week but wont be tallied until regular season ends. Question 1= 2 points (TD & INT). Question 3 = 1point. Question 4 = 1 point. Question 5 = 1 point. A win doesnt mean the QB was the danger. Will consider performance and how it much it scared (threatened a Steelers loss).

    By the way. There are also questions from week 1 (7 pts) that remain to be scored. (Who plays more McDonald or James plus percentage if snaps; total sacks by 4 DLmen; Pats record; Steelers record; & the two teams who will be in AFC championship game)

  • ginko18

    1. 9/5 assuming he doesn’t play v Browns
    2. With a photo finish, M Bryant. JJ close #2 but at least he is getting open and catching balls.
    On D, Burns.
    3. 5-3 with losses to CIN, NE and TBD. maybe HOU, maybe team we least suspect.
    4. 4
    5. If healthy, MM because he can make all throws and run. If not MM, Dalton.

    1. Biggest Surprise: Off is JJ / McDonald as blocker. Def is V Williams. Stud on goal line / short yardage.
    2. Biggest Disappointment: Off is Bryant / McDonald as pass catcher. Expected Bryant & McDonald to have greater impact. Def is Dupree again expected greater impact.
    3. Special Award – goes to Canaday bc we don’t hear about you and that’s a great thing.

  • heath miller

    uh huh.. whatever you say chad