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DeAngelo Williams Cares About Wins And Rings, Not Stats

DeAngelo Williams has rushed for over 7500 yards and 50 touchdowns in his ten year career. But don’t bother telling him that. At 32, numbers are relevant. Only wins matter. “I’m at the point in my career where you can put up all the numbers you want to, you can…


2015 Thanksgiving Day Open Thread

How is everybody? I hope you all are doing well on this Thanksgiving day. We have already knocked out our dinner and I’m now settling in for a long day of football. This year’s Thanksgiving day schedule includes only teams from the NFC for the second consecutive year. In other…


Cam Newton, Antonio Brown Not Paid To Be Role Models

It seems as though the subject is brought up every year at some point or another, fueled usually by some type of on-field activity to which someone, often an outsider, has taken umbrage: a professional athlete has acted in a manner that is not befitting of a role model. Now…