Mike Tomlin


Don’t Rush To Run Steelers CB Cortez Allen Out Of Town

During his Wednesday press conference to close out the 2015 season, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin didn’t sound overly optimistic when asked if cornerback Cortez Allen would ever be able to become an impact player on defense. Why should he? After all, Allen has only started 7 games since…


Backup Quarterback To Ben Unclear For 2016

The Pittsburgh Steelers have several decisions to make during the offseason. Though far from the most pressing or talked about, the Steelers have to determine who will backup Ben Roethlisberger. A position that if 2015 is any indication, will be vitally important. Mike Tomlin isn’t sure who that man will be….


Tomlin Anticipates Keeping Coaching Staff Intact

Though this is the season of a flurry of coaching moves, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ group has yet to change. And Mike Tomlin hopes to keep it that way. In today’s final press conference, Tomlin gave a simple “I do” to the question of if he would like to retain his…