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Ike Taylor Brought Swag To Steelers Secondary For A Decade

For about a decade, Ike Taylor stood as a shining example of why the Pittsburgh Steelers were wise to shy away from the cornerback position in the first round. He was a testament to the fact that you could get a championship-caliber player in the mid-rounds or later who was…


Championship Mystique Could Help Pittsburgh Host Future Super Bowl

Jerry Jones still aptly chooses to crown his Dallas Cowboys with the moniker “America’s Team” but the fact remains, there is one team and one team only that possesses 6 Super Bowl championships. That’s a large reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers are considered one of the most storied franchises in…

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LeBeau Departure Could Help Sway Some Veterans To Retirement

We can debate the merits and disadvantages of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ organizational decision to part ways with defensive coordinator Dick LeBeau until the regular season starts. No doubt many Steelers fans will do so for the next several years anyway. One of the many facets of his parting that interests…

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‘Joe Greene: A Football Life’ Premieres Friday Night

If your looking to get your mind off of the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-6 loss to the Baltimore Ravens Thursday night, make sure to tune in to the NFL Network Friday night as the fourth season of the three-time Emmy-nominated series ‘A Football Life’ kicks off with a profile of Steelers Hall…

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Steelers Retiring 75 Helps Reclaim Glories Of A Fading Legacy

If Joe Greene and Ernie Stautner are the litmus test by which jersey numbers are measured, then it’s probably not smart money to place your bets on seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers retiring any more numbers in the near future. 2014 marks the 45th year since Greene was drafted at the…

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The Pre-Noll Era: Gary Glick

By Alex Kozora A Hollywood blockbuster has nothing on the NFL Draft. It’s become the main event in football’s offseason. Almost immediately as one team raises The Lombardi Trophy, the focus switches to the draft. Months of pre-draft discussion. Obsessing over the most minute of details – run a 4.71?…

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Dan Rooney Sr. Given Lifetime Achievement Award

In addition to the six Lombardi Trophies that he gets to look at every day, Pittsburgh Steelers Chairman Dan Rooney Sr. probably has quite a collection of other awards that he has been given over the decades. Wednesday evening, Dan Rooney added another prestigious one to that collection as he…

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Steelers Greatest Draft Hits – Fourth Round

By Michael K. Reynolds Although the fourth round of the draft still allows for some river boat gambling by NFL front offices, it’s the beginning of the talent level where players are expected to at least provide quality depth to team rosters. The Pittsburgh Steelers have excelled in the top…

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Breaking: Kevin Colbert Reveals His Steelers Mount Rushmore

As I’ve joked several times in recent posts and on Twitter, it’s officially Mount Rushmore season in the NFL as fans are once again being asked to name the four most important people of their respective favorite team. On Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers general manager Kevin Colbert was ambushed with the…

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Steelers Offseason Priorities – Talking To Ike Taylor

By Matthew Marczi The Pittsburgh Steelers have their work cut out for them coming off consecutive non-winning seasons. It takes elbow grease to get from 8-8 to a contender, as everybody knows, of course, but this offseason, the issue is more complicated than simply improving, due to some uncommon circumstances….