2017 NFL Divisional Week Picks & Predictions: Dave Bryan & David Todd

Every Friday on The Terrible Podcast my co-host David Todd and I pick all of the NFL games against the spread and we post those picks every Sunday morning throughout the season and track the results along the way. Here is a link to the Friday episode. We use the spreads that we see on Friday for our picks below.

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Divisional – Playoff GamesLineDave BryanDavid Todd
Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles 4:35 PM ET (SAT)Eagles +3Falcons -3Falcons -3
Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots 8:15 PM ET (SAT)Patriots -13.5Patriots -13.5Patriots -13.5
New Orleans Saints at Minnesota Vikings 4:40 PM ET (SUN)Vikings -5Saints +5Saints +5
Jacksonville Jaguars at Pittsburgh Steelers 1:05 PM ET (SUN)Steelers -7Steelers -7Steelers -7
Steelers Game Final Score PredictionSteelers 24-9Steelers 27-12
Wildcard Week Results1-32-2
2017 Results130-130122-138



  • heath miller

    i think the pick would be more interesting if the guys actually had a winning % … i read it every week but one is a ..500 and the other below .500 so its basically they could throw darts at a dart board and have just as good of a chance of picking the winner.. hope they are right on he steelers and wrong on the patriots haha … HEEEEATH

  • Doogie

    I seen a rooster pick games before.. think they were over 500//

  • TroymanianDevil

    Damn ..every week I see people criticize these guys ability to pick games.
    If y’all think it’s so easy to do better, let’s see you pick games ( and actually document the picks before the games)

  • nutty32

    Being .500 against the spread is actually pretty good if not impressive. Uncle Guido still gets you with the vig at .500. If just picking winners .750 would be pretty good. You’d be close to moving to Vegas if you can get anywhere close to .600 against the spread. Try it yourself next season; it’s harder than what you would think.

  • heath miller

    wait.. you can take every game in the NFL or MLB for the season .. and pick favorite in every game and give the points.. at the end of the season you will be 49%-51% … if you bet every game for a year you will be 49-51% correct most years.. but its the juice that you have to pay that keeps vegas and the local bookie in business.. it almot impossible not to be close to .500 against the spread over the course of a season …

  • nutty32

    Go ahead and try it.

  • heath miller

    lol if u place 100 bets.. win 50 lose 50 and bet say $1 game you win 50 .. lose 50 .. so you are even .. but u lose the juice … you have to win at least 55% to break even .. been betting for almost 47 years

  • nutty32

    52.3%.is the break even point. If you like to bet, surprised you would be so harsh.